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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Imported Bracers
12Wrists The Kodo's Return Cloth
Infantry Leggings
127LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Ironband Legguards
12Legs Protecting the Shipment Mail
Jealousy's Edge
12Two Hand What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway? Two-handed Axe
Jealousy's Edge
12Two Hand What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway? Two-handed Axe
Kargal's Breastplate
12Chest The Far Watch Offensive Mail
Kranal's Vest
12Chest Crossroads Caravan Pickup Leather
Leggings of Uncanny Courage
12Legs In Defense of the King's Lands Leather
Mankrik's Boar Slicer
12Two Hand Consumed by Hatred Two-handed Axe
Mankrik's Old Wedding Garments
12Chest Consumed by Hatred Cloth
Margene Repair Gloves
12Hands Dozercism Mail
Mossy Boots
12Feet Twice Removed Leather
Mountaineer's Belt
12Waist Bigger and Uglier Mail
Naga Scale Bracers
12Wrists Twice Removed Mail
Oil-Stained Leggings
12Legs Good-bye, Sweet Oil Mail
Old Dwarven Hammer
12Two Hand Heartfelt Appreciation Two-handed Mace
Oomlot Staff
12Two Hand Staff
Orbital Leggings
12Legs Escape Velocity Leather
Pale Skinner
127One Hand One-handed Sword
Pattern: Red Linen Vest
12Looted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Tailoring Pattern
Pigman Belt
12Waist The Far Watch Offensive Leather
Pioneer Trousers
127LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Pygmy Cloak
12Back Back
Quilboar Skin Gloves
12Hands Consumed by Hatred Leather
Recipe: Elixir of Minor Agility
12Looted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Alchemy Recipe
Red Linen Vest
127ChestCrafted Cloth
Reinforced Linen Cape
127BackCrafted Back
Restored Mennaran Mail
12Legs Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Mail
Rocket-Fuel Soaked Bracers
12Wrists Escape Velocity Cloth
Rugelfuss Bracers
12Wrists A Decisive Strike Mail
Runed Copper Gauntlets
127HandsCrafted Mail
Searing Bracers
12Wrists Skull Rock Leather
Shard-Covered Leggings
12LegsLooted, Quest Leather
Short Bastard Sword
127Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Sword
Silver Crossbow
12Ranged Crossbow
Skorn's Hammer
12One Hand The Demon Scarred Cloak One-handed Mace
Skorn's Rifle
12Ranged The Demon Scarred Cloak Gun
Skull Rock Belt
12Waist Skull Rock Mail
Sober Pup Wristbands
12Wrists Steel Thunder Cloth
Staff of Dubious Pacts
12Two Hand Staff
Staff of the Unwelcome
12Two Hand Message for Garrosh Staff
Standard Issue Airborne Belt
12Waist Dozercism Cloth
Star Shooter
12Ranged Heartfelt Appreciation Wand
Steel Thunder Belt
12Waist Steel Thunder Mail
Stillpine Defender
12Off Hand The Prophecy of Akida Shield
Stillpine Stinger
12Ranged The Prophecy of Akida Wand
Stone Stompers
12Feet In Defense of the King's Lands Mail
Stonesplinter Staff
12Two Hand In Defense of the King's Lands Staff
Suppository Preventors
12Legs It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It Cloth
Thornweaver Leggings
12Legs The Far Watch Offensive Cloth
Tightly Cinched Belt
12Waist Westfall Stew Mail
Togrik's Legguards
12Legs The Tortusk Takedown Mail
Tribal Pants
127LegsLooted Leather
Trogg-Slayer Boots
12Feet Bigger and Uglier Cloth
Troll Handler Gloves
12Hands Report to Captain Helios Cloth
Unbound Leggings
12Legs A Decisive Strike Cloth
Uncovered Breastplate
12Chest Heartfelt Appreciation Leather
Wand of Separation
12Ranged The Tortusk Takedown Wand
War Torn Shield
127Off HandLooted Shield
Yngwie's Vest
12Chest Leather
A Talking Head
1212 Quest
Ancestral Gloves
127HandsLooted Cloth
Apprentice Sash
12Waist Cloth
Barbaric Cloth Bracers
127WristsLooted Cloth
Barbaric Cloth Cloak
127BackLooted Back
Battle Chain Boots
127FeetLooted Mail
Black Bear Hide Vest
127Chest Leather
Bogling Root
12 Bogling Other
Bone Buckler
12Off Hand Shield
Brackwater Bracers
127WristsLooted Mail
Broken Wine Bottle
127One Hand One-handed Mace
Burnt Hide Bracers
12Wrists Leather
Cadet Belt
127WaistLooted, Fished Mail
Cadet Bracers
127WristsLooted, Fished Mail
Ceremonial Cloak
127BackLooted Back
Ceremonial Knife
12One Hand Dagger
Country Pumpkin
12Vendor Food & Drink
Crude Scope
125Crafted, Looted Devices
Cushioned Boots
12Feet Leather
Elixir of Minor Agility
122Crafted Elixir
Elixir of Minor Fortitude
122Crafted Elixir
Goretusk Liver
12Looted, Vendor Cooking
Grimoire of Phase Shift
1212 Book
Gypsy Bands
127WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Gypsy Sandals
127FeetLooted, Fished Leather
Gypsy Sash
127WaistLooted, Fished Leather
Handsewn Cloak
12Back Back
Harvest Watcher Heart
1210 Harvest Watcher Quest
Hobo Surprise
12Vendor Food & Drink
Ice-Covered Bracers
127Wrists Leather
Ironwrought Bracers
12Wrists Tundra MacGrann's Stolen Stash Mail
Lace Pants
12Legs Cloth
Large Rope Net
122 Consumable
Melrache's Cape
127Back Back
Native Sash
127WaistLooted Cloth
Pattern: Blue Linen Vest
12Vendor Tailoring Pattern
Quilted Bracers
12Wrists Cloth
Red Crystal Pendant
129Looted Quest
Salma's Oven Mitts
12Hands Cloth
Simple Bands
127WristsLooted, Fished Cloth