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    Yup.  We were too busy crying and dying in LFR Molten Core for 4 hours. (I think WoW devs took sadistic pleasure from it...)

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    1) Stealth - there was no announcement of the change, either to warn players in advance or at the time the hotfix was applied.

    2) Nerf - the item was Bind to Battle.net Account.  It is now Bind on Pickup.  It has lost its mobility between characters of the same account, ergo "nerfed."

    3) Whining - uh, no.  I'm upset because I mailed the item from my main to an alt for later use because my bags are stuffed and will remain stuffed for a long time.  Now my alt has the inflatable thunderfury and my main - the character I spend nearly all my time on - does not.  I have the right to provide negative feedback because I feel it has negatively impacted me (and a lot of others).

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    Note: Following these tips becomes progressively more important as the dungeon difficulty increases.

    All players:

    • Avoid standing in or being hit by ground AoE effects.
    • Avoid running over one of the crypts embedded in the floor. If a spirit is spawned by accident, run to the tank so the tank can easily taunt it.
    • Quickly defeat your spirit and right-click it to return to the living world.


    • Ideally, most healing will be for the tank. In reality, a player will either not dodge one of Nhallish's abilities or will run over a crypt and spawn a spirit that will immediately aggro on that player. Be prepared to switch targets quickly and possibly use a healing or defensive cool-down.
    • Have a damage ability ready for when your spirit is ripped from you. Do not worry about difficulty killing it.


    • Keep the boss facing you and pointed away from the rest of the party.
    • Stay aware of what is going on around you. Chances are decent that someone else will forget where they are standing and accidentally spawn a spirit from a crypt. The spirit hits hard on non-tanks, so taunt it as soon as possible.
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    Abu'gar is "hired" by completing a quest that's only viewable when the player has his reel, rod, and lure in their inventory.  The contract item is not available in the game.

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    Abbreviates to G.E.C.K.  Probably a reference to the item Garden of Eden Creation Kit from the "Fallout" game series, set in a post-apocalyptic future.

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    Explorer Nozzand is located inside Castaway Cave, which is fairly well hidden behind a large waterfall.

    Wibson is the name of the ball that Nozzand carries.  Combined with the name of the cave, it's a reference to the movie, "Castaway," which starred Tom Hanks.

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    The perk is separate from the level requirement to equip.

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    Gorepetal is summoned by interacting with Pristine Lily inside a cave.  There is no level requirement for summoning the mob, so it's possible to gain the perk (which ignores the level requirement for equipping) from  Gorepetal's Gentle Grasp... as long as you bring a friend.

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    See Gorepetal.

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