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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Crystal Unlocking Mechanism
1 Quest
Crystal Vial
1Looted, Fished, Vendor Other
Crystalforged Darkrune
1 Consumable
Crystalized Honey
1 Quest
Crystalized Mana Residue
1Looted Other
Crystalized Scales
1 Quest
Crystalline Heartwood
1 Crystalline Heartwood Quest
Crystalline Key
1 Painmistress Gabrissa Quest
Crystallized Azsharite
1 Quest
Crystallized Bark
1 Corrupted Treant Quest
Crystallized Energy
1Looted Quest
Crystallized Hogsnot
1 Crystallized Hogsnot Quest
Crystallized Mana Essence
1Looted Quest
Crystallized Mana Shard
1 Crystallized Mana Quest
Cub's First Toy
1 They Grow Up So Fast Junk
Cuely's Elixir
1 Quest
Cuergo's Gold
1 Food & Drink
Cuergo's Gold with Worm
1 Food & Drink
Cuergo's Key
1 Quest
Cult of the Damned Research - Page 1
1 Cult Researcher Quest
Cult of the Damned Research - Page 2
1 Cult Researcher Quest
Cult of the Damned Research - Page 3
1 Cult Researcher Quest
Cult of the Damned Thesis
1Created Quest
Cult Orders
1 Instructor Malicia Quest
Cultist Acolyte Robes
1Chest Quest
Cultist Acolyte's Hood
1 Cultist Acolyte Quest
Cultist Communique
1 Cultist Necrolyte Quest
Cultist Rod
1 Shadow Cultist Quest
Curative Animal Salve
1 Quest
Curled Map Parchment
1 Quest
Curmudgeon's Payoff
1Quest Junk
Cursed Femur
1Looted Quest
Cursed Ooze
1 Cursed Ooze Quest
Cursed Shackles
1 Cursed Shackles Quest
Cursed Talisman
1Looted Quest
D.E.H.T.A. Trap Smasher
1 Quest
Daffodil Bouquet
1 Quest
Daggerfen Poison Manual
1 Daggerfen Poison Manual Quest
Daggerfen Poison Vial
1 Daggerfen Poison Vial Quest
Daggerspine Attack Plans
1Looted Quest
Daggerspine Scale
1 Quest
Dahlia's Tears
1 Dahlia's Tears Quest
Dai-Lo Recess Mallet
1 Dai-Lo Recess Mallet Quest
Daily Report - Hillsbrad Foothills
1 Quest
Dajik's Worn Chalk
1Created Quest
Dalaran Archmage's Signet Ring
1 Relios the Relic Keeper Quest
Dalaran Bandage
1 Bandage
Dalaran Mana Gem
1 Quest
Dalaran Nurse's Gown
1ChestVendor Chest
Dalaran Pendant
1 Quest
Dalaran Status Report
1 Quest
Dalin's Heart
1 Quest
Dalson Cabinet Key
1 Quest
Dalson Outhouse Key
1 Quest
Dalson's Tears Cauldron Key
1 Quest
Damaged Diving Gear
1 Damaged Diving Gear Quest
Damaged Mask
165 Fel Corrupter Quest
Damp Woolen Blanket
1 Junk
Dampscale Basilisk Eye
1Looted Quest
Dark Armor Plate
1 Quest
Dark Armor Plate
177 Stormforged War Golem Quest
Dark Armor Sample
1 Stormforged War Golem Quest
Dark Assassin's Pendant
1 Dark Assassin Quest
Dark Brewmaiden's Brew
1Created Consumable
Dark Desire
1 Box of Chocolates Consumable
Dark Ember
1 Dark Ember Quest
Dark Green Wedding Hanbok
1ChestVendor Chest
Dark Iron Ale Keg
1 Quest
Dark Iron Ale Mug
1Looted, Quest, Vendor Other
Dark Iron Attack Plans
1 Captain Beld Quest
Dark Iron Bullet
1Looted Quest
Dark Iron Dispatch
1 Quest
Dark Iron Fanny Pack
1 Quest
Dark Iron Head
1Looted Quest
Dark Iron Ingots
1Created Quest
Dark Iron Memo
1 Gravius Grimesilt Quest
Dark Iron Pillow
1 Dark Iron Pillow Quest
Dark Iron Residue
1Looted, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Quest
Dark Iron Script
1 Quest
Dark Keeper Key
1Looted Key
Dark Matter
1Created Quest
Dark Ore Sample
1 Ore Cart Quest
Dark Pitch
1Looted Quest
Dark Silk Shirt
1ShirtCrafted Shirt
Darkblade Cyn's Head
1 Darkblade Cyn Quest
1Looted, Gathered Quest
Darkbrew Lager
1Crafted Food & Drink
Darkclaw Guano
1 Darkclaw Guano Quest
Darkest Mojo
1Looted Quest
Darkflame Ember
1 Darkflame Ember Quest
Dar'Khan's Head
1 Dar'Khan Drathir Quest
Dar'Khan's Journal
1 Quest
Darkhide's Head
1 Darkhide Quest
Darkhound Blood
1Looted Quest
Darkmender's Tincture
1 Quest
Darkmist Amulet
1 Quest
Darkmoon "Cougar"
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Darkmoon "Dragon"
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Darkmoon "Gryphon"
1Looted, Vendor Consumable
Darkmoon "Murloc"
1Looted, Vendor Consumable