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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mercury Treads
289Feet Maziel's Ascendancy Plate
Lockbreaker Shank
289One Hand Question the Slaves Dagger
Legs of Ringing Echoes
289Legs Take Him to the Earthcaller Cloth
Interrogator's Hood
289Head Some Spraining to Do Leather
Inquisitor's Girdle
289Waist Some Spraining to Do Cloth
Incorporeal Sandals
289Feet All Our Friends Are Dead Cloth
Hardened Obsidium Shield
28980Off HandCrafted Shield
Hardened Obsidium Legguards
28980LegsCrafted Plate
Hardened Obsidium Gauntlets
28980HandsCrafted Plate
Hardened Obsidium Breastplate
28980ChestCrafted Plate
Hardened Obsidium Bracers
28980WristsCrafted Plate
Hardened Obsidium Boots
28980FeetCrafted Plate
Hardened Obsidium Belt
28980WaistCrafted Plate
Handwraps of Serenity
28980One HandVendor Fist Weapon
Groundshort Leggings
289Legs Elemental Energy Mail
Gloves of Idle Hands
289Hands Without a Captain or Crew Cloth
Geomancer's Mace
289One Hand Sealing the Way One-handed Mace
Gear Detector
289Trinket Fixer Upper Trinket
Furyquench Bracers
289Wrists The Earth Claims All Cloth
Flayer-Crush Boots
289Feet Take Him to the Earthcaller Mail
Flashburn Girdle
289Waist Apply and Flash Dry Mail
Energon Greatmace
289Two Hand Elemental Energy Two-handed Mace
Earthswell Belt
289Waist Sealing the Way Plate
Direforge Vambraces
28980WristsLooted Plate
Direforge Shield
28980Off HandLooted Shield
Direforge Sabatons
28980FeetLooted Plate
Direforge Pauldrons
28980ShouldersLooted Plate
Direforge Legplates
28980LegsLooted Plate
Direforge Helm
28980HeadLooted Plate
Direforge Girdle
28980WaistLooted Plate
Direforge Gauntlets
28980HandsLooted Plate
Direforge Breastplate
28980ChestLooted Plate
Deepstone Treads
289Feet The Earth Claims All Plate
Deathsilk Shoulders
28980ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Deathsilk Bracers
28980WristsCrafted Cloth
Deathsilk Boots
28980FeetCrafted Cloth
Deathsilk Belt
28980WaistCrafted Cloth
Darrowmere Wristwraps
28980WristsLooted Cloth
Darrowmere Shoulderpads
28980ShouldersLooted Cloth
Darrowmere Sandals
28980FeetLooted Cloth
Darrowmere Robe
28980ChestLooted Cloth
Darrowmere Leggings
28980LegsLooted Cloth
Darrowmere Handwraps
28980HandsLooted Cloth
Darrowmere Cowl
28980HeadLooted Cloth
Darrowmere Cord
28980WaistLooted Cloth
Darkbrand Bracers
28980WristsCrafted Leather
Darkbrand Belt
28980WaistCrafted Leather
Catapult Loading Scoop
289Off Hand Fixer Upper Shield
Burning Bind Bracers
289Wrists Apply and Flash Dry Leather
289Two Hand Quicksilver Submersion Staff
Bramblescar Vest
28980ChestLooted Mail
Bramblescar Spaulders
28980ShouldersLooted Mail
Bramblescar Legguards
28980LegsLooted Mail
Bramblescar Helm
28980HeadLooted Mail
Bramblescar Greaves
28980FeetLooted Mail
Bramblescar Gauntlets
28980HandsLooted Mail
Bramblescar Bracers
28980WristsLooted Mail
Bramblescar Belt
28980WaistLooted Mail
Box-Frame Spaulders
289Shoulders Quicksilver Submersion Mail
Bondbreaker Gauntlets
289Hands Question the Slaves Mail
Blood-Collector Helm
289Head Blood of the Earthwarder Cloth
Bell-Ringer's Skullcap
289Head Take Him to the Earthcaller Plate
Ballast-Laden Footpads
289Feet Quicksilver Submersion Leather
Bait-Stained Drape
289Back Testing the Trap Back
Alicite Pendant
28980NeckCrafted Neck
Aboraz Waistband
28980WaistLooted Leather
Aboraz Shoulders
28980ShouldersLooted Leather
Aboraz Jerkin
28980ChestLooted Leather
Aboraz Hood
28980HeadLooted Leather
Aboraz Gloves
28980HandsLooted Leather
Aboraz Britches
28980LegsLooted Leather
Aboraz Boots
28980FeetLooted Leather
Aboraz Bindings
28980WristsLooted Leather
Waistguard of New Days
29280WaistLooted Plate
Vonica's Gauntlets
29280HandsLooted Cloth
Unquenchable Flame
29280TrinketLooted Trinket
Snub-Nosed Pistol
29280RangedLooted Gun
Sealing Heartstaff
29280Two HandLooted Staff
Scentsniffer Hood
29280HeadLooted Mail
Ring of Cursed Fate
29280FingerLooted Finger
Rage-Possessed Greatsword
29280Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Potentate's Letter Opener
29280One HandLooted Dagger
Pauldrons of Toil
29280ShouldersLooted Plate
Lady La-La's Singing Shell
29280Trinket Lady La-La Trinket
Knife-Concealing Bracers
29280WristsLooted Leather
Kilt of Elemental Mending
29280LegsLooted Mail
Falling Snow Bracers
29280WristsLooted Cloth
Death Pyre Mace
29280One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Breastplate of Solemn Vows
29280ChestLooted Plate
Bracers of Bloody Business
29280WristsLooted Plate
Bottled Lightning
29280TrinketLooted Trinket
Belmont's Vampire Hacker
29280One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Punctured Plate Pauldrons
29490ShouldersLooted Plate
Punctured Plate Pants
29490LegsLooted Plate
Punctured Plate Helmet
29490HeadLooted Plate
Punctured Plate Gloves
29490HandsLooted Plate
Punctured Plate Chestpiece
29490ChestLooted, Skinned Plate
Punctured Plate Bracers
29490WristsLooted Plate
Punctured Plate Boots
29490FeetLooted Plate
Punctured Plate Belt
29490WaistLooted Plate