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    Cast on Pickles after he jumps on the  Fungal Brain.

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    The Pet Journal contains a typo.  The item is sold for 1000 x  Draenic Seeds, not 50.

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    The Pet Journal has a typo.  This pet is actually sold for 1000 x  Draenic Seeds not 50.

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    This enchant illusion is not usable by hunters, probably because their class weapons are bows, crossbows, and guns.

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    This NPC is a nod to Blizzard Employee Kevin Lee, who works as a level designer for the game.  From Wowpedia:

    • Lee joined Blizzard in 2010 and was involved in the creation of the Jade Forest.
    • Lee contributed to the Artcraft – Level Design Part 4 blog in October 2014, exploring the process of level design in creating Warlords of Draenor's new Nagrand zone.
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     Trophy Ring of Gordal will also count as completing the set.

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    Try going back to Rulkan to see if she re-offers the quest.  If not, try leaving the zone and re-entering (in case it's a phasing problem) or logging out and logging back in.  If none of those work, you will have to petition a GM for help.

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    The Toy Box allows players to store vanity items in a manner similar to companions and mounts, without requiring physical storage space. The Toy Box will accessible through the user interface, as part of what is currently the Mounts And Pets interface.  The Toy Box is account wide, so you will only need to acquire the pendant on one character that also has the Jewelcrafting profession.

    The toy does not require Jewelcrafting to use once learned.

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    As a side note as to why an unobtainable container is listed under the Contained In tab:  sometimes a player will not loot the container until muuuuuuuuuuuch later.  The item IDs for holiday containers usually change each year, but the possible loot it contains - under certain conditions - will be re-rolled by the game, and may sometimes contain an item new to one year that wasn't available the previous year.  This is what can create such an outlier in the data WoWDB Profiler records.

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    Killing a lava slime will apply a debuff to your character called  Lava Slimed which cancels out  Lava Burn that is applied whenever your character is in lava.  Lava Slimed lasts for 45 seconds, so you don't constantly have to worry about it falling off.

    The Massive Lava Slime is in the far back of the, um... channel? cove?  The  Marvelous Lava Diamond quest item is a guaranteed drop.

    It took under 10 kills of Lava Slime for me to loot three  Rough Lava Diamond.

    All in all, the most annoying part of the quest was the travel time.

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