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    posted a message on Draenor Dungeon Event

    This event was permanently removed from rotation with the conclusion of Warlords of Draenor.

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    posted a message on Glide

    This spell ID was repurposed for the demon hunter ability, Glide.

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    posted a message on Enchanted Firecrackers

    Although the item is common quality, it actually is not consumed upon use.  You only need to buy one.  You will not be refunded the  Ancient Mana cost - it's only 6 copper if you sell it back to Jacin.

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    posted a message on Bring Home the Beacon

    Probably a play on the figure of speech, "Bring home the bacon."

    Anyway, your character can move while channeling the quest item's spell.  Just be mindful that movement speed is much slower than normal, so be ready to cancel the channeling if you need to get out of the path of a sentry in a hurry.

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    posted a message on The Fruit of Our Efforts

    There is no difference between the quest rewards.  They are all standard alcohol.  Pick whichever one suits your roleplay fancy (they all vendor for the same amount of gold).

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    posted a message on Breaking the Seal

    The trick to this quest is aligning both the wide, blue beam and the thin, violet beam onto the same seal.  Once a seal has both beams' input, the seal becomes interactable and thus allows you to break it.  Breaking a seal causes a Moonfall Stalker to drop down from the ceiling to attack you.

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    posted a message on Rainbow Generator

    No longer available as an equipable item.  See  Rainbow Generator.

    Posted in: Rainbow Generator
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    posted a message on Boon of the Zookeeper

    See  Pile of Pet Goodies.

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    posted a message on Suramarian Sapphire

    It is offered for sale for 500x Ancient Mana by Nightfallen "Sundries Merchant".  The item is not Bind on Pick-up and does not require that your character have the associated quest in order to see & purchase it from the vendor.

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    posted a message on Shipwrecked Captive

    Accessible via  Sternfathom's Pet Journal toy.  It may only be used in Azsuna.

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    posted a message on Take Them in Claw

    If you are like me and encounter a problem using the quest item:  Try using it directly from your inventory rather than the shortcut under the tracked Quests on your screen.

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    posted a message on General Rajaxx

    This boss' room is very handy for quickly grinding reputation with  Brood of Nozdormu.  See my comment on that page.

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    posted a message on Brood of Nozdormu

    As an additional note (as someone who has farmed this faction's reputation to Exalted):


    • Save the insignias for when you reach the point that only boss kills are rewarding reputation.  See below if you are a class that can drop from combat (mage, hunter, rogue) or have a racial ability that does the same (night elf, I think).
    • There is a nifty trick to quickly farming reputation from mobs in Ruins of Ahn'qiraj.  I do recommend finding something to listen to in the background since you'll have to wait for your ability to come off cool-down.  There is a boss in Ruins of Ahn'qiraj called General Rajaxx that has several groups of trash mobs and a few named mobs that essentially form a ring within his room.  Be careful about pulling the groups that are closest to boss - you don't want to aggro him just yet.  Aggro those trash mobs and pull them away from the boss so you may safely AoE them to death.  Loot them (occasionally a nice transmog item may be found, if memory serves me).  Now go back to the boss and proximity pull him, and keep pulling him until you are outside his room.  Drop from combat to reset him.  He will respawn along with the all the trash mobs.  Profit!
    Posted in: Brood of Nozdormu
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    posted a message on Hunting Lesson: Erudite Manafiend

    If you think you are going crazy trying to find Erudite Manafiend, here is your (and my) problem:  Erudite Manafiends only spawn during Azeroth's daylight.  At night, the spawns switch to Eldritch Manafiends.


    Anyway, Bloodgazer Hatchling must be the pet that kills the Erudite Manafiend or be the front-row pet when the Erudite Manafiend is captured.  If the hatchling dies later in the fight (after defeating the manafiend), you will still receive credit if the rest of your team defeats the remaining pets.  You cannot defeat the manafiend and then forfeit.

    Posted in: Hunting Lesson: Erudite Manafiend
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    posted a message on A Different Source

    The Fel Deconstructor drops from the Abhorrent Artificer standing near fel cannons.  The drop rate sucks though, which is why it took me so long to figure out what the crap I was supposed to be doing for this quest.

