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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Singed Vambraces
111WristsQuest Plate
Singing Cricket Medallion
384Trinket Love's Labor Trinket
Singing Dagger
17077One HandLooted Dagger
Singleton Gauntlets
31Hands Mail
Singleton Sash
31Waist Futile Resistance Cloth
Sinister Area 52 Boots
108Feet Breaking Down Netherock Cloth
Sinister Belt
53Waist The Darkest Depths Plate
Sinister Rouge Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
Sinister Scimitar
2015One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Sinister Spores
100100Looted Other
Sinking Pauldrons
138Shoulders Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! Plate
Sinner's Repentance
146FingerQuest Finger
Sinuous Keris
17879One HandLooted Dagger
Siphoning Dagger
9060One HandLooted Dagger
Sishir Amulet
28379NeckLooted Neck
Sishir Cloak
28379BackLooted Back
Sishir Crystal
28379Off HandLooted Off Hand
Sishir Ring
28379FingerLooted Finger
Sishir Scepter
28379One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Sishir Spellblade
28379One HandLooted Dagger
Sishir Wand
28379RangedLooted Wand
Sister Elsington's Belt
24Waist The Cries of the Dead Cloth
Sixen's Skullcap
174Head The Air Stands Still Leather
Six-Fingered Claws
17077One HandLooted Fist Weapon
Size-Cutting Bracers
305Wrists The Axe of Earthly Sundering Plate
Sizzle Stick
23Ranged Wand
Skeezy Bracers
28Wrists Venture Company Mining Leather
Skeezy Wraps
28Wrists Mail
Skeletal Broadsword
8759Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Skeletal Hacker
17879One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Skeletal Longsword
2722One HandUnobtainable One-handed Sword
Skeleton Smashers
162Feet An Issue of Trust Mail
Skeleton's Sword
18280One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Sketh'lon Survivor's Tunic
111Chest Thwart the Dark Conclave Cloth
Skettis Axe
54996One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Skettis Belt
11167WaistLooted Mail
Skettis Bow
54996RangedLooted Bow
Skettis Bracer
11167WristsLooted Mail
Skettis Broadaxe
54996Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Skettis Chestpiece
11167ChestLooted Mail
Skettis Crossbow
54996RangedLooted Crossbow
Skettis Curved Blade
8759One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Skettis Dagger
54996One HandLooted Dagger
Skettis Deceiver's Band
570Finger A Charming Deception Finger
Skettis Deceiver's Gemband
570Finger A Charming Deception Finger
Skettis Deceiver's Loop
570Finger A Charming Deception Finger
Skettis Deceiver's Ring
570Finger A Charming Deception Finger
Skettis Deceiver's Signet
570Finger A Charming Deception Finger
Skettis Footwraps
11167FeetLooted Mail
Skettis Gauntlets
11167HandsLooted Mail
Skettis Greatsword
54996Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Skettis Gun
54996RangedLooted Gun
Skettis Hammer
54996Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Skettis Helmet
11167HeadLooted Mail
Skettis Knuckles
54996One HandLooted Fist Weapon
Skettis Legguards
11167LegsLooted Mail
Skettis Mace
54996One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Skettis Spaulders
11167ShouldersLooted Mail
Skettis Spear
54996Two HandLooted Polearm
Skettis Staff
54996Two HandLooted Staff
Skettis Staff
54996Two HandLooted Staff
Skettis Sword
54996One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Skillful Hessonite
81Crafted Multiple Stats Gem
Skillful Tiger Opal
87Crafted Multiple Stats Gem
Skins of Subterfuge
158Legs Sabotage Leather
Skirmisher's Advantage
Artifact Power
110 Other
Skirmisher's Cover
39Head Leather
Skittering Badge
399Trinket Trinket
Skittering Emblem
399Trinket Trinket
Skittering Relic
399Trinket Trinket
Skittering Sigil
399Trinket Trinket
Skitterweb Glovelettes
13Hands Deeper into Darkness Cloth
Skoldiir Bracers
810101Wrists Plate
Skoldiir Breastplate
810101Chest Plate
Skoldiir Gauntlets
810101Hands Plate
Skoldiir Helm
810101Head Plate
Skoldiir Legguards
810101Legs Plate
Skoldiir Sabatons
810101Feet Plate
Skoldiir Shoulderguards
810101Shoulders Plate
Skoldiir Waistplate
810101Waist Plate
Skom Bracers
13869WristsLooted, Gathered Mail
Skom Chain Vest
13869ChestLooted Mail
Skom Gloves
13869HandsLooted Mail
Skom Greaves
13869FeetLooted Mail
Skom Helm
13869HeadLooted Mail
Skom Leggings
13869LegsLooted Mail
Skom Spaulders
13869ShouldersLooted Mail
Skom Stitched-Belt
13869WaistLooted Mail
Skorn's Hammer
12One Hand The Demon Scarred Cloak One-handed Mace
Skorn's Rifle
12Ranged The Demon Scarred Cloak Gun
Skovald's Betrayal
650 Fel Relic
Skulk Rock Belt
32Waist Prime Slime Plate
Skull Carrier
318Off HandQuest Shield
Skull Carrier
318Off HandQuest Shield
Skull Kickers
44Feet Leather
Skull of Embrace
Champion Equipment
1 Other
Skull of Impending Doom
41Off Hand Off Hand
Skull Ring
25Finger Finger
Skull Rock Belt
12Waist Skull Rock Plate
20Two Hand Two-handed Axe