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    The following text may be read upon interacting with the scale model:

    <Written on a nearby piece of paper:

    We have uncovered Gorgorek the Worldrender, an ancient magnaron frozen in the stone pools of Gorgrond.

    The Warsong elders believe this magnaron was a once-powerful alpha, with the ability to command lesser beings of its own kind.

    Ancient clan records suggest that the beast can be awakened.>

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    Research and engineering efforts must be doubled at the Iron Siegeworks in Frostfire Ridge. Do so with any means necessary. With superior technology, the Iron Horde can crush any foe.

    -- Warchief Grommash Hellscream

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  • posted a message on Hildelve's Journal

    Page 1
    Day 1

    My tank is broken, but I know the chiron ore is in these hills somewhere.  I told Hammerfoot to stay and watch our tanks.

    I'm continuing the search alone.  If I don't make it back, then this journal is my last testament.

    --Buron Hildelve, Pilot
    Ironforge Steam Brigade

    Page 2
    Day 2

    My search continues, and no ore.  I'm wondering if Stonegear was just making up the rumor of that ore as a joke.  Well if he did then he's getting a cracked skull when I get back to Steelgrill's Depot!

    Tonight as I prepared my camp, I heard a growl echoing through the canyons.

    It isn't a wolf.  It may be a bear.

    Page 3
    Day 3

    That growling continued throughout the night, and followed me all today, distracting me from my hunt for ore.  I think there's a bear following me!

    I hope he comes close.  I'll bury my pick into his head!

    Page 4
    Day 4

    My supplies are running low.  I still have plenty of food, but I didn't plan for such a long stay in the wilds outside my tank and I only brought two kegs of ale with me.

    I've been up all night the past two nights, listening to that cursed growling, and I've nearly drained my kegs dry!

    I'll have to head back to Hammerfoot and our Steam Tanks tomorrow.  I don't want to get lost out here, booze-less.

    Page 5
    Day 5

    The cursed bear did me in!  It attacked me at midday, roaring and charging at me from behind.

    I would have smelled it coming had it charged from upwind - its stench was something awful!  The reek of its mangy coat and rotted breath alone nearly sent me spinning!

    I fought the thing off but it chewed my leg up good.  Now I can't move, my ale's gone, and I never did find that ore.  Curses!

    Page 6
    Day 6

    The bear hasn't yet returned - I must have given him a good beating!  But I can still hear his growling.  I think he's waiting for me to die!

    To whomever finds this book, I have a task for you.  Kill that mangy bear.  Kill it, and take this book back to my friend Hammerfoot.  He'll want to know what happened.

    And take my armor.  You'll need it against old Mangeclaw!

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  • posted a message on Outpost Building Assembly Notes

    If I understand your question, then:

    Check the offerings of the blueprints vendor in your Town Hall.  Rezlak if you are Horde, Sparz Boltwist if you are Alliance.  The vendor has all blueprints, but depending on your level (shouldn't be an issue since you seem to be level 100) and/or what achievements you have earned, you can buy additional blueprints for buildings.  You should already have learned all level 1 blueprints from  Book of Garrison Blueprints, so you already start building a level 1 Barn.

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  • posted a message on Garrison Flaskataur, Esq.

    Flaskataur is generally a beta- or PTR-only NPC provided for players' convenience in testing the game.

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  • posted a message on Spires of Arak Mission Orders

    The arakkoa are a powerful ally and a dangerous foe. Through persuasion or force - it matters not which - we must subdue and subvert their magic.

    -- Warlord Grommash Hellscream

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    This version of the formula is no longer obtainable.  However, it may still be possible to buy it from another player who held on to the recipe.

    For the version that can still be looted (although it is Bind on Pickup), see  Formula: Enchant Gloves - Herbalism.

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    This scenario is only open to warlocks who are on the Patch 5.2 class quest chain.

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    Formerly Cap'n Placeholder.  His weapon of choice is  Placeholder, Blessed Holder of Places.

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