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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sprouted Frond
155 The Sprouted Fronds Other
1515 Stagwiches Food & Drink
Steamed Mandu
1515Vendor Food & Drink
Steamwheedle Fizzy Spirits
15Vendor Food & Drink
15 Consumable
Stuffed Bush Chicken
1515 Food & Drink
Succulent Pork Ribs
1515Crafted Food & Drink
Swiftness Potion
155Crafted, Looted Potion
15Created, Looted, Vendor, Gathered Herb
Swiftthistle Leaf
15 Herb
Thieves' Tools
1515Created Reagent
Tightly Sealed Trunk
15Looted, Fished Junk
Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream
1515Vendor Food & Drink
Tough Condor Meat
15Looted, Vendor Cooking
Vanishing Powder
15Crafted, Vendor Reagent
Venison Steak
1515 Wild Buck Food & Drink
Very Berry Pie
15Vendor Consumable
Westfall Stew
1515Crafted Food & Drink
White Leather Bag
15BagLooted, Fished Bag
Wizbang's Special Brew
15 Food & Drink
Wool Cloth
15Looted, Vendor, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Woolen Bag
15BagCrafted Bag
Yetichoke Hearts
1515 The Heart of the Matter Food & Drink
Calico Gloves
1510HandsLooted Cloth
Chunk of Flesh
15 Junk
Crisp Spider Meat
15Looted Junk
Gnoll Spittle
15Looted Junk
Haute Club Membership Card
15Looted Junk
Mutilated Rat Carcass
15 Junk
Partially Digested Meat
15Looted, Skinned Junk
Red Defias Mask
15HeadLooted Head
Warped Leather Boots
1510FeetLooted Leather
Wooden Buckler
1510Off HandLooted Shield
Worn Cloak
1510BackLooted Back
Cloak of the Clarion Call
14Back The Battle for Gilneas City Back
Gilnean Shield
14Off Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Shield
Mace of the Blood Price
14Two Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Two-handed Mace
Marshalling Point
14One Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Dagger
Rallying Charge
14Two Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Two-handed Sword
Arcanist's Dagger
14One Hand Windrunner Village Dagger
Arcanist's Wand
14Ranged Windrunner Village Wand
Banshee Armor
14Chest Cloth
Barbaric Linen Vest
149ChestCrafted Cloth
Belmont's Bracers
14Wrists In Time, All Will Be Revealed Mail
Belt of the Forgotten Pool
14Waist Kolkar Leaders Leather
Blue Linen Robe
149ChestCrafted Cloth
Boarhide Leggings
148Legs Gruff Swiftbite Leather
Brackwater Shield
149Off HandLooted Shield
Briarsteel Shortsword
14One Hand One-handed Sword
Cadet Leggings
149LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Croc-Scale Gloves
14Hands Mail
Croc-Skin Boots
14Feet Leather
Curved Dagger
149One HandLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Dagger
Curvewood Dagger
14One Hand Dagger
Darkthorn Piercer
14One Hand Into the Raptor's Den One-handed Sword
Daryl's Axe
14Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Daryl's Bow
14Ranged Bow
Daryl's Rifle
14Ranged Gun
Dirt-Stained Scroll
1414Looted, Pick Pocketed Quest
Dryad's Wand
14Ranged Strategic Strikes Wand
Dryweed Belt
14Waist Leather
Dust Plains Greaves
14Legs Jango Spothide Mail
Enamelled Broadsword
149One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Evidence Collection Gloves
14Hands Evidence Collection Cloth
Formula: Imbue Chest - Spirit
14 Enchanting Formula
Forsaken Belt
14Waist The Looting of Althalaxx Leather
Fuzzy Gloves
14Hands In Fungus We Trust Leather
Gregorky's Bracers
14Wrists Evidence Collection Mail
Grizzly Pants
149LegsLooted Leather
Gryan's Boots
14Feet Big Trouble in Moonbrook Mail
Gypsy Trousers
149LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Handstitched Linen Britches
149LegsCrafted Cloth
Highstrider Boots
14Feet Kolkar Leaders Mail
Hobart's Spare Hubcap
14Off Hand The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches Shield
Hunting Buckler
149Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Ill-Worn Belt
14Waist Cloth
Legwork Trousers
14Legs Big Trouble in Moonbrook Cloth
Light Leather Bracers
149WristsCrafted Leather
Marek's Dagger
14One Hand Dagger
Mystic Riverpaw Wand
14Ranged Jango Spothide Wand
Narassin's Gloves
14Hands The Looting of Althalaxx Cloth
Native Pants
149LegsLooted Cloth
Oakthrush Staff
14Two Hand Staff
Ointment-Coated Bracers
14Wrists In Fungus We Trust Mail
Orcish Battle Bow
14Ranged Bow
Out-of-Date Manual
14Off Hand Read the Manual Off Hand
Padded Running Shoes
14Feet Windrunner Village Leather
Pointed Axe
14One Hand One-handed Axe
Salvaged Mail Leggings
14Legs Windrunner Village Mail
Scrap Metal Shield
14Off Hand Read the Manual Shield
Shadow Wand
149RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Simple Britches
149LegsLooted, Fished Cloth
Spothide Leggings
14Legs Jango Spothide Leather
Spring Gadget
14Off Hand The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches Off Hand
Staunch Hammer
149One HandLooted, Fished One-handed Mace
Stonewood Hammer
14Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Sunscale Cloak
14Back Into the Raptor's Den Back
Surveyor's Mantle
14Back Salvaging the Data Back
Tangled Thread Gloves
14Hands Kolkar Leaders Cloth
Troublesome Gloves
14Hands Big Trouble in Moonbrook Leather