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    The crawdad is great for soloing Farmer Nishi. You can easily level pets this way. Make sure Pinchy is set with surge, shield and heal moves. Start with your pet to be leveled (make sure it has over 350-400 hp to live through sunny day) and do any move. If you have a weather effect use it because it will make fighting the sunflower faster. Then bring out the Crawdad. For the sunflower spam surge. When the sunflower dies the turnip should be next (Sometimes he is first but the strategies are more or less the same). His first move will be to burrow and hit you with the small turnips. Your fist move should be shield (it negates any damage from him) on your second hit heal, then shield on the third. Then spam surge. he will leech seed you, then heal all, then he passes for several turns. When he uses leech seed for the second time, know that his next move will be the burrow attack. Go through the same rotation as before. When he comes out it should only take another hit or two to kill him. The worm is next and is the only pet that can really cause any problems. Start with surge for his leech, then shield on his first burrow, then heal on his attack. After this just continue to spam surge, keep up your shield and heal when needed. He will go down easily. You can gain several levels for low pets and usually one or two for high level pets.

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    These things hit like a truck in Veiled Stair. A level 23 can solo the pet groups there. Easily can be used to help level some of your lower level pets.

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    These guys are good for power leveling. One of these(or any beast pet) leveled to at least 23 can solo the pet sets in Veiled Stair. Get one to 25 and use it to level your other pets.

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    I hate when I get this quest. Catch rate is about 10% . Makes it even worse when you get the Wolf Piranha quest on the same day,

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    This guy is a tough find. Server resets may be your best bet, however, I have consistently seen this as an exactly 24 hour respawn. Tested this by timing a server restart: Server restarted at 12:08 on Tuesday, went to the Ice Crown area where these spawn at 12:08 on Wednesday and a ton pooped up. My best guess is try to find them on a server restart. If you can't but know the time the server did restart you can try the next couple of days to find them.

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