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    posted a message on Bring Home the Beacon

    Probably a play on the figure of speech, "Bring home the bacon."

    Anyway, your character can move while channeling the quest item's spell.  Just be mindful that movement speed is much slower than normal, so be ready to cancel the channeling if you need to get out of the path of a sentry in a hurry.

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    posted a message on The Fruit of Our Efforts

    There is no difference between the quest rewards.  They are all standard alcohol.  Pick whichever one suits your roleplay fancy (they all vendor for the same amount of gold).

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    posted a message on Breaking the Seal

    The trick to this quest is aligning both the wide, blue beam and the thin, violet beam onto the same seal.  Once a seal has both beams' input, the seal becomes interactable and thus allows you to break it.  Breaking a seal causes a Moonfall Stalker to drop down from the ceiling to attack you.

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    posted a message on Rainbow Generator

    No longer available as an equipable item.  See  Rainbow Generator.

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    posted a message on Boon of the Zookeeper

    See  Pile of Pet Goodies.

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    posted a message on Suramarian Sapphire

    It is offered for sale for 500x Ancient Mana by Nightfallen "Sundries Merchant".  The item is not Bind on Pick-up and does not require that your character have the associated quest in order to see & purchase it from the vendor.

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    posted a message on Shipwrecked Captive

    Accessible via  Sternfathom's Pet Journal toy.  It may only be used in Azsuna.

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    posted a message on Take Them in Claw

    If you are like me and encounter a problem using the quest item:  Try using it directly from your inventory rather than the shortcut under the tracked Quests on your screen.

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    posted a message on General Rajaxx

    This boss' room is very handy for quickly grinding reputation with  Brood of Nozdormu.  See my comment on that page.

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    posted a message on Brood of Nozdormu

    As an additional note (as someone who has farmed this faction's reputation to Exalted):


    • Save the insignias for when you reach the point that only boss kills are rewarding reputation.  See below if you are a class that can drop from combat (mage, hunter, rogue) or have a racial ability that does the same (night elf, I think).
    • There is a nifty trick to quickly farming reputation from mobs in Ruins of Ahn'qiraj.  I do recommend finding something to listen to in the background since you'll have to wait for your ability to come off cool-down.  There is a boss in Ruins of Ahn'qiraj called General Rajaxx that has several groups of trash mobs and a few named mobs that essentially form a ring within his room.  Be careful about pulling the groups that are closest to boss - you don't want to aggro him just yet.  Aggro those trash mobs and pull them away from the boss so you may safely AoE them to death.  Loot them (occasionally a nice transmog item may be found, if memory serves me).  Now go back to the boss and proximity pull him, and keep pulling him until you are outside his room.  Drop from combat to reset him.  He will respawn along with the all the trash mobs.  Profit!
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    posted a message on Hunting Lesson: Erudite Manafiend

    If you think you are going crazy trying to find Erudite Manafiend, here is your (and my) problem:  Erudite Manafiends only spawn during Azeroth's daylight.  At night, the spawns switch to Eldritch Manafiends.


    Anyway, Bloodgazer Hatchling must be the pet that kills the Erudite Manafiend or be the front-row pet when the Erudite Manafiend is captured.  If the hatchling dies later in the fight (after defeating the manafiend), you will still receive credit if the rest of your team defeats the remaining pets.  You cannot defeat the manafiend and then forfeit.

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    posted a message on A Different Source

    The Fel Deconstructor drops from the Abhorrent Artificer standing near fel cannons.  The drop rate sucks though, which is why it took me so long to figure out what the crap I was supposed to be doing for this quest.

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    posted a message on Orphaned Bloodgazer

    This is a neutral, unattackable mob that appears only while Bloodgazer Swarm! world quest is active.  You need  Azsunian Grapes in your inventory in order to acquire it as a battle pet,  Bloodgazer Hatchling.  The closest vendor that sells the food is Nalysse Dawnsorrow.

    Edit: How interesting.  The grapes are not consumed by this process, so you can sell them back to a vendor and recoup a bit of the purchase cost.  Also, you are restricted to owning just one.

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    posted a message on Cling to Hope

    Noressa says: I was so certain he was dead...
    (Noressa sobs.)
    Noressa quickly glances over the letter.
    Noressa says: Oh, Absolon...
    Noressa says: Thank you. I will hold his words in my heart.

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