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    This item can be obtained from Shawn.

    Shawn is located in Outland Nagrand on a large floating island southeast of Forge Camp Fear's symbol on the zone map.  If you simply interact with him, there are no chat options.  You must target the NPC and use the /wave emote.  Shawn will wave back, signalling you've opened up the way to chat with him.

    Roleplay like you are the person he is waiting for, answer in the affirmative, and the ring will appear in your inventory.  (You also make him a happy man in the process.)

    Shawn is the name of a security engineer for Blizzard Entertainment.  Both the NPC and the ring are references to him and his marriage proposal to his now-fiancée. (Source)


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    See Meridith the Mermaiden's article on Wowpedia.

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    This item was sold in limited quantity by Lhara prior to Patch 4.3's revamp of Darkmoon Faire.

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    This was sold in limited quantity by Lhara prior to Darkmoon Faire's revamp in Patch 4.3.

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    I just bought this recipe for almost 40K gold, so there is hope, fellow collectors!

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    Now available again with Legion.

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    The Quests list will guide you to a room in the western outskirt of Suramar.  It took me a few moments to realize it, but what you are actually being guided to is the Teleportation Orb in that room.  Click the orb, and you will arrive at your destination.  The quest item becomes a special action button on your screen, too.

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    The quest can be picked up after a successful arena or battleground.  (Don't derp and try to do the quest while in a raid.)

    The Alliance vendor is Marshal Frazer.  The Horde vendor is Violet Shadowmend.  Both are located in Dalaran (Broken Isles).

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    Just in case you didn't see it in the Quick Info box at top-right:  This item's appearance cannot be used for transmogrification.

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    Kzixx is located along the northeast road that leads into Redridge Mountains.  Just follow that road and you will see the goblin next to a cart and Watcher Callahan.  (As a note: although Callahan is flagged Hostile to Horde characters, he will not aggro unless attacked.)

    He sells some limited-quantity items that operate on a "spawn" timer.  You may have to camp him if he isn't selling the rare item that you seek to acquire for yourself (or for sale on the Auction House).  Important note:  Killing him - which is possible if you toggle "At War" with Booty Bay faction - will not reset his inventory.

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    Watcher Callahan is a member of The Night Watch, and is standing next to the goblin vendor, Kzixx.  He is Hostile to Horde, but will not aggro unless attacked.

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    All except four of the fragments are in Lower Karazhan.  The fifth fragment, Menagerie, is in Upper Karazhan in the same room as The Curator.

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    The boss this quest requires killed is in Upper Karazhan dungeon instance.

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    The outcome of the quest is the same regardless of the option you choose.  Do whatever RP option you prefer.

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    If you can't find the NPC that completes the quest... check to see if Altruis (or Kayn) is your bodyguard or out on a mission.  Unassign if a bodyguard, otherwise you'll have to wait for their mission to complete.

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