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    This item was looted by a player who was in the middle of looting mob corpses when his/her server crashed.[1][2]  According to an old database listing, the original use was (generally) "summon a brown horse or release it."  (The actual text is in German.  "Benutzen: Beschwört ein reitbares braunes Pferd oder gibt es wieder frei."[3] I'm certain there is context that all the software translations I tried left out.)

    In my opinion, this was likely a datamined item that wasn't nor intended to ever be available in the game. The item ID is very low and a lot of developer spells, items, etc. are found in very old data. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a leftover from vanilla beta.

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    NPC ID for version of Drek'Thar that assists the Horde player on the chain for freeing Gordawg.

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    Cast by Farseer Drek'Thar.

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    Contained in  Big Crate of Salvage.  Cannot be obtained from any other source (excluding a player trading it to another player).

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    Consumed on use.  It grants one segment of rested experience, hence why it is ineffective above level 99.  (Current maximum level is 100, and I imagine Blizzard doesn't want players hoarding the item for the next expansion pack.)

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    Painter Mikkal says: Ah, traveler, did you expect more from a humble artist? A trinket perhaps? Coin, or a keepsake?

    Painter Mikkal says: Just look in front of you. The true treasure is the beauty of this moment.

    (after you loot the chest)

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    I bet she reads whump fanfiction.  (This will make sense to you if you've read her gossip gext, trust me.)

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    See Ursal the Mauler.

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    See Ursal the Mauler.

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    You can't imagine how surprised I was to receive the recipe book! Everything you included is just as I remember from home. I can't wait to try out the new recipes.

    When you have some time, you should come visit me in Darnassus. I'll even cook for you!

    Your friend,Aquinne

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