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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bracers of Prompt Reclamation
162Wrists The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure Cloth
Bracers of Rapid Death
162Wrists The Great Hunter's Challenge Leather
Bracers of the Rejuvenated Forest
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Leather
Frostpaw Vambraces
16275WristsLooted Plate
Lifegiver's Ward
162Wrists Returned Sevenfold Plate
Mammoth Bindings
16275WristsLooted Mail
Ogre-Crushing Wristguards
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Cloth
Roaming Wristguards
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Plate
Roc Hunter's Bracer
162Wrists Reagent Agent Mail
Spiked Cobalt Bracers
16275WristsCrafted Plate
Spitelinked Bracers
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Mail
Splattered Zombie Wristguards
162Wrists An Issue of Trust Leather
Wolverine Armguards
16275WristsLooted Leather
Wristguards of Titanic Vengeance
162Wrists Exterminate the Intruders Plate
Accused Wristguards
159Wrists Head Games Mail
Disavowed Bracers
159Wrists Head Games Plate
Insulating Bindings
15971WristsLooted Plate
Insulating Bindings
159WristsLooted Plate
Scorned Bands
159Wrists Head Games Leather
Shameful Cuffs
159Wrists Head Games Cloth
Worgen-Scored Shackles
15970WristsLooted Mail
Bracers of Vengeful Flight
158Wrists The Storm King's Vengeance Mail
Bloodbinder's Wrist Wraps
158Wrists The Frozen Earth Cloth
Double-Agent's Wristwraps
158Wrists Infiltrating Voltarus Leather
Duskweave Wristwraps
15876WristsCrafted Cloth
Jormungar Bracers
15874WristsLooted Plate
Muradin Bindings
15874WristsLooted Leather
Redigested Mail Scraps
158Wrists Feedin' Da Goolz Mail
Shackles of Perpetual Friendship
158Wrists Plate
Shoveltusk Bindings
15874WristsLooted Mail
Soothsayer's Wristwraps
158Wrists Hell Hath a Fury Cloth
Supple Wristguards
158Wrists Too Much of a Good Thing Leather
Tethys Bracelets
15874WristsLooted Cloth
Thick Bracers of Battle
158Wrists Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving! Plate
Vindicator's Bracers of Sacrifice
158Wrists Leave No One Behind Plate
Wristguard of Healing Fingers
158Wrists Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Leather
Wristguards of Service
158Wrists Pa'Troll Mail
Runecaster's Bracers
155WristsQuest Mail
Vambraces of the Vengeance Bringer
155WristsQuest Plate
Vendetta Bindings
155WristsQuest Leather
Vrykul Shackles
15570WristsLooted Leather
Wraps of the San'layn
155WristsQuest Cloth
Bracers of Absolution
15470Wrists Cloth
Bracers of the Malefic
15470Wrists Cloth
Bracers of the Tempest
15470Wrists Cloth
Cuffs of Absolution
15470Wrists Cloth
Gronnstalker's Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Guardian's Chain Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Guardian's Dragonhide Bracers
15470Wrists Leather
Guardian's Dreadweave Cuffs
15470Wrists Cloth
Guardian's Kodohide Bracers
15470Wrists Leather
Guardian's Lamellar Bracers
15470WristsVendor Plate
Guardian's Leather Bracers
15470Wrists Leather
Guardian's Linked Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Guardian's Mail Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Guardian's Mooncloth Cuffs
15470Wrists Cloth
Guardian's Ornamented Bracers
15470WristsVendor Plate
Guardian's Plate Bracers
15470WristsVendor Plate
Guardian's Ringmail Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Guardian's Scaled Bracers
15470WristsVendor Plate
Guardian's Silk Cuffs
15470Wrists Cloth
Guardian's Wyrmhide Bracers
15470Wrists Leather
Lightbringer Bands
15470WristsVendor Plate
Lightbringer Bracers
15470WristsVendor Plate
Lightbringer Wristguards
15470WristsVendor Plate
Onslaught Bracers
15470WristsVendor Plate
Onslaught Wristguards
15470WristsVendor Plate
Skyshatter Bands
15470Wrists Mail
Skyshatter Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Skyshatter Wristguards
15470Wrists Mail
Slayer's Bracers
15470Wrists Leather
Thunderheart Bands
15470Wrists Leather
Thunderheart Bracers
15470Wrists Leather
Thunderheart Wristguards
15470Wrists Leather
Bracers of Sizzling Heat
15475WristsLooted Mail
Bracers of Unmitigated Larceny
15475WristsLooted Leather
Bloodmar Vambraces
15473WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of the Chaperon
154Wrists Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Plate
Ectoplasm Stained Wristguards
154Wrists Steady as a Rock? Leather
Icemist Bracelets
15473WristsLooted Cloth
Shackles of Sanity
154WristsQuest Leather
Taunka Armguards
15473WristsLooted Leather
Trapper Bracers
15473WristsLooted Mail
Wayfinder's Bracers
154WristsQuest Cloth
Whip-Stitched Wristguards
154Wrists Dun-da-Dun-tah! Mail
Wristguard of the Tormented Soul
154WristsQuest Mail
Verdant Tundra Bracers
15171WristsCreated Leather
Bracers of Accurate Fire
15074WristsLooted Mail
Amberpine Bracers
15072WristsLooted Mail
Arctic Wristguards
15074WristsCrafted Leather
Frostscale Bracers
15074WristsCrafted Mail
Grizzlemaw Vambraces
15072WristsLooted Plate
Iceborne Wristguards
15074WristsCrafted Leather
Nerubian Bracers
15074WristsCrafted Mail
Vileprey Bracers
15072WristsLooted Leather
Voldrune Bracelets
15072WristsLooted Cloth
Clammy Mail Bracers
15080WristsLooted Mail
Dirt-Caked Bracers
15080WristsLooted Leather
Perforated Plate Bracers
15080WristsLooted, Mined Plate
Pockmarked Cloth Bracers
15080WristsLooted Cloth