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    Teremus the Devourer isn't living so large this days.  He was originally a vanilla world boss prior to his level and type change in Cataclysm.  Before the introduction of the leashing mechanic for mobs, players would sometimes go to the effort of kiting Teremus to Stormwind in order to grief other players.  (Teremus had an AoE health leech ability that scaled in power according the number of players and guard NPCs in combat with him.)  The only way to get rid of the drake was a realm restart or a GM entering the game and killing him.

    He is now a level 57-58 rare.  His loot table was adjusted to reflect his reduction in difficulty.

    For players who are phased to the Warlords of Draenor version of Blasted Lands, they first will need to speak with Zidormi in order to access this rare; Teremus only spawns in the pre-WoD Blasted Lands.

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    This tier of the Enchanter's Study allows you to assign a follower with the Enchanting trait to work at the building.  For most players, their first follower that has the trait will be Ahm.

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    Assigning Ahm to a level 2 or above to work at the Enchanter's Study has the following benefits:

    • Increased output from completed enchanting work orders.
    • Access to Ahm as a vendor for weapon illusions.
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    Personally, I found it easier to complete after I enabled ffxGlow (I nearly always play with the variable set to disabled) because the colors normalized and I could see skulls that previously were nigh indistinguishable.  Still, it seems that disabling ffxGlow has helped many players, so if you're having difficulties completing the quest then try this option.

    As an aside:  This quest sucked.  I think a quest designer was enamored of the concept and didn't really think through what actual gameplay would feel like to players. :|

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    The systems patch for Warlords of Draenor made many changes.  This guide was written before the stat squish that makes high level characters flatten creatures in older content.  You probably won't need to manage your Runic Power nearly so much.


    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EVERYONE: Do not get Onyxia down to 1hp while she's in the air. It has a good chance of bugging the encounter (becomes unkillable).

    Soloed 10-man Normal Onyxia as a Blood Death Knight. (image:snapshot of Armory) (calculator:talents and glyphs)

    The trickiest part of fighting Onyxia is during her air phase. A DK has only two truly ranged attacks -  Icy Touch and  Death Coil.  Outbreak (ranged but doesn't do direct damage) is helpful for getting the  Blood Plague DoT applied as well as  Frost Fever, but it's harder to do because Onyxia is only in range of it when she's near a wall. Do your best to keep Frost Fever ticking on the dragon, but be mindful of your available runes since you will be using  Death Strike a lot.

    Use your DPS cool-downs at or shortly after initiating the fight. It's best to push her as low as possible before she gets into the air.

    Kill the wyrmkin soldiers but leave the whelplings alive. Kill whelplings as needed to maintain your DS absorb and gain runic power. Use the runic power to cast Death Coil at the boss.

    Follow Onyxia around as best you can, using  Anti-Magic Shell when off CD to absorb her fireball and gain more runic regeneration.

    Kill the adds that remain just before or as she lands back on the ground. Particularly important if you don't have an item or ability (you DO have Lichborne as a talent, right...?) that breaks fear.

    DPS her until she dies. Collect loot. /crossedfingers

    Edit: Looted the Reins approximately on my 33rd kill. Don't give up, people!

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    Drinking from Mystery Keg will randomly cast one of seven spells on your character.

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