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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp
9090Crafted, Looted Food & Drink
Black Rose
40Off HandVendor Off Hand
Black Silk Pack
25BagCrafted Bag
Black Spring Circlet
1HeadVendor Head
Black Stalker Egg
1Looted Quest
Black Swashbuckler's Shirt
1ShirtCrafted Shirt
Black Tea
1515Vendor Food & Drink
Black Tuxedo
1Chest Cloth
Black Tuxedo Pants
23LegsLooted, Vendor Legs
Black Vitriol
40Mined Other
Black Walnut Extract
1Vendor Quest
Black Whelp Scale
1Looted, Skinned Leather
Blackbelly Mudfish
81Looted, Fished Cooking
Blackbelly Sushi
8180Crafted Food & Drink
Blackbone Wand
4641RangedVendor Wand
Blackened Basilisk
5555Crafted Food & Drink
Blackened Chain Girdle
11Waist Warning Fairbreeze Village Mail
Blackened Dragonfin
7070Crafted Food & Drink
Blackened Dragonscale
85Crafted, Created, Looted, Skinned Leather
Blackened Dragonscale Fragment
85Looted, Skinned Leather
Blackened Iron Key
1 Quest
Blackened Iron Shield
1 Quest
Blackened Leather Belt
5Waist Vile Touch Leather
Blackened Skull
1 Darkeye Bonecaster Quest
Blackened Sporefish
5555Crafted Food & Drink
Blackened Surprise
8180Crafted Food & Drink
Blackened Trout
5555Crafted Food & Drink
Blackened Worg Steak
7070Crafted Food & Drink
Blackfallow Ink
81Crafted, Created, Vendor Parts
Blackfang Claw
1Looted, Quest Other
Blackfin Darter
70Fished Quest
Blackhand's Command
5555Unobtainable, Looted Quest
Blackheart Grog
1Looted, Pick Pocketed Food & Drink
Blackhoof Armaments
1Looted Quest
1 Quest
Blacklash's Bindings
1 Quest
Blackmaw Intelligence
1 Talrendis Biologist Quest
Blackmaw Meeting Agenda
1 Important Documents Quest
Blackmouth Oil
15Crafted Other
Blackrock Barbecue
10091Crafted Food & Drink
Blackrock Blade
1 Quest
Blackrock Blasting Powder
1Looted Other
Blackrock Bracer
1 Quest
Blackrock Coffee
1 Blingtron 5000 Gift Package Food & Drink
Blackrock Crucible
85 Other
Blackrock Cudgel of Discipline
1 Quest
Blackrock Disguise
1 Quest
Blackrock Fortified Water
6565Vendor Food & Drink
Blackrock Fragment
90Looted, Mined Metal & Stone
Blackrock Ham
10091Crafted Food & Drink
Blackrock Holding Pen Key
1 Blackrock Key Pouch Key
Blackrock Invasion Plans
1 Yowler Quest
Blackrock Lager
5 Consumable
Blackrock Lager
5Vendor Consumable
Blackrock Lever Key
1 Overlord Barbarius Key
Blackrock Medallion
1 Quest
Blackrock Mineral Water
6060Vendor Food & Drink
Blackrock Orc Missive
1 Blackrock Overseer Quest
Blackrock Orc Weapon
1 Blackrock Invader Quest
Blackrock Ore
100Created, Looted, Vendor, Mined Metal & Stone
Blackrock Ore Sample
1 Quest
Blackrock Pauldrons
2318ShouldersLooted Mail
Blackrock Powder Keg
1 Quest
Blackrock Powder Keg
1 Blackrock Powder Keg Quest
Blackrock Razor
1 Other
Blackrock Seaforium
100 Explosives
Blackrock Spring Water
4545Vendor Food & Drink
Blackrock Spyglass
1Looted, Pick Pocketed Quest
Blackrock Spyglass
1 Quest
Blackrock Weapon
1Looted Quest
Blackroot Stalk
1 Blackroot Quest
Blacksmith Hammer
1Main HandVendor Miscellaneous
Blacksmithing Work Order
1Looted Quest
Blacksting's Stinger
1 Blacksting Quest
Blacktalon's Claws
1 Blacktalon the Savage Quest
Blacktip Shark
1 Quest
Blackwater Anti-Venom
10091Crafted Other
Blackwater Whiptail
90Fished Cooking
Blackwater Whiptail Bait
9090Looted, Fished Other
Blackwater Whiptail Egg
1Looted Quest
Blackwater Whiptail Flesh
100Looted, Vendor Cooking
Blackwater Whiptail Lunker
90Fished Quest
Blackwhelp Net
1 Quest
Blackwood Fruit Sample
1 Quest
Blackwood Grain Sample
1 Quest
Blackwood Nut Sample
1 Quest
Blade of Drak'Mar
1 Blade of Drak'Mar Quest
Blade of Ilikkax
1 Ilikkax Quest
Blade of Kz'Kzik
1 Kz'Kzik Quest
Blade of the Anointed
1Looted Quest
Blade of the Anointed
1Looted Quest
Blade of the Naz'jar Battlemaiden
1Created Quest
Bladebone Hook
90Fished, Vendor Other
Bladed Pickaxe
1Crafted Devices
Bladefist's Seal
1Looted Quest
Blademaster's Banner
1Looted Quest
Blademaster's Banner
1Looted Quest
Blade's Edge Fragment
1 Soulstone Fragment Quest
Blades of the Anointed
1 Quest
Blades of the Anointed
1 Quest