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    posted a message on Darkmoon Tincture of Flexibility

    Only works up through player character level 109.  Attempting to use it on a level 110 character generates an error message ("Target is too high level").  If you mouse over the spell here on WoWDB, though, you will see the level restriction on the spell cast by quaffing the elixir.

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    posted a message on Strike Them Down

    Another good location to farm the kills is Garrison of the Fel (where the Imp Mother elite spawns).  The Felfire Imp spawn in groups of three to four and are weak mobs.  They also have a really good spawn rate.

    Edit:  Or any location in The Broken Shore where an imp mother elite spawns.  Granted, an imp mother has to be up, but realm-hopping can work around it.

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    posted a message on Trophy of the Crusade

    If you get these on a demon hunter or monk, simply vendor them for the 50 gold apiece.  They are only usable at vendors by classes that were available at the time of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

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    posted a message on Ending Treasure Chest

    Created by  Never Ending Toy Chest.

    Edit:  Just in case my comment does not make it obvious, this object is spawned by a toy that players can use pretty much anywhere in the game.  Do not try to locate it using the above map, and ignore all the instance difficulty filters under the Contains tab.

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    posted a message on Shoe Shine Kit

    The bug preventing Sheddle's Chest from being interacted with by players - or sometimes even preventing its spawn - is fixed with Patch 7.2.5.  At midnight Pacific (GMT-8), Sheddle Glossgleam will leave his area in the upper floor of the Legerdemain Lounge and come to the downstairs bar to grab a drink from the bar.  The chest spawns roughly as he is leaving his usual spot.

    The chest does not despawn when looted, so more than one player can get this toy.  I couldn't time it exactly because I couldn't see the chest anymore (since I looted it), but it seems to despawn roughly five minutes later.  I forgot to take a screenshot, unfortunately, but I can tell you that the chest itself is small and fairly non-descript.  It spawns to the right of the chair - left if you are sitting in it - that the player may sit down in and get a shoeshine from Sheddle.

    I am pleased to also report that you can, in fact, shine another player's shoes and give them sparkling clean feet!  You must have the other player targeted, or else you end up shining your own shoes.  You do not need to be grouped with them, or even be the same faction. :)

    The tracking quest is Shoe Shine Kit Tracking Quest.  Here is a script that will check if the 'quest' has been completed on that character.

    /run for k, v in pairs({Shoe Shine Kit = 47964}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cff00ff00Done\124r" or "\124cffff0000Not Done\124r")) end

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    posted a message on Oshu'gun Crystal Fragment

    There is no real point to hanging on to this item once your character is exalted with The Consortium.  It is only used for a reputation quest (and its daily quest version).

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    posted a message on The Chosen

    This achievement stands a good chance of being removed by Legion's conclusion.  From @WarcraftDevs (source): ""The Chosen" will likely go away eventually, possibly when the Legion expansion ends, but we don't plan to end it in the very near future."

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    posted a message on Take Out the Head...

    "Perfidious."  I do not believe that I've seen that word used in a long while.  Writers for MMO games must keep Merriam-Webster in business, haha.

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    posted a message on Relieved of Their Valuables

    It appears that Blizzard quietly hotfixed the spawn timer of wyrmtongue caches the same day this quest became available.  The caches spawn in waves about every 15-20 minutes, down from close to an hour.  The locations remain chosen at random from among valid spawn points.

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    posted a message on Intolerable Infestation

    Either one works, really.  I am a terrible aim with anything projectile, so I didn't opt for shooting bats out of the sky.

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    posted a message on Leystone Basilisk

    It is possible to spawn a second Leystone Basilisk from mining the previous Leystone Basilisk spawn (from mining an ore node).

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    posted a message on Nightwatch Swooper

    An indicator in the tooltip would definitely be appropriate here.  Perhaps if it was labeled Unique?  (But I agree that it would be much better to get the functionality fixed instead.)

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    posted a message on An Unclear Path

    My own recording of the cinematic.



    Two things about it stuck out to me:


    1.  As a person with a twin:  Cenarius can go **** himself.  So can Malfurion.  The sibling rule of "only I am allowed to insult and otherwise torture annoy my brother/sister" applies.  Also, I always have and always will hate being used as an emotional weapon against my twin, and can't believe that Malfurion did not proffer at least a token objection.  It is cute at a very young age to dress and treat twins like duplicates, but twins (or multiples in general) want to be recognized for their individuality as a person.  Few things sting as badly as being implicitly told that you are the inferior "copy" of the other.

    2. Why are Malfurion's eyes gold?  As seen and heard in the cinematic for Awakenings, there is a significant difference in eye-color between the Stormrage twins.  I went to Malfurion Stormrage's Wowpedia article but that was inconclusive.
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    posted a message on A Heavy Burden

    This is the scripted roleplay event involving the player and Havi for this quest.  Yes, the voice-acting is bad.  Alayea calls him "Lorewalker Havi."

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    posted a message on Draenor Dungeon Event

    This event was permanently removed from rotation with the conclusion of Warlords of Draenor.

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