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    Players gain access to this challenge card by completing the quest A Tale of Romance and Chivalry.

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    Chance to be looted from the container awarded from completing a random scenario.

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    You must have  Challenge Card: The Bear and the Lady Fair in your inventory and speak to a Brawler guard in order to fight this boss.

    "The Lady" is Argh, and the bear is Raaaargh.  Argh has approximately 11 million HP while "her" pet bear has about 25 million HP.  Obviously, focus on killing Argh.

    Argh stands atop a wooden platform.  Melee may reach her by using one of the three trampolines on the floor.  Bouncing on all three grants  Critical Bounce!, so if your DPS is lacking then take the time to acquire the buff.  You have about a second and a half on each trampoline before it launches you into the air, so take a moment to aim yourself at the next trampoline.

    You cannot stay on the tower and simply DPS down Argh.  She will  Slap you off and back into range of Rarrrrgh.

    Raaaargh is best handled through immobilization or stun abilities.  If you have the health pool and/or absorbs, you can pretty much ignore the bear, which is what I did as an ilvl 552 fire mage with 592.5K HP and Ice Barrier.  I only went on top of the tower once during the whole fight.

    Tips for mages:

    • Talents to take.  Presence of Mind is awesome in conjunction with Critical Bounce.  (Tier talents for 45 and 60 is up to personal choice.)
    • Once you are on the platform, summon your Mirror Images before you are knocked off.  Rarrrrgh will stay under the tower attacking them, leaving you a decent chunk of time to simply focus on Argh.
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    Which is a real shame.  I like the savannah feel of The Barrens - lions, zebras, giraffes, Chuck Norris...

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    Find Grandpa Grumplefloot in Kun-Lai Summit and use the emote /dance while targeting him.  The quest starting object will be deposited straight into your inventory.

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    Players gain access to this card by completing the quest A Knockoff Grumplefloot.

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    In order to challenge this boss, you must have  Challenge Card: Grandpa Grumplefloot in your inventory and speak to a Brawler guard.

    Blue Luckydo will heal your character for about 100K HP.

    Red Luckydo (cannot be damaged) = one-hit KO.  These will hop toward you every couple of seconds.

    At ~50% health, Grandpa Grumplefloot will summon white luckydo that will slowly hop towards you.  If they touch you (or you touch them), it is the same as touching a red luckdo.  These luckydo can be damaged, however, so kill as necessary.  Grandpa also will begin moving around instead of standing in place.

    If your DPS is high enough, simply standing right in front of the brawler boss and burning his health down is a viable strategy.  (I tore his face off with 237K as a fire mage.)

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    See obsolete quest The Siren's Coral.

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    Removed in the pre-patch for Cataclysm.  The quest series was for Mages only.

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    See obsolete quest Magic Dust.

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    Removed in the pre-patch for Cataclysm.  The quest series was for Mages only.

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    No longer available to players.  It was one of the possible quest rewards of the Mage-only Destroy Morphaz.

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    Removed in the pre-patch for Cataclysm.  The quest series was for Mages only.

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    Some more tips for players:

    • DO NOT ATTACK AHOO'RU before the fight begins.  He will heal back to full when he casts his  Divine Bulwark.  Don't waste your trinket/cloak/etc procs on him, save it for the first angel.
    • Pre-pot!  Buy a bottomless potion from Quackenbush (H) or Paul North (A).
    • Activate the first Avenging Angel as quickly as possible, then toss a few DoTs on it.  Activate the second angel as soon as you can, tossing DoTs on it while stopping DPS on the first.  Repeat for the third angel.
        • Because of the positioning requirement and timing - and RNG - it is not recommended to cause more than angel to Charge at a time.  I was very, very lucky in that I'd obliviously managed to stack the angels in pretty much the same spot!
    • Blow every last DPS CD that you have for Phase 2.  Don't use a GCD to regain HP unless you absolutely must.  Hopefully, your dps potion is or will shortly be off cool-down at this point.


    Specific tips for mages (I am specialized in Fire, avg ilvl 552, legendary cloak, 4P tier 16):

    • Ice Block will not protect you from the sparks of light traveling around the area. :(
    • Save your Blink for if/when you are surrounded by several sparks with no clear route to avoid them.  DO NOT USE BLINK JUST BEFORE PUSHING AHOO'RU INTO PHASE 2.
    • If you are in position, perform a full Invocation as the third angel is casting its charge.  You won't have the time to do this after Ahoo'ru's shield breaks. DO NOT CAST INVOCATION AGAIN EVEN IF IT FALLS OFF.  You'll be wasting precious seconds.
    • Cast  Mirror Image right before or as Ahoo'ru loses his shield and run away from them!  This way, he places  Divine Circle on the copies and you are safely at a distance to begin killing him as fast as possible.
    •  Time Warp god.
    •  Alter Time your very good friend.  For fire mages, have the Heating Up and Pyroblast! buffs on you for max effect.
    • For fire mages, get in a couple instant pyroblasts then cast Combustion.  The encounter is very closely timed, so saving Combustion is fairly pointless.
    • Blink out of Divine Circle.  /cheese
    • Ahoo'ru occasionally knocks back, so be ready to keep the dps steady by using an instant or castable-while-moving spell.

    My armory:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malfurion/aliok/advancedWoWDB

    Talent Calculator:  http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#LKqKb3LKrKbyRCNKbzApfi

    Best of luck!

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    The  Raptorhide Boxing Gloves are now a zone-wide drop from the Kor'kron in Northern Barrens (since Ravika was removed when 5.4 was introduced).

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