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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Boots of Brill
9Feet The Grasp Weakens Leather
Boots of Changing Fortune
2Feet Consort of the Sea Witch Cloth
Boots of Courage
9Feet Evil from the Seas Leather
Boots of the Blameless
2Feet Give 'em What-For Mail
Boots of the Weary Raider
9Feet It's Raid Night Every Night Leather
1 Quest
Borak's Lockbox
1 Quest
Borderlands Bracers
2WristsQuest Leather
Borean Armor Kit
8070Crafted Item Enhancement
Borean Leather
70Crafted, Created, Looted, Skinned Leather
Borean Leather Scraps
70Looted, Skinned Leather
Borean Man O' War
70Fished Cooking
Borgal's Flamebinder Totem
1 Quest
Borgal's Totem
1Looted Quest
Borgal's Waterbinder Totem
1 Quest
Borgal's Windbinder Totem
1 Quest
Borrowed Egg Basket
1Off Hand Off Hand
Borrowed Tabard
1 Quest
Borrowed Tabard
1 Clean Laundry Quest
Boss Grog'ak's Head
1 Boss Grog'ak Quest
Bossi's Spare Parts
1 Quest
Botani Bloom
92Looted Quest
Botani Bloom
92Looted Quest
Botanist's Field Guide
1 Quest
Bottle of Dalaran Noir
1Looted, Quest, Vendor Food & Drink
Bottle of Dalaran Red
70Vendor Consumable
Bottle of Dalaran White
70Vendor Consumable
Bottle of Disease
1 Quest
Bottle of Grog
1Vendor Quest
Bottle of Grog
1Vendor Quest
Bottle of Leeches
1 Quest
Bottle of Moonshine
1Vendor Quest
Bottle of Silvermoon Port
15Vendor Food & Drink
Bottle of Whiskey
1 Bottle of Whiskey Quest
Bottle of Wildfire
1 Potion of Wildfire Quest
Bottle of Zombie Juice
1 Quest
Bottled Alterac Spring Water
5555Vendor Consumable
Bottled Bileberry Brew
1 Quest
Bottled Nethergon Energy
6855Looted Potion
Bottled Nethergon Vapor
6555Looted Potion
Bottled Windstorm
1Looted Quest
Bottled Winterspring Water
3535Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Bottom Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet
1 King's Coffer Quest
Bottom of Gelkak's Key
1 Quest
Bottom Shard of the Arcatraz Key
1Looted Quest
Bottomless Potion of Brawler's Cunning
9090 Potion
Bottomless Potion of Brawler's Deftness
9090 Potion
Bottomless Potion of Brawler's Might
9090 Potion
1Created, Looted Quest
Bouldercrag's Bomb
1 Quest
Bouldercrag's War Horn
1 Quest
Boulderfist Key
1Looted Quest
Boulderfist Plans
1 Boulderfist Hunter Junk
1 Quest
Boulderslide Cheese
1Looted Quest
Bouncy Ball
1Created Quest
Bound Harness
11Chest Leather
Bound Traveler's Scroll
1 Junk
Bountiful Basket
1Vendor Other
Bountiful Feast
60Created Food & Drink
Bounty Hunter's Cage
1 Quest
Bounty of the Harvest
1 None
Bouquet of Black Roses
60Off HandVendor Off Hand
Bouquet of Orange Marigolds
30Off HandVendor Off Hand
Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias
23Off Hand An Unwelcome Guest Off Hand
Bouquet of White Roses
50Off HandVendor Off Hand
Bow Tie
1Head Cosmetic
Bowels and Brains Bowl
7074 Quest
Bowels 'n' Brains
7575Vendor Food & Drink
Box o' Tricks
1 Quest
Box of Bombs
75Crafted Explosives
Box of Bugkill Fumigators
1 Quest
Box of Chocolates
1Vendor Junk
Box of Chocolates
1Quest Junk
Box of Crossbow Bolts
1 Quest
Box of Empty Vials
1 Junk
Box of Fresh Pies
1Created Holiday
Box of Goodies
47 Junk
Box of Ingots
1 Quest
Box of Mushrooms
1Looted Quest
Box of Overridden Excavationbots
1Vendor Consumable
Box of Overridden Excavationbots
1Vendor Consumable
Box of Parts
1 Quest
Box of Rations
1 Junk
Box of Spells
1 Junk
Box of Supplies
40 Junk
Box of Surveying Equipment
1 Box of Surveying Equipment Quest
Box of Woodcrafts
1Created Holiday
Bracer of the Nightly Raid
9Wrists It's Raid Night Every Night Mail
Bracers of Angular Momentum
5Wrists Down with Crushcog! Leather
Bracers of Earth Binding
1 Quest
Bracers of Rock Binding
1Unobtainable Quest
Bracers of the People's Militia
14Wrists Cloth
Bracers of the Queen's Gate
5Wrists By the Skin of His Teeth Mail
Brackwater Bracers
127WristsLooted Mail
Brackwater Cloak
138BackLooted Back
Brackwater Gauntlets
149HandsLooted Mail
Brackwater Girdle
149WaistLooted Mail
Braddok's Big Brain
1 Braddok Quest
Bragger's Gauntlets
2Hands Cutting Teeth Mail