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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Broken Blood Sample
1 Quest
Broken Bones
1Created Other
Broken Chalice
1 Explorers' League Excavator Quest
Broken Chalice
1 Reliquary Excavator Quest
Broken Crude Throwing Axe
3Unobtainable Junk
Broken Fireweed Stem
90Gathered Herb
Broken Frostweed Stem
90Looted, Gathered, Skinned Herb
Broken Gleaming Throwing Axe
4035 Junk
Broken Heavy Throwing Dagger
2722 Junk
Broken Hunting Scope
510Looted Other
Broken Keen Throwing Knife
1611 Junk
Broken Noggenfogger Elixir
80 Parts
Broken Plunger
8One Hand Cluster Cluck One-handed Mace
Broken Samophlange
1 Quest
Broken Shard
1 Quest
Broken Shard
1 Quest
Broken Shard of Despair
1 Shard of Despair Quest
Broken Shard of Horror
1 Shard of Horror Quest
Broken Shard of Suffering
1 Shard of Suffering Quest
Broken Sharp Throwing Axe
1611 Junk
Broken Small Throwing Knife
3 Junk
Broken Spectacles
1Created None
Broken Spellpower Elixir
80 Parts
Broken Sprite Darter Egg
37 Quest
Broken Tears
1 Quest
Broken Tools
1Created Quest
Broken Weighted Throwing Axe
83 Junk
Broken Wicked Throwing Dagger
4035 Junk
Broken Wine Bottle
127One Hand One-handed Mace
Broken Wrath Elixir
80 Parts
Brokyo's Ring
1Looted Quest
Bronze Bar
20Crafted Metal & Stone
Bronze Claw
1 Bronze Quilen Quest
Bronze Claws
1 Quest
Bronze Cog
1 Bronze Cog Quest
Bronze Feather
1 Windfury Matriarch Quest
Bronze Framework
29Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Salvaged Parts
Bronze Setting
22Crafted Jewelcrafting
Bronze Tube
21Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Salvaged Parts
Bronze Victory
1Created Quest
Brooding Darkwater Clam
75Looted Other
Broodling Essence
1 Quest
Broodmother Slivina's Skull
1 Quest
Broodqueen Pedipalp
1 Darkmist Broodqueen Quest
Browman's Wrappings
1 Stephen Browman Quest
Brown Brewfest Hat
1Head Head
Brown Leather Satchel
15BagVendor Bag
Brown Linen Shirt
1ShirtCrafted Shirt
Brown Linen Vest
83ChestCrafted Cloth
Brown Rabbit Crate
1Vendor Companion Pets
Brown Snake
1Looted, Vendor Companion Pets
Brownfeather Quill
1 Brownfeather Quill Quest
Brox's Head
1 Za'brox Quest
Brubaker's Report
1 Quest
20Created, Looted, Vendor, Gathered Herb
Bruiseweed Stem
20 Herb
Brunnhildar Axe
8575One HandVendor One-handed Axe
Brunnhildar Bow
8575RangedVendor Bow
Brunnhildar Great Axe
8575Two HandVendor Two-handed Axe
Brunnhildar Harpoon
8575Two HandVendor Polearm
Brunnhildar Shield
8575Off HandVendor Shield
Brute Cologne
1Vendor Quest
Brute's Tent
1Crafted, Vendor Other
Bryan Finn's Schematic
1Looted Quest
Bubblefizz Bubbly
1Vendor Other
Bubbling Beverage
8585Vendor Food & Drink
Bubbling Drink
1 Food & Drink
Bubbling Food
1 Food & Drink
Bubbling Water
1515Looted Food & Drink
Buccaneer's Mantle
2217ShouldersLooted Cloth
Buccaneer's Uniform
1 Dressing the Part Junk
Bucket of Burning Pitch
1 Quest
Bucket of Meaty Dog Food
1Created Other
Bucket of Slicky Water
1 Barrel of Slickies Quest
Bucket of Water
1 Quest
Buckled Harness
1712ChestVendor Leather
Budd's Chain
1 Quest
Budd's Guise of Zul'aman
1HeadCreated Head
Budd's Map of Zul'Aman
1 Quest
Bug Leg
1 Tigerfly Quest
Building Tools
1 Building Tools Quest
Bulging Brawler's Purse
1 Consumable
Bulging Sack of Coins
1 Junk
Bulging Sack of Coins
1 Junk
Bulging Sack of Gems
1 Membership Benefits Junk
Bulging Sack of Gold
1Quest Junk
Bulging Sack of Silver
1 Junk
3530Two HandVendor Two-handed Axe
Bulwark Disguise
1 Quest
Bunch of Jack-o'-Lanterns
1 Consumable
Bundle of Akiris Reeds
1 Quest
Bundle of Bloodthistle
1 Quest
Bundle of Bloodthistle
1 Quest
Bundle of Cards
1Created Holiday
Bundle of Charred Oak
1 Quest
Bundle of Corpseweed
1 Quest
Bundle of Crocolisk Skins
1 Quest
Bundle of Dragon Bones
1 Quest
Bundle of Exotic Herbs
1 Quest
Bundle of Fireworks
1Vendor Quest