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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Cloak of the Clarion Call
14Back The Battle for Gilneas City Back
Yowling Cloak
15Back Still Assessing the Threat Back
Woven Copper Ring
1510FingerCrafted Finger
Willow Cape
1510BackLooted, Fished Back
Willow Boots
1510FeetLooted, Fished Cloth
Vyrin's Belt
15Waist Vyrin's Revenge Leather
Veteran Shield
1510Off HandLooted Shield
Veteran Leggings
1510LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Unfortunate Treads
15FeetQuest Mail
Tower Watch Bracers
15Wrists Wanted: Redridge Gnolls Cloth
Soldier's Wristguards
1510WristsLooted Mail
1510Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Simple Robe
1510ChestLooted Cloth
Simple Kilt
1510LegsCrafted Cloth
Silver Defias Belt
1510Waist Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Royal Guard Breastplate
15Chest Wanted: Redridge Gnolls Mail
Pattern: Fine Leather Gloves
15Looted Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Fine Leather Boots
15Looted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Leatherworking Pattern
Parker's Yardstick
15Two HandQuest Staff
Mystic's Cape
1510BackLooted Back
Lupine Cord
1510WaistLooted Leather
Kessel's Sweat Stained Elekk Leash
15Waist Declaration of Power Leather
Hunting Gloves
1510HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Gypsy Tunic
1510ChestLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Leather
Feral Cloak
1510BackLooted Back
Feathered Cape
1511BackLooted Back
Embossed Leather Boots
1510FeetCrafted Leather
Dwarven Hatchet
1510One HandLooted, Fished One-handed Axe
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
1510HandsLooted Leather
Captain Sanders' Sash
15Waist Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure Cloth
Cadet Vest
1510ChestLooted Mail
Braided Copper Ring
1510FingerCrafted Finger
Boots of the Prolific Sire
15Feet Still Assessing the Threat Leather
Bloodspattered Wristbands
1510WristsLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Gloves
1510HandsLooted Mail
Belt of Unsolvable Problems
15WaistQuest Cloth
Belt of the Sons
15Waist Still Assessing the Threat Mail
Becalmed Bracers
15Wrists Against the Wind Cloth
Bard's Bracers
1510WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Bard's Belt
1510WaistLooted, Fished Leather
Barbaric Cloth Boots
1510FeetLooted Cloth
Apothecary's Robe
1510ChestVendor Cloth
Aboriginal Sash
1510WaistLooted Cloth
Silver Embossed Boots
15Feet Disturbing Connections Leather
House Wrynn Staff
15Two Hand Rise of the Brotherhood Staff
House Wrynn Claymore
15Two Hand Rise of the Brotherhood Two-handed Sword
Bone Fishing Pole
15Two HandLooted Fishing Pole
Willow Gloves
1611HandsLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Willow Belt
1611WaistLooted Cloth
War Torn Tunic
1611ChestLooted Mail
Veteran Armor
1611ChestLooted Mail
Ventillated Leggings
16Legs Like a Fart in the Wind Leather
Twin-Bladed Axe
1611Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Sword of the Falling Sky
16One Hand Saving Foreman Oslow One-handed Sword
Spellbinder Pants
1611LegsLooted, Fished Cloth
Solomon's Gavel
16One Hand Saving Foreman Oslow One-handed Mace
Soft-Soled Linen Boots
1611FeetCrafted Cloth
Shield of the Lesson
16Off Hand Lake Everstill Clean Up Shield
Raider's Cloak
1611BackLooted, Fished Back
Raider Shortsword
1611One HandLooted, Fished One-handed Sword
Native Robe
1611ChestLooted Cloth
Murderous Bracers
16Wrists Verog the Dervish Leather
Merc Sword
1611Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Lupine Handwraps
1611HandsLooted Leather
Inscribed Cloak
1611BackLooted, Fished Back
Indiscriminate Wand
16Ranged Lake Everstill Clean Up Wand
Heavy Copper Maul
1611Two HandCrafted Two-handed Mace
Fist of Argus
16One Hand Blood Watch One-handed Mace
Fine Leather Belt
1611WaistCrafted Leather
Escalation Britches
16Legs Yowler Must Die! Cloth
Breadwinner's Gloves
16Hands Like a Fart in the Wind Cloth
Black Leather Jerkin
16Chest Report to Magister Kaendris Leather
Belt of Recurring Raids
16Waist Lake Everstill Clean Up Leather
Bard's Buckler
1611Off HandLooted Shield
Bard's Boots
1611FeetLooted, Fished Leather
Barbaric Loincloth
1611LegsLooted Cloth
Bailiff's Gloves
16Hands Lake Everstill Clean Up Mail
Aetherion Imbued Vest
16Chest Call Down the Thunder Leather
Aboriginal Gloves
1611HandsLooted Cloth
Aboriginal Footwraps
1611FeetLooted Cloth
Vindicator's Iron Legguards
17Legs Matis the Cruel Mail
Vest of the Changing Heart
17Chest His Heart Must Be In It Leather
Undertaker's Gloves
17Hands Troll Juju Leather
Troll Kickers
17Feet Escape from the Catacombs Cloth
Spellbinder Orb
1712Off HandLooted, Fished Off Hand
Soldier's Leggings
1712LegsLooted Mail
Soldier's Boots
1712FeetLooted Mail
Seer's Cuffs
1712WristsLooted, Fished Cloth
Seer's Boots
1712FeetLooted, Fished Cloth
Sandals of the Neverending Bridge
17Feet Surveying Equipment Cloth
Rotting Handwraps
17Hands Troll Juju Cloth
Raider's Bracers
1712WristsLooted Mail
Mystic's Bracelets
1712WristsLooted Cloth
Inscribed Leather Bracers
1712WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Inscribed Leather Belt
1712WaistLooted Leather
Heavy Woolen Gloves
1712HandsCrafted Cloth
Heavy Copper Ring
1712FingerCrafted Finger
Fine Leather Tunic
1712ChestCrafted Leather
Batskin Belt
1712WaistVendor Leather
Bard's Gloves
1712HandsLooted Leather