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    For the tenth anniversary celebration of World of Warcraft's launch, Molten Core will be available as a 40-man Raid Finder instance for max level characters.  Players will earn an achievement and  Core Hound Chain (mailed to your inbox) for killing the Firelord. (Source)

    Players are also guaranteed an item level 640 epic helm from Ragnaros.  An important note for collectors, role players, or transmogrification enthusiasts:  The model used by the helm is normally restricted to cloth and mail armor classes.  This is your only opportunity (for now, anyway) to acquire the beautiful model for your plate or leather armor classes.

    There is also a chance for players to loot a battle pet and an enchantment illusion.

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    Rage Winterchill is probably the deadliest of bosses to players who solo  Hyjal Summit.  His Death and Decay ability is percentage based, so no matter your level and equipped gear you will need to run out of it as quickly as possible.  The D&D affects a larger amount of area than is shown by the visual ground effect.  Also, save your break-out-of-stun spell or ability in case the boss casts Frost Nova right before casting D&D.

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    Kael'thas Sunstrider drops the sought-after mount,  Ashes of Al'ar.  It is widely considered by players to be among the most beautiful mounts in the game.  The very first player to own it received it as a gift from Blizzard Entertainment, among other things.  R.I.P. Ezra "Ephoenix" Chatterton. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    The other three bosses of Tempest Keep - Al'ar, Void Reaver, and High Astromancer Solarian - had battle pets added to their loot tables in Patch 5.3 (see related achievement  Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition);  Phoenix Hawk Hatchling,  Pocket Reaver, and  Lesser Voidcaller, respectively.

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    This achievement will become a Legacy achievement in Warlords of Draenor.  I wish it wasn't, though - I've been holding off on it because I'd need to somehow make room for storing the shirts. >.<!

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    In other words, you are not a "special snowflake"; you're not somehow more privileged, deserving, etc. of something.

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    From: Boss Bazzelflange
    Subject: Another Brawler's Pass

    You keep pumping out those wins down here at Brawl'gar!

    Here's another invitation.  Invite some of your friends to come join in the carnage.

    Or, you can just sell it to the highest bidder.  That's what I'd do.

    - Boss Bazzelflange

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    From: Boss Bazzelflange
    Subject: Brawler's Pass

    You've gathered quite a following down at Brawl'gar!  I'm kinda curious to see what your friends can do.

    Here's an invitation to give out.  Let's get some new blood in here!

    - Boss Bazzelflange

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    No longer available to players.  It was one of the possible loot drops from Atal'alarion, one of several bosses that was removed from  Sunken Temple in Patch 4.0.1.

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    Sunken Temple - a.k.a. The Temple of Atal'Hakkar a.k.a. Lost Temple - was much bigger and grander prior to Cataclysm, as is seen in this detailed (and semi-obsolete) image of the dungeon zone.

    Copy-pasta from Wowpedia because why not.

    All floors below the top and the bosses they contained have been removed. Upon pressing a snake statues in the Pit of Refuse in the proper order, the dire troll boss Atal'alarion spawned in the middle of the pit. In order to kill Jammal'an, you had first to kill Gasher, Hukku, Loro, Mijan, Zolo, and Zul'Lor, who were standing on the six ledges overlooking the Pit of Sacrifice. Once all six are dead, the shield protecting Jammal'an faded, and he was reachable.

    Although I didn't like the instance when traveling through it with a LFD group, I did like the immersive experience while soloing it - the story and the artwork, primarily.  Now the instance is indeed much shorter and easier... but it also became much more boring.  Not to mention the pang of deep sorrow in my soul when transmogrification was added to the game and I realized that those removed bosses dropped items with unique models.

    The younger generation of WoW players really missed out on some great stuff.

    Here is a list of loot that includes the removed loot drops.

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    Gasher was one of several bosses removed from  Sunken Temple.  For more information, please visit his Wowpedia article.

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