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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Fatty Goatsteak
1 Stout Shaghorn Quest
Fatty Turtle Steak
9086Looted, Skinned Quest
Faulty Grenade
510 Other
Faustin's Truth Serum
1 Quest
Feast of Blood
10091Crafted Food & Drink
Feast of the Waters
10091Crafted Food & Drink
Feather Charm
1 Quest
Feather of Syth
1 Quest
Feathered Charm
1 Quest
Feathered Lure
80Crafted Other
Feero's Holy Hammer
1Created Quest
Fei Fei Doggy Treat
1Vendor Quest
Feknut's Firecrackers
1 Quest
Fel Blossom
6560Gathered Consumable
Fel Bomb
1 Quest
Fel Cannon Activator
1 Demos, Overseer of Hate Quest
Fel Cannon Activator
1 Xirkos, Overseer of Fear Quest
Fel Cannonball
1Looted Quest
Fel Cone
1 Fel Cone Quest
Fel Cone Fungus
1 Fel Cone Fungus Quest
Fel Creep
1 Quest
Fel Elemental Rod
1Vendor Quest
Fel Ember
1Created Quest
Fel Fire
1 Quest
Fel Firestone
74 Other
Fel Gland
1Looted Quest
Fel Healthstone
7969 Other
Fel Healthstone
7969 Other
Fel Healthstone
7969 Other
Fel Hide
70Crafted, Created, Looted, Vendor, Skinned Leather
Fel Horde Banner
1 Quest
Fel Infusion Rod
1Looted, Skinned Quest
Fel Iron Bar
60Crafted, Vendor Metal & Stone
Fel Iron Bomb
60Crafted, Vendor Explosives
Fel Iron Casing
60Crafted, Vendor Parts
Fel Iron Ore
60Created, Looted, Quest, Vendor, Mined Metal & Stone
Fel Iron Ore Nugget
60Mined Metal & Stone
Fel Mana Potion
7260Crafted, Looted Potion
Fel Moss
1Looted Quest
Fel Orb
1 Quest
Fel Orc Blood Vial
1Looted Quest
Fel Orc Plans
1 Quest
Fel Reaver Armor Plate
1 Fel Reaver Armor Plating Quest
Fel Reaver Part
1 Fel Reaver Part Quest
Fel Reaver Power Core
1 Fel Reaver Power Core Quest
Fel Regeneration Potion
6960Crafted Potion
Fel Salve
1Created Junk
Fel Scale Fragment
60 Ironspine Threshalisk Leather
Fel Scales
60Crafted, Created, Looted, Vendor, Skinned Leather
Fel Sharpening Stone
6050Crafted Other
Fel Siphon
1 Quest
Fel Slider Cider
1 Fel Slider Cider Quest
Fel Steed Saddlebags
25BagLooted Bag
Fel Strength Elixir
6760Crafted Elixir
Fel Tracker Owner's Manual
1 Quest
Fel Weightstone
6050Crafted Other
Fel Whip
1Looted Quest
Fel Zapper
1 Quest
Felblood Sample
1 Terrorfiend Quest
50Looted, Vendor Cloth
Felendren's Head
1 Felendren the Banished Quest
Felfire Diemetradon Eye
1 Quest
Felfire Spleen
1 Felfire Diemetradon Quest
Felhas Ruby
1 Quest
Felhound Brain
1 Quest
Felhound Tracker Kit
1 Junk
Felhound Whistle
1 Quest
Feline Familiar
1Vendor Companion Pets
Felix's Box
1 Felix's Box Quest
Felix's Bucket of Bolts
1 Felix's Bucket of Bolts Quest
Felix's Chest
1 Felix's Chest Quest
Felled Totem
510 Other
Felnok's Package
1 Quest
Felspine's Hide
1 Felspine the Greater Quest
Felstalker Hoof
1 Quest
Felsteel Stabilizer
70Crafted, Vendor Parts
Felstone Field Cauldron Key
1 Quest
Felsworn Gas Mask
165HeadCreated Quest
Feltail Delight
5555Crafted Food & Drink
Fel-Tainted Morsels
1 Quest
Felvine Shard
1Looted Quest
60Created, Looted, Vendor, Gathered Herb
Felweed Stalk
60Gathered Herb
Felwood Slime Sample
1 Quest
Fen Strider Tentacle
1Looted Quest
Fenclaw Hide
1Looted Quest
Fengir's Clue
1 Mound of Debris Junk
Fenwick's Head
1 Quest
Feral Bracers
7Wrists Twisted Hatred Leather
Feral Scar Yeti Hide
1Looted, Skinned Quest
Feral Shoulder Pads
2419ShouldersLooted Leather
Feralas Ahi
40Off Hand Feralas Junk
Feralas: A History
1 Quest
Feralfen Idol
1 Feralfen Idol Quest
Feralfen Protection Totem
1Looted, Pick Pocketed Quest
Feralfen Totem
1 Quest
Ferilon's Care Package
1 Quest
Ferocious Doomweed
1 Ferocious Doomweed Quest
Fertile Spores
1Looted Quest
Festival Dress
1ChestCrafted Cloth