    Posted in: A Different Source
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    posted a message on Orphaned Bloodgazer

    This is a neutral, unattackable mob that appears only while Bloodgazer Swarm! world quest is active.  You need  Azsunian Grapes in your inventory in order to acquire it as a battle pet,  Bloodgazer Hatchling.  The closest vendor that sells the food is Nalysse Dawnsorrow.

    Edit: How interesting.  The grapes are not consumed by this process, so you can sell them back to a vendor and recoup a bit of the purchase cost.  Also, you are restricted to owning just one.

    Posted in: Orphaned Bloodgazer
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    posted a message on Cling to Hope

    Noressa says: I was so certain he was dead...
    (Noressa sobs.)
    Noressa quickly glances over the letter.
    Noressa says: Oh, Absolon...
    Noressa says: Thank you. I will hold his words in my heart.

    Posted in: Cling to Hope
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    posted a message on Absolon's Letter

    Absolon writes:

    Dearest Noressa

    I write to tell you that I am still alive. The kindness of the very stranger before you spared me an exile's fate. Treat them well.

    Regarding our daughter... forgive me, I could not find her. All evidence suggests she succumbed to life outside the Shield. Words cannot express my grief.

    I cannot tell you where I am, nor can I return to you. This is a difficult, trying time for our people but I must stress to you: there IS still hope. I cannot risk exposing my saviors, but help is coming. Just hold on.



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    posted a message on Shock Absorber

    Find a drake or whelp in the area for the world quest and stand in whatever lightning-based attacks they throw at you.  The transponder itself does not appear in your inventory.

    Posted in: Shock Absorber
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    posted a message on Weathered Parchment

    It reads:

    In honor of those who ascend to unimaginable heights. May your spirit continue through the dreams of others who follow...

    Posted in: Weathered Parchment
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    posted a message on A Glorious Campaign

    Icy Veins has a guide here that runs down the list of Part One criteria.

    Posted in: A Glorious Campaign
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    posted a message on The Demon's Trail

    A cutscene, followed by a sad cinematic.

    Posted in: The Demon's Trail
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    posted a message on The Aegis of Aggramar

    Some minor roleplay after turning the quest within Dalaran.

    Posted in: The Aegis of Aggramar
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    posted a message on Close Enough to Touch

    A cutscene with Xavius, Ysera, and Malfurion (kinda) plays when in close enough proximity to Tyrande before you may complete the quest.

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    posted a message on Charred Locket

    The interesting thing is the disappearance of not just Alaina, but the two children as well.  I thought at first that the family moved out of the house, seeing as Alaina took her husband's death at the Broken Shore badly and there would only be painful reminders in the home.  You pointed out to me, however, that using "/target Alaina" will target Alaina Hearthsong... dead.  It's possible that she committed suicide, but there is no visible body or other indications of what may have taken place.  I personally believe that, as despondent as she was, she only moved out with her children.  Blizzard does make use of 'bunnies' to trigger spells or otherwise provide a mark for the game client to use as an indication to do/show something.  After returning the charred locket, the player does not see her or the children anymore.  How does the game know to do this?  With the hidden, 'dead' NPC.

    Ok, nope.  Looks like it is an environment bug.  Some players are able to correct it by relogging (did not work for me) but I used  Whole-Body Shrinka' to drastically change my camera's height.  I was then able to see her corpse by clipping partly through the bed.

    Dang it.

    Posted in: Charred Locket
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    posted a message on Primal Flamesaber

    A short-and-sweet video guide from HazelNuttyGames.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93csLs8kH6A

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    posted a message on Ley Line Influences

    Hi rougy1,

    I haven't heard of this quest.  I asked a friend who writes a lot of quest articles for Wowpedia, and she can't place it at all.  I also checked the mobs linked on this page and there is no data for any of those creatures.  It is probably safe to say that this never made it to live from Legion's alpha/beta phase.  I will go ahead with marking it and the other quests you mentioned - no collected data for them, too - as not available.

    Posted in: Ley Line Influences
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    posted a message on The Keys to Success

    The (non-existent) mold that you are told to use at Alard's Workbench is the low, brown table just inside the east entrance to Tanks For Everything. -_-

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    posted a message on Lunar Festival

    There are three new toys for 2017's Lunar Festival.  It requires three players to "assemble" the whole costume, which makes it/them unique (in comparison to other toys).


