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    This item replaced  Protective Field Gloves in Patch 6.1.0.

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    Protective Field Gloves was removed in Patch 6.1.0 as one of the possible quest rewards of Catch and Release.  It was replaced with  Protective Field Grips.

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    Tribal Worg Helm dropped from Fenros prior to Cataclysm.  It was made obtainable again through the (level 3) Salvage Yard in Warlords of Draenor.

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    Cloaked Hood was made unobtainable in Cataclysm when the mob's loot table was changed.  It is now newly-collectible from the Level 3 Salvage Yard's  Big Crate of Salvage.

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    Cymre Brightblade's pets all have massive healing output.

    Her pets are Idol of Decay (undead), Wishbright Lantern (magic), and Gyrexle, the Eternal Mechanic (mechanical).

    I finally defeated the encounter with an H/H  Anubisath Idol , a P/B rare  Infinite Whelpling , and a H/S  Pandaren Water Spirit.

    Use AI's Deflection first, then Sandstorm.  ALWAYS use these abilities as soon as they become available.  Use Crush as filler.  Try to time Idol of Decay's second death such that Sandstorm is available to use for the next opponent.

    I don't really have a guide for the lantern because its attack pattern is much more random (at least to me).  The only mandatory thing is overwriting the sunny weather as soon as possible, and trying to counteract its healing with Infinite Whelpling's Dark Flame while trying to keep your whelpling alive with Healing Flame AND dealing strong damage with Sleeping Gas.  This is the biggest RNG-dependent stage of the encounter, and I wish you luck.  (A breed with extra health would be more useful than the rare power breed I had on hand.)

    Hopefully, you've now moved on to the final opponent, the mechanical.  Sandstorm is useful, but the pet was low health and didn't last long after.  I finished up Gyrexle with Pandaren Water Spirit's Geyser and Whirlpool.

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    After completing the non-daily version of the quest, Aki the Chosen sends the player a letter with  Heavy Sack of Gold attached.

    From: Aki the Chosen
    Subject: Aki the Chosen
    I thought there was no way you could beat me.

    I heard whispers of your assent[sic] through the ranks of master tamers but I never thought you would make it this far.  You are truly a master now.  Take this gift as a sign of respect from both me and all the tamers you have defeated along the way.


    Aki the Chosen

    The sack contains 3,000 gold.

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    I concur with Alayea.  I could not solo with just Anubisath Idol, not even close.

    Edit: I see what happened here.  The ability Reflection was replaced with Deflection just a few months after Myrrmi posted.  Deflection only allows the pet to dodge (although the move always goes first).  Reflection was both a dodge and allowed the pet to mirror its opponent's attack.

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    It reads:

    Unidentified threats have attacked Peacekeeper 011 units in deepest caves of the Magnetic Chasm.  Initiate protocol 54.

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    Requires a Level 3 garrison.

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