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    Not much difference to Normal:

    • Before the fight get some space around the boss.
    • Shortly after you entered the fight, the boss will split into 2. So you´ll need 2 groups with a tank, a healer and the rest dps
    • Both groups needing a player that always stays with the tank to absorb damage. The rest of the mechanics from normal do apply to the 2 encounters of the boss in heroic as well.
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    Definitely one of the toughest achievements to complete the meta one. A couple of things to keep in mind:

    • Still with Level 90 I recommend not to do heroic at the same time. Closing the circle on heroic won´t be fun at all.
    • Try to train the conduit line before the fight (coordinate positions).
    • Final is an important key word. Don´t care about the crystal conductors before (just the last 2).
    • A big help is when you plan a big gap before the final crystal. The designated player will e.g. stay some distance behind (near the end of the platform). Just when all are in position, the lightning is affecting all other players, the last player will go in.
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    Have a look for the faction vendor in the capitol of Pandaria (the shrine). He will guide you every day to the location of dailys.

    Note: You can only start earning reputation, once you reached revered with Klaxxi and Golden Lotus.

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    Even though it´s one of the easiest one to achieve, I highly recommend to do it, before you starting going HC. As Tziva mentioned already, everyone must live to the end. If you´re not that "secure" already HC and especially if you´re having one of the worst combos, it may happen that more than one player lays on the ground towards the end.

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    Not much difference to Normal Mode. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

    • You can´t heal / damage from the outside to inside circle and the other way.
    • The damage from the protector has to be absorbed from one player (outside) who must be at 100 % before the trigger stops and the protector explodes.
    • Try to dps as fast as best as you can, to avoid getting 3 protectors before Phase 2.
    • As equal to Normal you should try to have 2 times 4 orbs killed or at least 4/3.
    • Don´t try to reset stacks in Phase 3. It will be waste of time as for healing and dps (plus it´s too much damage on heroic outside).

    After Feng I consider Elegon one of the easiest Heroic Modes in Mogu`shan.

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    Nice and easy to achieve this one:

    - Keep one of the Mogu´s from the last trash group alive which makes some bubbles on the ground that kicks you back.

    - The rest of the raid (at least those who want to earn the achievement) except the tank should just go on the console and stay there.

    - Now the tank should let the mob trigger one time the bubbles, then the has to go as well on the console and just wait with the rest till the bubbles are triggered again.

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