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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Maintenance Axe
1 Maintenance Tools Quest
Makazradon's Glaive
1 Makazradon Quest
Makeshift Cover
1 Quest
Makeshift Dynamite
1 Quest
Maldy's Falcon
1 Maldy's Falcon Quest
Malem Pendant
1 Quest
Malister's Frost Wand
1 Quest
Mallet Handle
1 Chief Ingoo Ingoo XVII Quest
Mallet Head
1 Quest
Malted Cave Barley
1Created Quest
Mammoth Harness
1 Quest
Mana Berry
1 Mana Berry Bush Quest
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 1
1 Quest
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 2
1 Quest
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 3
1 Quest
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 4
1 Quest
Mana Bomb Fragment
1 Mana Bomb Fragment Quest
Mana Gem
1Created Consumable
Mana Remnants
1Looted Quest
Mana Wraith Essence
1 Mana Wraith Quest
Mana-Addled Brain
1 Altered Beast Quest
Manacles of Rebellion
1 Other
Mana-Tombs Stasis Chamber Key
1 Key
Mane of Thornmantle
1 Chief Squealer Thornmantle Quest
Mangy Claw
1 Mangeclaw Quest
Manna-Enriched Horse Feed
1Created Quest
Mantid Artifact Hunter's Kit
1Vendor Other
Mantid Lamp
1 Other
Mantid Relic
1Looted Quest
Mantle of the Fire Festival
1ShouldersVendor Shoulders
Manual of Engineering Disciplines
1 Quest
1 Mao-Willow Quest
Map of the Geyser Fields
1 Quest
Mar'alith's Speaking Shard
1 Quest
Maraudine Key Fragment
1 Quest
Marcel's Head
1 Marcel Dabyrie Quest
Marez's Head
1 Marez Cowl Quest
Margol's Gigantic Horn
1 Margol the Rager Quest
Mark of Bloodhoof
1 Quest
Mark of Kil'jaeden
1Looted, Pick Pocketed Quest
Mark of Sargeras
1Looted, Quest, Skinned, Pick Pocketed Quest
Mark of the Lightbringer
1 Quest
1 Marrowpetal Stalk Consumable
Marsh Frog Leg
1 Giant Marsh Frog Quest
Marsh Venom
1Looted Quest
Marshal Haggard's Badge
1 Consumable
Marshal McBride's Documents
1 Quest
Marshal Windsor's Lost Information
1 Quest
Marshal Windsor's Lost Information
1 Quest
1 Marshberry Quest
Marshfang Slicer Blade
1Looted Quest
Marshlight Bleeder Venom
1Looted Quest
Marshy Crocolisk Hide
1 Wetlands Crocolisk Quest
Marvelous Mobile Murloc Manor Maker
1 Quest
Mary's Looking Glass
1 Insane Ghoul Quest
Mask of Doubt
1Looted Quest
Mask of the Dark Mystic
1 Arcanital Ra'kul Quest
Mask of the Spirit-Caller
1 Spiritbinder Tu'chek Quest
Massive Glowing Egg
1 Quest
Massive Kyparite Core
1 Kypa'rak Quest
Master Builder's Shirt
1ShirtLooted Shirt
Master Plow
1Created Other
Master Summoner's Staff
1 Master Summoner Zarod Quest
Masters' Gate Plans
1Looted Quest
Master's Haversack
1Bag Only the Worthy Shall Pass Bag
Master's Pot
1 Quest
Mastiff Whistle
1 Quest
Mathystra Relic
1 Quest
Matriarch's Heartblood
1 Goretalon Matriarch Quest
Mature Bone Sifter Carcass
1 Mature Bone Sifter Quest
Mature Nether Drake Essence
1 Nether Whelp Quest
Mature Spore Sac
1 Mature Spore Sac Quest
Mature Stag Horn
1 Silvercoat Stag Quest
Mature Water-Poppy
1 Mature Water-Poppy Quest
Maurin's Concoction
1 Quest
Maury's Clubbed Foot
1 Maury "Club Foot" Wilkins Quest
Maximillian's Armor
1Created Consumable
Maybell's Love Letter
1 Quest
Maywiki's Fetish
1 Quest
McSorf's Bundle
1 Quest
Meadow Marigold
1 Meadow Marigold Consumable
Meara's Dried Roses
1 Meara's Dried Roses Quest
Meat Scrap
1Looted Quest
Meatface's Locked Chest
1 Meatface Quest
Meaty Crane Leg
1Looted Junk
Meaty Crawler Claw
1Looted Quest
Meaty Haunch
1Looted Other
Meaty Offering
1 Quest
Meaty Turtle Haunch
1 Chillwater Turtle Quest
Mech Control Scrambler
1 Consumable
Mechanized Air
1 Mechanized Air Quest
Mechanized Fire
1 Mechanized Fire Quest
Mechanized Ice
1 Mechanized Ice Quest
Mechazod's Head
1 Gearmaster Mechazod Quest
Medallion Fragment
1 Gilblin Collector Quest
Medallion of Faith
1 Quest
Medallion of Karabor
1 Quest
Medallion of Mam'toth
1 Quest
Medical Supplies
1Looted Quest
Medical Supply Crate
1 Quest