    It comes to 60 coins total if you want to collect all of them.  See my older comment on this page for locations of elders, or visit Icy Vein's Lunar Festival 2017 Guide for that plus other details.

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    posted a message on Continued Exposure

    What you are looking for are floating green balls called Volatile Fel.  They are found in/near pools of fel... stuff.  You don't actually have to be too close to one, since it seems there's a generous range on the spell cast by the quest item.

    Posted in: Continued Exposure
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    posted a message on Time to Collect

    I solo'd this quest as an avg ilvl 832 Fire mage. Talents not optimal, but it helped me get the job done. http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#Egoi  What my artifact rank apportionment looks like: http://www.wowdb.com/artifact-calculator#iZbLbDJIBIAhifhkBAAA

    Quaff a flask, it doesn't need to be an expensive one.  (I still use Oralius' Whispering Crystal from WoD.)  Eat a buff food, too.  I preferred Fishbrul Special because it's an attack that doesn't cost me cast time.

    Do not bother with Snaggle Sixtrigger yet.  Your first target is Rax Sixtrigger in the mechanical shredder.  Keep your barrier up as much as possible, use Blink on cool-down for sustained healing.  Snare with instant-cast Flamestrike and Frost Nova.  Do not stand in the bad that Snaggle launches at you.

    When the shredder goes Haywire, you have two options: Ice Block and wait it out, or do what the game tells you and launch yourself up to the ship which Snaggle is attacking you from.  Honestly, the Ice Block is the better option because of how much time the game takes to actually move your character from its position to where the grapplehook on the ship is situated; I took a lot of damage and this almost killed me in my first attempt.  Unfortunately, IB has a long cool-down, so if you are high on health then get on the ship.  If you are low, just IB and wait it out.  Be prepared to Blink away, use both charges of Inferno Blast to get a quick Flamestrike on Rax, and heal up while doing some casting.  Rinse and repeat, and Rax dies.

    Now Snaggle's turn.  Do not bother with getting on the ship.  Dodging the timed bombs is simple and you never have to worry about dealing with Snaggle's special ability that forces you off the ship.

    TL;DR - Do not stand in bad.  Keep yourself healed.  Focus Rax, then Snaggle. GG.

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    posted a message on Call of the Scarab

    According to Blizzard, this is not on a per-realm basis - it is per region.  This makes sense (to me) because some realms have huge disparity in faction balance.

    I believe this will be a fun mini-holiday because it is rather friendly to players with alts.  Even lower levels may participate by turning in specific items, like food crafting reagents, to an NPC (which is purposely reminiscent of the original Ahn'Qiraj quests that allowed non-60 characters to contribute to "the war effort").

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    posted a message on Lightning Paw

    Lightning Paw is a new tameable Spirit Beast in Patch 7.1.5.  The stealthed fox may spawn in Duskwood in any of the bushes with eyes in them.

    Posted in: Lightning Paw
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    posted a message on An Old History Book

    An Old History Book still drops from mobs in Duskwood.  However, it doesn't do anything other than take up space in your inventory - it's associated quest An Old History Book is obsolete.

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    posted a message on An Old History Book

    Although the quest is no longer in game, the book continues to still drop.  ...It's not even readable. :(

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    posted a message on Treasure Goblin

    Do not use any crowd-control abilities of any kind or it will cause the goblin to escape much sooner.

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    posted a message on The Cow King

    Blizzard's official blog for the entry confirms that loot from The Cow King is once per character.

    As a related note to everyone: DO NOT use any crowd-control abilities of any sort on the Treasure Goblin.  It will cause the treasure goblin to begin casting Escape Portal much sooner.

    Posted in: The Cow King
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    posted a message on Golden Flame

    See It's Dangerous to Go Alone.

    Posted in: Golden Flame
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    posted a message on Sharp Spritethorn

    As a tailor, I can confirm that this NPC does offer Sharp Spritethorn for sale.  I believe the item is visible only to those characters that completed Meticulous Precision.

