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    This is a fun item.  The "TWEET!" really is attention-getting.  For a brief period of time, the item was favored by PvP-ers because the 'startling' effect would break other players' stealth.  (Blizzard hotfixed this, naturally.)

    Using the whistle will cause players and NPCs to react; NPCs will also briefly turn to face the user.

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    The immediate threat from Urgolax is his  Devastating Arc.  It is a channeled cast with a ground area indicator to show where the ability will hit, so it isn't too difficult to avoid.

    The subtler threat is his ability to summon a quilen minion.  Take the time to kill it or you may end up trying to fend off multiple quilen despite their 30-second duration.

    The fight does have a soft enrage timer if you are not a class that can dispel his stacking  Titanic Strength.

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    Indeed.  I've found the most taxing part of the fight is avoiding nearby mobs, especially when fighting them at the appropriate player level for the zone.

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    Carved Ogre Idol is a World of Warcraft: TCG item that was obtainable by collecting and using UDE (Upper Deck Entertainment) Points.  UDE lost the license to create and sell cards for the WoW TCG in 2010 - Cryptozoic acquired the license later on - so the only possible means of procuring the item is to buy it.  This is not for the faint of heart; the rarity of the loot card makes it worth hundreds of dollars.

    For more information, see Carved Ogre Idol on and

    For redeeming the 25-digit code, visit the WoW Promotion page.  Follow its instructions and use the new, in-game code with Landro Longshot.

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    Theramore's Tabard will be converted to  Mini Mana Bomb should the character change its faction to Horde.

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    The Mini Mana Bomb is a permanent item that was a Horde-only loot reward from the level 85  Theramore's Fall scenario.  If the character faction changes to Alliance, the item will convert to  Theramore Tabard.

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    In Warlords of Draenor, this item will be added to the new Toy Box feature and no longer take up a bag slot.  You will be able to "use" the item straight from the Toy Box interface. 

    The Toy Box will be account-wide and therefore so will this item.

    Jaina's Locket is one of the five items that are (a smidge indirectly) awarded from completing  Shadowmourne's quest line.

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    Completion of this quest will make your character eligible to purchase  Iron Boot Flask from Rork.

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    Completion of this quest will make your character eligible to purchase  Iron Boot Flask from Olut.

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    To be eligible to purchase Iron Boot Flask (see Sold By tab for vendors and price), you must complete Ancient Relics (A) / Ancient Relics (H).

    Iron Boot Flask is required for earning the achievements  But I'm On Your Side (10 player) and  But I'm On Your Side (25 player).

    The item effect counts as a shapeshift, so you will not be able to mount while under its effect.   Electric Discharge has a chance to proc while shapeshifted.

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