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    (Easier to reply to myself than try get WoWDB to let me edit my old comment.)

    You actually still need to have acquired the MoP legendary cloak on at least one character.  Blizzard jumped the gun on that patch change, and they've not revisited it since.  I don't think we can expect to ever have them fix the problem that kept the anticipated patch change from working.

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    This item was provided for the obsolete quest Egg Freezing.  Oddly enough, abandoning the quest would not destroy the item, and as long as you traded the unique item to another character's inventory, you could acquire as many as you'd like.  It is also possible to list it on the Auction House.

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    I don't know what Blizz did, but last patch and forward has seen me 100% lose to VonFeasel's team with this set-up.  I'm beginning to think that I need to actually look at my rocket bot's breed now.

    Edit:  I finally just sat down and went through all my mechanical-family pets, as Mr. Pointy and Otto were the huge block points to completing the pet battle.  Here is the team and strategy that at last clinched my win.


    Pets - all Rare quality:

    • Fetish Shaman (Flame Breath, Immolate, Sear Magic)
    • Iron Starlette (Wind Up, Powerball, Supercharge)
    • Lifelike Mechanical Boar (Missile, Rebuild, Decoy)


    1. Fetish Shaman is up.  Use ability in slot 1.
    2. Cleanse the Whirlpool using ability in slot 3.
    3. Spam ability 1 until Syd's shield is depleted.
    4. Use ability 1 again.
    5. Cleanse.
    6. Spam ability 1 until Syd dies.  
    7. Spam Fetish Shaman's ability 1 until it dies to its racial.
    8. Iron Starlette is up.  Use ability in slot 1.  Use ability 2 for the speed increase.
    9. Spam ability 1 until Mr. Pointy dies.  Use ability 1, then ability 3, then ability 1 again.  Mr. Pointy gets murdered.
    10. Iron Starlette may or may not get off an attack before dying to Otto.  Use ability 1 anyway because why not.  I don't remember what I did differently here, but I think I used ability 1 twice before this pet died to Otto.
    11. Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar is up.  This is where you have to actually pay attention to the battle.
      • Be smart with the cool-downs. 
      • Do not use your heal on cool-down.  Getting in attacks is important.  I saved the first use of ability 2 until my frostboar was around middling HP.
      • Use Decoy only when Otto has its attack buff!  This is where the pain is and it's vital to block it.

    Probably not 100% win every time, but I plan to use it for now.

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    Not dependent upon your primary professions in order to "see" and loot it.

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    This NPC was the troll mage trainer that taught Teleport: Orgrimmar and Portal: Orgrimmar prior to the Cataclysm expansion.  He was located in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar. 

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    This item has an extremely low chance to be looted from fishing in open waters at the Darkmoon Isle.

    As the tooltip describes, the Darkmoon Faire world event must be active in order to use the item spell.  However, you are not restricted in what location you may summon the Shipwreck Debris fishing node.  (Although, you may want to take care anyway - other players can fish the node you summoned.)

    The Shipwreck Debris fishing node's loot table remains the same as well, e.g. players have reported looting  Sea Pony and  Great Sea Herring.

    The cap itself cannot be used for transmogrification nor have another helm's appearance transmogrified onto it.

    Finally, reading through Wowhead user comments for this item, it appears that having a lower fishing skill level greatly increases your chance at looting this item... though a few more recent comments suggest this may have been fixed so higher fishing skill level will not interfere with "seeing" the item and looting it?  I'm not sure.  If you have spent a while on your main trying to get the cap, it may yet be worthwhile to farm it an alt with low fishing skill level and attempt.

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    The complete guide for obtaining this mount may be found at its GameDetectives wiki article. http://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Lucid_Nightmare

    Huge props to the WoW Secret Finder community for solving this.

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    The complete guide for obtaining this mount may be found at its GameDetectives wiki article. http://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Lucid_Nightmare

    Huge props to the WoW Secret Finder community for solving this.

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    A WoW player and Twitch.tv streamer - itsskitz - prospected 20,000 empyrium and posted the results to /r/woweconomy. https://www.reddit.com/r/woweconomy/comments/70xxkt/mass_prospecting_20000_empyrium_ore_12_mil_worth/

    Video linked in thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0yvLYomjQs&t=25s

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    Although this item is back in the game, the associated quests remain removed.  See Dagun the Ravenous article on Wowpedia for more info.

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    Briefly (7 seconds!) shapeshifts your character to look like the main Blight Boar attraction, Devlynn Styx.  You will also hear her trademark "scream into microphone."  Moving or using any ability will interrupt this effect.  Fortunately, the toy has a short cool-down of 2 minutes.

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     [PH] Orc Microphone is the other item that was datamined at the same time as [PH] Troll Guitar.  They've never been available in-game.

    This is especially sad for this item.  It has an awesome model.

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    Not available to players. [PH] = placeholder.  This can mean a few things: the name may change, the item is a test item for devs (stat apportionment, use effect, whatever), or a test item for players to use on test realms while the actual item which will appear in game is being worked upon.

    It is a shame that this never saw light of day.  It and  [PH] Troll Guitar would be amazing to wear.

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    The screenshot doesn't show it well, but this NPC is massive in size.  Also, if you want to go looking for his voice-over sound files: his name is misspelled as "Haydrius" in the filenames.

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    Theldurin the Lost is one of the special helper NPCs that has a chance to spawn when a player enters the area of Sethria's Roost while on the daily quest The Protectors of Hyjal. His ground mount is the  Black Ram (from when epic mounts did not have armor!) and his flying mount is the  Ebon Gryphon.

    He will sometimes say the following:

    Heeeeere's... Theldurin!

    In Combat
    Look out Ragnaros! You're next!
    Too bad for you... I brought my fists with me!
    Take that, dangerous enemy!

    Wait until the guys hear about this!

    I am very pleased to see Theldurin getting so much attention in Cataclysm. He was among my favorite NPCs in vanilla.

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