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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Fresh Gryphon Carcass
1 Untamed Gryphon Quest
Fresh Holly
2020Created Consumable
Fresh Ice Rhino Meat
1Looted Quest
Fresh Lushroom
85Looted Cooking
Fresh Mangos
85Vendor Cooking
Fresh Mulgore Spice Bread
1Created Quest
Fresh Orc Blood
1Created Quest
Fresh Pomfruit
85Created Cooking
Fresh Pound of Flesh
1Vendor Quest
Fresh Sailor Uniform
1 Schnottz Sea Trooper Quest
Fresh Shao-Tien Rice
85 Shao-Tien Rice Cooking
Fresh Silkfeather Hawk Eggs
85 Silkfeather Hawk Egg Cooking
Fresh Spider Ichor
1 Trapdoor Crawler Quest
Fresh Stormsnout Steak
1 Stormsnout Quest
Fresh Strawberries
85Vendor Cooking
Fresh Venison
1Looted Quest
Fresh Water
7575Vendor Food & Drink
Fresh Water Barrel
8585Created Quest
Fresh Whitepetal Worm
1 Fresh Dirt Quest
Fresh Zhevra Carcass
1 Quest
Fresh-Caught Fish
1Created Quest
Fresh-Cut Frostwood
1Looted, Gathered Quest
Fresh-Hunted Fowl
1Created Quest
Freshly Baked Bread
55Looted, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Freshly Baked Pie
1 Holiday
Freshly Cut Wood
1 Freshly Cut Wood Quest
Freshly Drawn Blood
1 Wrath Priestess Quest
Freshly Fallen Petal
1 Freshly Fallen Petals Quest
Freshly-Speared Emperor Salmon
7575Vendor Food & Drink
Freshly-Squeezed Lemonade
5545Vendor Consumable
Fresh-Squeezed Limeade
7070Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Freya's Horn
1 Quest
Freya's Sigil
1Looted Consumable
Freya's Sigil
1Looted Consumable
Freya's Ward
1 Consumable
Friction Gloves
3Hands Finishin' the Job Mail
Fried Cheese Dumplings
9090Vendor Food & Drink
Friendly Favor
9090 Other
Friendship Bracelet
1Created Consumable
Friendship Bread
4545Vendor Food & Drink
Frightened Animal
1Created Quest
Frightened Volen
1Created Quest
Frog Eye
1 Quest
Frog Leg Stew
2525 Marsh Frog Legs Food & Drink
From the Desk of Lord Victor Nefarius
1 Junk
Frontline Report
1 Quest
Frost Gem
1 Quest
Frost Grenade
65Crafted Explosives
Frost Iron Ingot
1 Quest
Frost Oil
4030Crafted, Vendor Other
Frost Protection Potion
3828Crafted, Looted Potion
Frost Rune Trap
9090Vendor Potion
Frost Rune Trap
9090Vendor Potion
6565Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
1Looted, Gathered Quest
Frostberry Juice
6565Vendor Food & Drink
Frostbit Staff
105Two HandLooted Staff
Frostbloom Leaves
1Gathered Quest
Frostboar Jerky
10090 Food & Drink
Frostfire Mission Orders
1Looted Quest
Frostflurry Focus
1 Quest
Frostgale Crystal
1 Consumable
Frostgrip's Signet Ring
1 Stormforged Monitor Quest
Frosthammer Bracer
5Wrists Cloth
Frosthound's Collar
1 Quest
Frostmane Belt
8Waist Eliminate the Resistance Leather
Frostmane Chain Vest
5Chest Grik'nir the Cold Mail
Frostmane Club
83Main Hand One-handed Mace
Frostmane Hand Axe
94Main Hand One-handed Axe
Frostmane Leather Vest
4Chest Leather
Frostmane Shortsword
83Main Hand One-handed Sword
Frostmane Staff
105Two Hand Staff
Frostmaul E'ko
1 Quest
Frostmaul Shards
1 Quest
Frostmaw's Mane
1 Quest
Frostsaber Cub
1Created, Looted Quest
Frostsaber E'ko
1 Quest
1Looted Quest
Froststeel Tube
70Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Salvaged Parts
Frost-Tipped Eggshell
100100 Quest
Frostweave Bandage
7150Crafted Bandage
Frostweave Cloth
70Looted, Vendor, Gathered, Mined, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Frostweave Net
72Crafted Other
100Created, Looted, Vendor, Gathered Herb
Frostweed Seed
1 Quest
Frostwhisper's Embalming Fluid
1 Quest
Frostwolf Ancestry Scrimshaw
1 Other
Frostwolf Assault Orders
1Created Quest
Frostwolf Axe
198Looted Quest
Frostwolf Banner
1 Junk
Frostwolf Banner
1Created Quest
Frostwolf Banner
1 Frostwolf Banner Quest
Frostwolf Battle Tabard
20TabardPvP (Honor) Tabard
Frostwolf Commander's Medal
1Looted Quest
Frostwolf First-Fang
1 Frozen Envelope Other
Frostwolf Fishing Journal
1 Quest
Frostwolf Hide
1Looted, Skinned Quest
Frostwolf Lieutenant's Medal
1Looted Quest
Frostwolf Maps
1 Quest
Frostwolf Muzzle
1 Quest