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    This was mailed to characters that logged in during the  WoW's 12th Anniversary world event.

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    Login to your character.  For the duration of the event, characters that login earn the Feat of Strength achievement  WoW's 13th Anniversary.  You will also notice that you have mail, so head on over to a mailbox to pick up the  Anniversary Gift.


    Opening the gift box will give you 200  Timewarped Badge Celebration Package , and A Slightly More Urgent Letter from the Timewalkers.  The letter starts the quest Interesting Times, which will direct you to meet, depending on your faction, Historian Llore at the Royal Library in Stormwind City or Historian Ju'pa in the Valley of Spirits (bordering the Goblin Slums).


    Now that you've met up with your local Timewalker, you'll immediately notice that they are offering a daily quest -- A Time to Reflect  -- to quiz you on your knowledge of Warcraft history.  If you are at least level 60, you'll also notice that they are offering a second daily quest, The Originals, but we'll get to that later.


    Historian Llore and Historian Ju'pa are not only quest givers, but also vendors offering goods for current and past Anniversary events.  Items that are new to this year's Anniversary event are the following:


    The sunglasses cost 200 Timewarped Badges (TWB), the Celebration Wands cost 25 each, and the costume costs 50.  Now if you recall, you got 200 TWB just by looting the gift box earlier, so use it to buy the sunglasses first.  You can work on buying the other items afterwards via the daily quest(s).



    This year's anniversary features the return of world bosses from the classic days of World of Warcraft:


    Remember that daily quest I mentioned we'd get back to?  This is it!  Pick it up now so that after you've killed Azuregos, Lord Kazzak, and a Nightmare Dragon, you can then turn "The Originals" in for 50 TWB and a hefty amount of experience (or 77g 60s at level 110).  Keep on reading for possible ways on how to reach your quest mobs!


    Azuregos: Easy enough for Horde players to travel to since he's not all that far from Orgrimmar.  Same with Taerar.  Alliance players can make use of the portal to Mount Hyjal at the Eastern Earthshrine in Stormwind City, but please note that you'll have to be at least level 80 to use it.


    Lord Kazzak: Both factions can make use of the Blasted Lands portals to reach him, assuming that you're level 58+.  Horde players can find theirs in the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar, while Alliance players can find theirs at the entryway of the Mage Tower in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind City.  And if Emeriss is up for the day, it doesn't take all that long to fly to Duskwood for either faction.  Need to return to your capital city, though?  Just head back to where you first came from.


    Lethon: Both factions can just use their  Dalaran Hearthstone and then take the neutral portal to the Dalaran Crater in Hillsbrad Foothills (don't worry about the fall damage; you won't die).  You must either be at least level 98 and have completed In the Blink of an Eye, or you can group with a friendly mage player that has learned  Portal: Dalaran - Broken Isles.


    Ysondre: Probably takes the most travel time to reach out of all the bosses for both factions.  Horde players can take a sanctuary-based portal to Thunder Bluff and then fly on their own to Dream Bough.  Alliance can use their  Hearthstone to return to Shrine of Seven Stars in Pandaria, take the portal to Dalaran in Northrend, and then use the portal to the Caverns of Time in the Violet Citadel.  (All of which is assuming you're either at least level 90 or had help from a mage friend.)


    • The quest "The Originals" is not required in order to fight the event bosses, but your character still must be level 60+ to receive loot.  (Only fair since they were raid bosses back in the day.)
    • Loot drops are determined by your class and sometimes even class specialization.  Not sure if your character is eligible?  Look the item up in the database to see what class/spec is required.
    • Azuregos and Lord Kazzak are always up, but the Nightmare Dragons are rotated through on a daily basis.  The rotation is: Taerar, Ysondre, Lethon, and then Emeriss.
    • No need to loot the corpse!  If you've won an item, it's directly deposited into your bags (or sent via mailbox if your inventory is full).
    • You can also use your  Seal of Broken Fate for an additional chance at loot.  If the roll fails, you'll receive a  Depleted Azsharan Seal.  (Previously rewarded some gold on fail, which was stealth hotfixed the same day the event began.)


    While most of their loot items were reused appearances from other items, there are some that were considered unique and never replaced when their respective sources were removed from the game.  This makes the bosses particularly desirable for transmogrification collectors.


    Please note that some loot is only available from a particular boss.  Additionally, the loot tables don't entirely match up with their classic counterparts.




    Edit:  Added mention of restriction for the sunglasses.

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    Prior to Patch 2.0.1, Lord Kazzak was an outdoor 40-player raid boss located in Blasted Lands.

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    This item was a possible quest reward from [DEPRECATED] Frostmaw.

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    Appeared in Azshara as part of the  WoW's 13th Anniversary world event.  For his history, see Wowpedia: Azuregos.


    Even in his watered-down form (in comparison to the original outdoor 40-man raid), this dragon is no cakewalk.


    • Avoid taking frost-based damage.  Doing so risks you being stunned for 2 seconds due to the boss' debuff aura.
    • If you are a mana-based class or spec, get out from under any Manastorm as quickly as you can.  Healers: Chances are that you'll find yourself out of mana for most of the fight because of this mechanic, so plan accordingly.
    • Don't stand in front of Azuregos unless you're the tank.  Do not stand behind the boss either unless you love being thwacked by his tail.  The safe(r) places are his flanks.
    • Every once in awhile, he'll cast Arcane Vacuum.  This ability will pull random people to him -- where all the good bad stuff is, naturally -- and wipes the aggro table.
    • Don't use your nuke ability if Azuregos' Reflection buff is up.  The percentage starts at 99% and decreases by 1% for each spell cast against him, so expect to give yourself some DoTs until the Reflection is burned through.
    • If you didn't die: Congratulations, minnow!
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    Sold by Historian Llore (A) /  Historian Ju'pa (H) as part of the  WoW's 13th Anniversary world event.

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    Sold by Historian Llore (A) /  Historian Ju'pa (H) as part of the  WoW's 13th Anniversary world event.

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    Sold by Historian Llore (A) /  Historian Ju'pa (H) as part of the  WoW's 13th Anniversary world event.


    Note: As with the other Celebration Wands, the target does not actually need to be in your party nor even belong to the same faction.

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    Sold by Historian Llore (A) /  Historian Ju'pa (H) as part of the  WoW's 13th Anniversary world event.


    Also, someone dun-goofed on the tooltip.  Currently says that it puts a "trogg" costume on you instead of "quilboar".


    Note: As with the other Celebration Wands, the target does not actually need to be in your party nor even belong to the same faction.

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    This item was dropped by Lord Kazzak in the Blasted Lands prior to the Burning Crusade expansion.  When Lord Kazzak was relocated to Hellfire Peninsula in Outland, Highlord Kruul offered the same loot table during the Dark Portal Opens pre-expansion world event.  It is no longer obtainable.

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    This achievement is rewarded for having logged in during the  WoW's 13th Anniversary world event.

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    Located in the forge area of Black Rook Hold, where Trelan Shieldbreaker patrols.  It is the third clue for Maiev's Trail.

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    Son of Goredome dropped an item of the same name ( Son of Goredome), which taught a battle pet.

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    Shortridge the Cloudrunner had been located at Talonrest in Stormheim during the Legion alpha.  At some point during beta, the story and quests tied to that subzone were either changed or removed entirely.  So unfortunately, this NPC did not make it to live.

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    Only offers to change your hearthstone location.

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