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    Well, you can try to improve your average item level. You can also have friends cast beneficial abilities such as Blessing of Kings, Fortitude, etc. on you prior to entering the Thunder Forge solo instance - you can't be grouped in a party to do this, though.  You can also try changing around talents and glyphs.  Good luck!

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    The first possibility that comes to mind is that you have reached the valor cap but haven't earned 3K VP since the quest was added to your log.  You may also try reloading the client by using /reload.  Or, perhaps it is an add-on that is interfering with your ability to turn in the quest.

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    Sealed Stormstout Brew is a reference to the vanilla quest Chen's Empty Keg (obsolete as of Cataclysm).  It was the only way of acquiring  Stormstout the only drink in the game (up till MoP) with the Stormstout name.

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    No longer available to players.  It was a quest reward from Chen's Empty Keg.  It was the only drink in the game, prior to Mists of Pandaria, with the Stormstout name.

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    Thanks to foresight by the Blizzard designer(s) who created this encounter, players who die to Hexos will not suffer durability loss to their equipment.

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    See Meatball.

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    A reference to the vanilla quest "Consumed by Hatred."  (Links to Wowpedia because Blizzard reused the original quest ID.)

    The quest was a real pain in the rear.  The quillboar were annoying to kill because you usually couldn't avoid aggroing more than one at a time.  The quest item itself - Bristleback Quilboar Tusk - wasn't a 100% drop chance.  It was not a pleasant quest to do at-level.

    Yes, I'm still traumatized whenever I think about it.

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    Appears when the player is finishing up the quest chain for  Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

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    PhoenixIdona on Wowhead has posted more sophisticated macros for stave and 1H+OH weapon users, for those interested.

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    This version of Kalecgos appears in Stormwind City or in Orgrimmar (depends on the faction the player initiating the event) when a player is doing the last quest in the quest chain for  Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

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