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    This achievement stands a good chance of being removed by Legion's conclusion.  From @WarcraftDevs (source): ""The Chosen" will likely go away eventually, possibly when the Legion expansion ends, but we don't plan to end it in the very near future."

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    "Perfidious."  I do not believe that I've seen that word used in a long while.  Writers for MMO games must keep Merriam-Webster in business, haha.

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    It appears that Blizzard quietly hotfixed the spawn timer of wyrmtongue caches the same day this quest became available.  The caches spawn in waves about every 15-20 minutes, down from close to an hour.  The locations remain chosen at random from among valid spawn points.

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    Either one works, really.  I am a terrible aim with anything projectile, so I didn't opt for shooting bats out of the sky.

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    It is possible to spawn a second Leystone Basilisk from mining the previous Leystone Basilisk spawn (from mining an ore node).

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    An indicator in the tooltip would definitely be appropriate here.  Perhaps if it was labeled Unique?  (But I agree that it would be much better to get the functionality fixed instead.)

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    My own recording of the cinematic.



    Two things about it stuck out to me:


    1.  As a person with a twin:  Cenarius can go **** himself.  So can Malfurion.  The sibling rule of "only I am allowed to insult and otherwise torture annoy my brother/sister" applies.  Also, I always have and always will hate being used as an emotional weapon against my twin, and can't believe that Malfurion did not proffer at least a token objection.  It is cute at a very young age to dress and treat twins like duplicates, but twins (or multiples in general) want to be recognized for their individuality as a person.  Few things sting as badly as being implicitly told that you are the inferior "copy" of the other.

    2. Why are Malfurion's eyes gold?  As seen and heard in the cinematic for Awakenings, there is a significant difference in eye-color between the Stormrage twins.  I went to Malfurion Stormrage's Wowpedia article but that was inconclusive.
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    This is the scripted roleplay event involving the player and Havi for this quest.  Yes, the voice-acting is bad.  Alayea calls him "Lorewalker Havi."

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    This event was permanently removed from rotation with the conclusion of Warlords of Draenor.

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    This spell ID was repurposed for the demon hunter ability, Glide.

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    Although the item is common quality, it actually is not consumed upon use.  You only need to buy one.  You will not be refunded the  Ancient Mana cost - it's only 6 copper if you sell it back to Jacin.

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    Probably a play on the figure of speech, "Bring home the bacon."

    Anyway, your character can move while channeling the quest item's spell.  Just be mindful that movement speed is much slower than normal, so be ready to cancel the channeling if you need to get out of the path of a sentry in a hurry.

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    There is no difference between the quest rewards.  They are all standard alcohol.  Pick whichever one suits your roleplay fancy (they all vendor for the same amount of gold).

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    The trick to this quest is aligning both the wide, blue beam and the thin, violet beam onto the same seal.  Once a seal has both beams' input, the seal becomes interactable and thus allows you to break it.  Breaking a seal causes a Moonfall Stalker to drop down from the ceiling to attack you.

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    No longer available as an equipable item.  See  Rainbow Generator.

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