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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Pioneer Gloves
116HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Worn Mail Gloves
116HandsLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Water Wings
10Hands Elwynn Long Distance Trial: 25 Cloth
Cloudsbreak Gloves
10Hands Mist Leather
Enforcer's Gloves
10Hands Fizzled Leather
Fizzle's Gloves
10Hands Fizzled Cloth
Heavy Linen Gloves
105HandsCrafted Cloth
Hewn Kodo Gloves
10Hands Preparation for Ceremony Leather
Mangy Claw Mitts
10Hands A Pilot's Revenge Cloth
McCree's Sparring Gloves
10Hands Manhunt Leather
Moss-Covered Gauntlets
10Hands Oakenscowl Mail
Night Web Gloves
10Hands A Little Oomph Cloth
Stonebreaker's Gauntlets
10Hands Grimaxe's Demise Mail
Stormwind Chain Gloves
10Hands Manhunt Mail
Uncorrupted Hands
10Hands The Vengeance of Elune Leather
Battered Leather Gloves
105HandsVendor Leather
Beaded Gloves
105HandsLooted Cloth
Burnt Leather Gloves
105HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Charger's Handwraps
105HandsLooted Mail
Knitted Gloves
105HandsVendor Cloth
Light Chain Gloves
105HandsVendor Mail
Light Mail Gloves
105HandsVendor Mail
Primal Mitts
105HandsLooted Leather
Recovered Knit Gloves
105HandsVendor Cloth
Rough Leather Gloves
105HandsVendor Leather
Salvaged Chain Gloves
105HandsVendor Mail
Veiled Grips
10Hands Cleanup on Isle E. Leather
Water-Stained Leather Gloves
105HandsVendor Leather
White Wolf Gloves
105Hands Leather
White Wolf Gloves
105Hands Leather
Woven Gloves
105HandsVendor Cloth
Gardening Gloves
9Hands Timberling Sprouts Cloth
Gauntlets of Mercy
9Hands None Left Behind Mail
Journeyman's Gloves
94HandsLooted, Fished Cloth
Satin Lined Gloves
9Hands The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll Cloth
Warrior's Gloves
94HandsLooted, Fished Mail
Hatchling Handlers
8Hands Surrender or Else! Leather
Battle Worn Gauntlets
8Hands Bandits! Mail
Battle Worn Gloves
8Hands Bandits! Leather
Battle Worn Handguards
8Hands Bandits! Cloth
Cauldron Gloves
8Hands Off the Scales Cloth
Cold Steel Gauntlets
8Hands Graverobbers Mail
Double-Layered Gloves
8Hands Gathering Leather Leather
Lion-Stamped Gloves
8Hands Goldtooth Leather
Netted Gloves
8Hands Cloth
Pilot's Gloves
8Hands Get to the Gyrochoppa! Cloth
Sewing Gloves
8Hands Leather
Spy Strangler Gloves
8Hands Infrared = Infradead Mail
Swoopskin Gloves
8Hands Mazzranache Mail
Thunderhorn Gloves
8Hands Thunderhorn Cleansing Leather
Gloves of Verity
7Hands Rewritten Wisdoms Leather
Gloves of Wisdom
7Hands Rewritten Wisdoms Cloth
Lorna's Gloves
7Hands The Hungry Ettin Cloth
Monkey Handler Gloves
7Hands Monkey Business Leather
Restless Gloves
7Hands The Restless Earth Cloth
Xavren's Gloves
7Hands Variety is the Spice of Death Leather
Loose Chain Gloves
72HandsLooted Mail
Patchwork Gloves
72HandsLooted Cloth
Driving Gloves
6Hands Leather
Durotar Gauntlets
6Hands The War of Northwatch Aggression Mail
Gallow's End Gauntlets
6Hands Holland's Experiment Mail
Gatewatcher's Chain Gloves
6Hands The Dead Scar Mail
Gauntlets of Earth and Water
6Hands The Spirit and Body of Shen-zin Su Mail
Gloves of Protection
6Hands Save the Children! Mail
Gloves of the Two Birds
6Hands Two By Sea Leather
Herb-Stained Gauntlets
6Hands The Perfect Stout Mail
Oil-Stained Gloves
6Hands Operation Recombobulation Leather
Worn Leather Gloves
6HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Archery Training Gloves
5Hands The Balance of Nature Leather
Battleworn Leather Gloves
5Hands Leather
Burning Blade Coven Gloves
5Hands Burning Blade Medallion Cloth
Cracked Leather Gloves
5HandsVendor Leather
Dirty Leather Gloves
5HandsVendor Leather
Drenched Leather Gloves
5HandsVendor Leather
Flax Gloves
5Hands Those That Couldn't Be Saved Cloth
Gloves of Potential Energy
5Hands Down with Crushcog! Cloth
Gloves of Splashing Water
5Hands A New Friend Leather
Gloves of the Helping Hand
5Hands Back to the Den Leather
Green Chain Gauntlets
5HandsQuest Mail
Innkeeper's Gloves
5HandsQuest Leather
Light Cloth Gloves
5HandsVendor Cloth
Lynxskin Gloves
5Hands Unfortunate Measures Leather
Outfitter Gloves
5HandsQuest Cloth
Painted Chain Gloves
5Hands Mail
Rusted Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Sun Cured Gloves
5HandsVendor Leather
Sun Pearl Gloves
5Hands The Sun Pearl Cloth
Tarnished Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Tattered Cloth Gloves
5HandsVendor Cloth
Thin Cloth Gloves
5HandsVendor Cloth
Unadorned Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Vault Cracker Gloves
5Hands The Great Bank Heist Mail
Viny Gloves
5Hands Fel Moss Corruption Cloth
Waterlogged Cloth Gloves
5HandsVendor Cloth
Well Watcher Gloves
5HandsQuest Cloth
Willem's Mitts
5Hands Ending the Invasion! Mail
Dempsey's Gloves
4Hands By the Skin of His Teeth Leather
Merciless Hands
4Hands No More Mercy Cloth
Torque-Applying Gloves
4Hands No Tanks! Leather
Flimsy Chain Gloves
4HandsLooted Mail