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    posted a message on Fevered Plea

    The turn-in is a little complicated.  You will first need 3 x  Field Pack that may be bought from the first aid vendor in Dalaran.  Then, you need to find the Fevered Explorer (which can be a right pain in the tush) and speak with him/her in order to cure them.  This will cause a quest window to open that you will use to complete the quest.

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    posted a message on Study Hall: Combat Research


    These are simple, short cutscenes - the kind used when the developer needs to mask the background, "behind the scene" stuff being done.

    Posted in: Study Hall: Combat Research
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    posted a message on Where Dragons Rule

    Posted in: Where Dragons Rule
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    posted a message on Death's Advance

    This spell ID used to be the death knight ability, Unholy Presence, prior to Legion.

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    posted a message on Mischief

    Mischief is the World of Warcraft charity pet for December 2016 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  100% of the proceeds from players who purchase it during the month of December will be donated to the charity.  Blizzard Entertainment has a long history with Make-A-Wish, both in donating to them and helping them make a child's wish come true.

    Posted in: Mischief
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    posted a message on Pant Loaf

    I-- I... what?  Blizzard, what?

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    posted a message on Ravika

    This may have been a 7.1.0 change, but Ravika now has a location on the Echo Isles in Durotar.  You do not need to find her in the Broken Shore scenario phase of Durotar anymore.

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    posted a message on Pouring Grog

    See A Threat Rises.

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    posted a message on Holding Grog

    See A Threat Rises.

    Posted in: Holding Grog
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    posted a message on A Threat Rises

    Some nice roleplay.  Apparently, that grog is rather heavy...

    Posted in: A Threat Rises
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    posted a message on Helya's Conquest

    Small-not-so-small (teehee) flavor emoting for this quest.

    Posted in: Helya's Conquest
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    posted a message on The Hammer of Khaz'goroth

    Mayla Highmountain arrives to speak to the player after the Hammer of Khaz'goroth is placed on its pedestal in Aegwynn's Gallery.

    Posted in: The Hammer of Khaz'goroth
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    posted a message on Zoldyck Family Training Shackles

    (For those of us scratching our heads: Hunter x Hunter, an anime series which has a family that trains as assassins.)

    Posted in: Zoldyck Family Training Shackles
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    posted a message on Flight Form

    See  Travel Form instead.

    Posted in: Flight Form
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    posted a message on Tome of Polymorph: Porcupine

    Now available as of Patch 7.0.3.

    Posted in: Tome of Polymorph: Porcupine
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    posted a message on Tome of Polymorph: Polar Bear Cub

    Now available as of Patch 7.0.3.

    Posted in: Tome of Polymorph: Polar Bear Cub
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    posted a message on Tome of Polymorph: Monkey

    Now available as of Patch 7.0.3.

    Posted in: Tome of Polymorph: Monkey
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    posted a message on Veteran of the Third War

    Previously was Blood Presence prior to Legion.

    Posted in: Veteran of the Third War
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    posted a message on Burn It Up... For the Horde!

    How odd.  The only thing I can think of is that there isn't a plate armor quest reward, so if you completed the quest on a plate-wearing class... then maybe you wouldn't see anything other than the gold?  But you mention that you were specifically going for the leather kilt, so you were likely on a character that wears leather to begin with...

    Log on to a character that uses leather and open the Appearances collection.  Go to the legs section and search for the kilt.  If it's not there, then you may want to see if a GM can assist you.

    Posted in: Burn It Up... For the Horde!
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    posted a message on Awakenings

     Roleplay and cutscene:

    Posted in: Awakenings
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    posted a message on Odyn and the Valarjar


    Posted in: Odyn and the Valarjar
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    posted a message on Helm of the Forgotten Protector

    This can be redeemed at Tydormu (Battle of Mount Hyjal raid) for the tier helm or at either of the Shattered Sun Offensive quartermasters (Isle of Quel'danas) for the PvP helm.

    Posted in: Helm of the Forgotten Protector
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    posted a message on Gloves of the Forgotten Protector

    Redeemed at Tydormu in the Battle for Mount Hyjal raid.  Go through the raid instance portal for it, but do not go through any of the instance portals inside of Hyjal Summit.  Tydormu is standing near the Night Elf Village Portal, though he does sometimes patrol over to Indormi.

