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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Moonbeam Wand
30Ranged Wand
Northwatch Bracers
30Wrists Run Out the Guns Mail
Not-Scratchy Helm
30Head Primal Reagents of Power Leather
OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon
3030Looted Quest
Pathfinder Footpads
3025FeetLooted Leather
Pathfinder Gloves
3025HandsLooted Leather
Pathfinder Guard
3025Off HandLooted Shield
Pattern: Barbaric Gloves
30Looted Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Robes of Arcana
30 Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Truefaith Gloves
30Looted Tailoring Pattern
Paxton's Belt
30Waist Re-Take the Courtyard Mail
Phalanx Cloak
3025BackLooted Back
Plans: Green Iron Gauntlets
30Looted Blacksmithing Plans
Plans: Iron Shield Spike
30Looted Blacksmithing Plans
Raincaller Mitts
3025HandsLooted Cloth
Rampaging Staff
30Two Hand To Battlescar! Staff
Raptor Scrap Cloak
30Back Raptor Scraps Back
Repairman's Cape
30Back Back
Resilient Cord
3025WaistLooted Cloth
Ribbed Breastplate
30Chest Leather
Ring of Reclaimed Honor
30Finger Warriors' Redemption Finger
Ringed Helm
3025Head Leather
Robes of Arcana
3025ChestCrafted Cloth
Robust Shoulders
3025ShouldersLooted Leather
Royal Ink
30Crafted Parts
Sage's Mantle
3025ShouldersLooted Cloth
Sassy Pantaloons
30Legs If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Cloth
Scaled Leather Belt
3025WaistLooted Leather
Seized Rageroar Cloak
30Back Re-Take the Courtyard Back
Sentry's Shoulderguards
3025ShouldersLooted Mail
Shield of Battlescar Valley
30Off Hand To Battlescar! Shield
Shield of the Faith
30Off Hand Shield
Silver-Thread Pants
3025LegsLooted Cloth
Slither-Dog Headguard
30Head Good-Fer-Nothin' Slither-Dogs Leather
Smythe's Ring
30Finger Run Out the Guns Finger
Snapbrook Armor
30Chest Leather
Spectral Necklace
3025NeckLooted Neck
Spiked Chain Breastplate
3025ChestLooted Mail
Spiked Collar
3020Unobtainable Consumable
Spoils of the Courtyard
30Wrists Re-Take the Courtyard Leather
Staff of First Occurrences
30Two Hand Good-Fer-Nothin' Slither-Dogs Staff
Strength of Will
3025Off HandVendor Off Hand
Supple Gloves
30Hands Plush Pelts Leather
Terrortooth Hide Bracers
30Wrists Raptor Scraps Leather
Thick Scale Bracelets
3025WristsLooted Mail
Thistlefur Bands
3025WristsLooted Cloth
Trailblazer Boots
30Feet Leather
Treads of the Seeker
30Feet The Karnitol Shipwreck Leather
Truefaith Gloves
3025HandsCrafted Cloth
Unearthed Cloak
30Back Kobold Fury! Back
Velvet Choker
30Neck Primal Reagents of Power Neck
Velvety Vest
30Chest Plush Pelts Leather
Viking Sword
3025One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Vorrel's Boots
30Feet Leather
Wand of Destructive Talent
30Ranged To Battlescar! Wand
Wandering Hands
30Hands If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Leather
Watcher's Jerkin
3025ChestLooted Cloth
Watcher's Leggings
3025LegsLooted Cloth
Watcher's Robes
3025ChestLooted Cloth
Watcher's Star
3025Off HandLooted Off Hand
Wicked Chain Gauntlets
3025HandsLooted Mail
Wicked Chain Waistband
3025WaistLooted Mail
Windborne Belt
30Waist Leather
Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies
30Unobtainable, Quest Junk
Air Totem
30Unobtainable Reagent
Aquadynamic Fish Attractor
30Crafted, Vendor Other
Assassin's Contract
3030 Quest
Beautiful Wildflowers
30Off HandVendor Off Hand
Big Iron Fishing Pole
3025Two HandLooted, Fished Fishing Pole
Bouquet of Orange Marigolds
30Off HandVendor Off Hand
Bright Baubles
30Looted, Vendor Other
30Looted, Fished, Vendor Metal & Stone
Compassionate Critter's Friend
30NeckVendor Neck
Cured Heavy Hide
30Crafted Leather
Design: Amulet of the Moon
30Vendor Jewelcrafting Design
Draenic Coal
30 Metal & Stone
Easter Dress
30Chest Chest
Elixir of Ogre's Strength
3020Crafted Elixir
Emerald Pigment
30 Wildthorn Stalker Other
Ensorcelled Parchment
3030 Quest
Expert Cookbook
30 Cooking Recipe
Expert First Aid - Under Wraps
30Unobtainable First Aid Manual
Expert Fishing - The Bass and You
30 Fishing Book
Explosive Sheep
30Crafted Explosives
Flesh Eating Worm
30Looted Other
Formula: Minor Mana Oil
30Vendor Enchanting Formula
Free Action Potion
3020Crafted Potion
Free Action Potion
3020 Potion
Frozen "Cream" Custard
3030Vendor Food & Drink
Glow Worm
30 Bag of Fishing Treasures Other
Gold Power Core
30Crafted Parts
Grimoire of Torment (Rank 3)
3030 Book
Heavy Armor Kit
3020Crafted, Looted Item Enhancement
Heavy Dynamite
30Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Heavy Hide
30Looted, Skinned Leather
Heavy Leather
30Crafted, Looted, Vendor, Skinned Leather
Heavy Stone Statue
30Crafted Consumable
Hooded Cowl
30Head Cloth
Iron Bar
30Crafted Metal & Stone
Iron Buckle
30Crafted Parts