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    See Grizzlemaw.

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    Kill the two Breezestrider Talbuk in the pen before attacking Grizzlemaw, if you can.  The wolf will leap back to them when he's low on health and eat one of them in order to regain health.

    Other than that, just try to avoid his leap attack.

    The game uses Vignette Boss to check if the player is eligible for loot from the unique.  If you aren't certain that you've killed the wolf previously, you may use the following script to check.

    /run for k, v in pairs({Grizzlemaw = 35784}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cff00ff00Done\124r" or "\124cffff0000Not Done\124r")) end

    Or, you may simply kill Grizzlemaw - if you only receive a bit of silver and no item loot, then you've killed him before.

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    This quest becomes available once your garrison inn is level 3, which in turn requires that your character be level 100.

    All of these pests will require level 25 battle pets in order to defeat them.  They are classified as legendary, which means they take 50% less damage from attacks and cannot be dealt more than 35% of their max HP in one attack.

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    You must be level 100 and have upgraded your garrison inn to Level 3 before you will be able to accept this quest from the archaeology item of the same name -  Pristine Decree Scrolls.

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    See Pets Versus Pests.

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    See Pets Versus Pests.

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    See Pets Versus Pests.

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    Archmage Khadgar sends you a letter after earning this achievement.

    From: Archmage Khadgar
    Subject: Time to Go on the Offensive

    Congratulations on your achievements, <player>! We have established a foothold on Draenor and forged new alliances with this world's inhabitants.

    But Azeroth remains in jeopardy. So long as the Iron Horde churns out war machines and Grommash still draws breath, our world is in peril. Continue to strengthen your garrison and recruit your fellow heroes to take the fight to the Iron Horde and all their allies. The fates of two worlds hang in the balance.

    Azeroth looks to you, commander. Do not waver.

     - Archmage Khadgar

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    Vesharr's pets are:  The Great Kaliri, Apexis Guardian, and Darkwing.

    My pet team composition is not optimal by any means, but it is what I have to work with:

     Nordrassil Wisp

      • Rarity: Uncommon
      • Level: 25
      • Abilities: Light, Flash, Arcane Explosion

     Dragonbone Hatchling

      • Rarity: Rare
      • Level: 25
      • Abilities: Slicing Wind, Hawk Eye, Lift-Off

     Arcane Eye

      • Rarity: Rare
      • Level: 25
      • Abilities: Focused Beams, Drain Power, Mana Surge


    The Great Kaliri (flying - combat with magical) always goes first, and always uses Caw (+50 crit chance for 3 turns) as its first move.  If my RNG is good, I can kill this one with my Nordrassil Wisp.  (If it isn't good, then I have to finish the kaliri with my Arcane Eye.)  I use Flash first and then Light.  (Flash blinds the opponent and Light deals double damage against blinded targets.)  I proceed to Arcane Explosion after that for as long as my pet survives.  If Flash and Light come off cool-down, then I use them again.  If my pet doesn't survive long enough to finish off Vesharr's kaliri, then I finish with Arcane Eye's Focused Beams.

    Apexis Guardian (mechanical - combat with elemental) is second.  It always casts Entangling Roots (deals big damage and roots pet after 1 round).  If Arcane Eye is out, I switch to Dragonbone Hatchling so as to save my magical pet for the final opponent.  This opposing battle is the most annoying for me because I can't properly counter its pet type, and RNG has to be pretty good for my pets to survive killing Apexis Guardian twice.  Anyway, I use Lift Off as soon as possible in order to avoid the damage from the root, then follow up with Hawk Eye and Slicing Wind as much as I can before my pet dies.  If it doesn't kill the guardian (permanently), then I finish off with Nordrassil Wisp (I love blinding enemies).  If the wisp is also dead, then I go to Arcane Eye (and hope it doesn't die) and use Drain Power for its damage buff and enemy damage reduction.  Follow up with Focused Beams.  Note:  There seems to be some glitchy interaction of abilities, as sometimes the game thinks that Apexis Guardian is occasionally weak against magical-type creatures.  I haven't been able to figure out why just yet.  Figured it out.   Feathered Frenzy is occasionally used.

    The final pet is Darkwing (flying - combat with magical).  If I've survived to this pet, then I'm golden.  Use Drain Power if it's off cool-down, then Mana Surge.  Proceed to /dance.


    After defeating Vesharr for the first time, he unlocks as a vendor.  He sells  Kaliri Hatchling (9.5g) and  Veilwatcher Hatchling (950g) pets.  Both can be caged and sold on AH.

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