    Posted in: Gloves of the Forgotten Protector
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    posted a message on Where's Lyndras?

    Lyndras will be found in The Underbelly of Dalaran (Broken Isles). He's in the room with all the alchemical supplies and potions.

    Posted in: Where's Lyndras?
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    posted a message on Strom'kar, the Warbreaker

    This is the scripted event and cutscene that play when you pick up the artifact weapon at the end of the scenario.

    Posted in: Strom'kar, the Warbreaker
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    posted a message on "New!" Kaja'Cola

    It is sold by Kiatke (Timewalking vendor) for 10 x  Timewarped Badge.

    Posted in: "New!" Kaja'Cola
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    posted a message on Iron-Bound Crate of Battlefield Goods

    Thanks.  Tagging it as not available.

    Posted in: Iron-Bound Crate of Battlefield Goods
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    posted a message on The Fangs of Ashamane


    For my fellow derpkitties who got stuck at the gate.  The pedestal that you see at the very beginning of the video is an interactable object.  Right-click it with the mouse, and the game briefly takes over for this short, scripted event.

    Posted in: The Fangs of Ashamane
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    posted a message on Sul'thraze the Lasher

    Sul'thraze the Lasher is an epic 2-hand sword with a unique appearance in the game.  It has very dark coloring and two skulls that constantly orbit the blade like an  Unholy Weapon enchantment.  Because of this, noot only is it cool to look at but it also has the effect of hiding any enchantment applied to it.  (This was a great perk when the transmogrification feature was added but before we gained the option of hiding enchantment visual effects on our weapons.)

    The sword is created by combining  Sang'thraze the Deflector and  Jang'thraze the Protector.  Sang'thraze drops from Antu'sul (the boss found in the basilisk area of the dungeon).  Jang'thraze drops from Chief Ukorz Sandscalp (the boss whose uphill path is protected by a gate).

    Antu'sul is straight-forward enough: run to his location and kill him.  Chief Ukorz Sandscalp is a little more involved; you have to do the temple event by freeing the prisoners and killing the mobs that spawn, followed by killing the formerly-imprisoned NPCs (they have it coming, trust me).  Now the path to the chief is open and you can go kill him.

    Rinse and repeat until you have both blades.  Once the game detects that you have both swords in your inventory, a new use effect appears on Jang'thraze that will allow you to combine the swords.  Sang'thraze and Jang'thraze are consumed in the process of forming Sul'thraze.

    There is a new Legacy achievement on the 7.1 PTR for acquiring the weapon.  This has lead to speculation by the community that a change may be coming to the 5-man dungeon that will cause Sul'thraze to become unobtainable.  I don't personally know if that will end up being true, but I farmed the swords in a single night of resetting Zul'farrak.  I strongly recommend looting all the sand graves, by the way - I looted some desirable uncommon-quality gear and even landed a vanilla epic BoE staff from one of the troll zombies.  A night well spent!

    Posted in: Sul'thraze the Lasher
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    posted a message on Webmistress Shinaris

    This mob is encountered by druids (possibly other classes, I know a few classes share artifact scenarios) seeking to acquire  Fangs of Ashamane.

    Posted in: Webmistress Shinaris
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    posted a message on Eye of Azshara: The Tidestone of Golganneth

    There is a little bit of voice-acted NPC roleplay after placing Azsuna's Pillar of Creation, the Tidestone of Golganneth,on its pedestal beneath the central tower of Dalaran (Broken Isles).

    Posted in: Eye of Azshara: The Tidestone of Golganneth
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    posted a message on The Shrine in Peril

    (FYI: "Bunnies" are Blizzard's term for the hidden NPCs or spells they use for tracking a specific event in the game or for taking control of the player's camera.)

    A cutscene plays to alert the player that something has happened to the shrine.


    And this cutscene plays when your druid is close enough to have "investigated" the shrine.

    Posted in: The Shrine in Peril
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    posted a message on Ascending The Circle

    There is some role-play by Malfurion and the NPCs upon speaking with Malfurion.

    Posted in: Ascending The Circle
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