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    Highlights from my comment for  Secretive Whistle so users have a list of quick links.

    More information about the item:

    You can use the item without breaking stealth. However, interacting with Griftah will cancel stealth.

    Griftah will stay for approximately 1 minute after being summoned, then sneaks away and despawns.  An emote will appear: "Good seein' ya." (Possibly bug or typo - Griftah's name is left off.)

    Dingy Iron Coins are used for the rogue-only weekly quest - also offered by Griftah - Da Big Score.  It's worth 250 gold.

    The next quest is If You're Sure.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY FOR DUMPING EXCESS.  It's only worth 10 gold.  Just wait if you can till the next week to complete Da Big Score again.

    Secretive Whistle - Griftah's conversion rate

     Diamond Ring = 5 Dingy Iron Coins
     Emerald Ring = 4
     Glistening Ring = 3
     Sapphire Ring = 6
     Slimy Ring = 2
     Opal Amulet = 10
     Oozing Amulet = 4
     Ruby Amulet = 8
     Sparkling Amulet = 6
     Chain of Hopes = 12
     Choker of Nightmares = 18
     Locket of Dreams = 6
     Glowing Ancestral Idol = 20
     Magma-Infused War Beads = 30

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    Page 1
    One of the outcast slaves happened upon some writings today from the time of Terokk, detailing the workings of an ancient Apexis device. Based on the writings, the device appears to be linked to the Amulet of Rukhmar - an artifact said to empower the wearer with the essence of Rukhmar himself!

    We have yet to discover where the device is located, or how to activate it, but even now our scholars are working to unearth further writings in the ruins of Skettis.

    Page 2
    Further deciphering of the writings reveals that the device needs to be activated remotely before it can be used.  It seems these activation points have been placed in secret in the low places of the Spires, presumably to hide them from our brethren on the wing.

    Page 3
    We have found a forgotten outcast scroll that seems to be linked to this device. It refers to a key, which may be referencing one of these remote access points:

    "The first key is kept in the high reaches of upper Skettis. It lay where the dead can protect it from the talons of the unwanted."

    If the first device is indeed in Skettis, we must make haste to uncover it.

    Page 4
    Another piece of the puzzle has been unearthed in the outcast's ancient writings. The text reads:

    "Beneath the third fall of the great Skettis river lay the second key. May the ever-rushing waters sweep away those that might seek it."

    Page 5
    Yet another writing from the ancient outcasts mentions a third key:

    "The final key has been housed deep within the fungal caves where the river makes its final drop. Though the pale orcs that dwell there may be vile, they should prove a worthy deterrent."

    Page 6
    I believe we have pieced together the location of this device, and with the activation keys, we should be able to operate it. Various writings refer to the location being "against the fungal shore, within the shrine to the raven god."

    This may be referring to the ruins in Lost Veil Anzu. We must send our researchers there to investigate.

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    The toy is only available for sale from the vendors while  Children's Week is active.

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    Page 1
    In my years hunting with the Thunderlord clan, I have come to know them as a brave and cunning people. Though I was not born into their clan, they allowed me to fight alongside them and earn my place. In my prime, I stood side by side with their best hunters as we felled beasts that I had previously thought invincible. It is this togetherness that gives them strength.

    However, many Thunderlord speak legends of one of the earliest of the giant-slayers, who could fell these beasts single-handedly. Though their culture is greatly focused on synergy, there are still those who strive to become like these ancestors of legend. To this end, some of the most powerful in the clan will seek the weapon Gronnsbane, which is said to be the key to this power.

    Page 2
    As I find myself growing longer in the years, I have found myself wondering if such a power exists. There are very few scholars among the Thunderlord, so I am taking it as a personal cause to unravel the mystery of Gronnsbane, so that it may be returned [sic] its people.

    The stories of Gronnsbane speak of the hero Brakor, who wielded Gronnsbane when the orcs were still enslaved by the ogres of Frostfire. It is said that the weapon was blessed by the elements of the land and its beasts, and that its power faded when it left Brakor's hands. Indeed, it seems that a weapon matching the description of Gronnsbane has been found many times since, but has never possessed this fabled power.

    It is my belief that the weapon does not possess the power on its own, but that the aforementioned blessings are what give its potency.

    Page 3
    When speaking with the clan's shaman, I have uncovered more about these blessings. In the time of the Thunderlord's formation, just as the orcs began winning their freedom from the ogres, the ancient shaman were said to be granted their powers from powerful shamanstones. These stones granted the orcs with the blessings of frost and fire, which aided the Thunderlords in their liberation. These stones may be the key to the elemental blessings originally possessed by Gronnsbane.

    The stones were left behind when the orcs fled their cruel enslavers, and it is believed that the ogres now use them to enhance their own magics.

    Page 4
    In a recent raid against the Bloodmaul ogres, one of our warriors spotted what sounds to me like the Molten Shamanstone, which is said to offer the Blessing of Fire.

    He describes an ancient monolith, perched upon the edge of a precipice extending from the cliff where the searing magma falls into the sea.  I believe the location he speaks of is just overlooking Tor'goroth's Tooth.

    Page 5
    I borrowed a rylak from one of our sky riders to scout the ogre camp myself.  As I was maneuvering away from the great boulders hurled at me by the ogron brutes, I glanced what looked like another monolith atop the tallest of the snow-capped towers in Bloodmaul. Perhaps this is the Frozen Shamanstone, which is thought to grant the Blessing of Frost.

    If these are indeed the sources of the ancient elemental blessings, then I may be very close to recovering the legacy of Gronnsbane. The last piece to unravel would be the Blessing of Frost.

    If these are indeed the sources of the ancient element blessings, then I may be very close to recovering the legacy of Gronnsbane. The last piece to unravel would be the blessing of beasts which seems to be the final part of the enchantment.

    Page 6
    I believe that this enigmatic blessing of beasts may be tied to the legends around Brakor's first kill with Gronnsbane. It is said that Brakor proved his might by bloodying the spear against one of the ancient black rylaks that inhabit the tallest spires of the Stonefury Cliffs. The tales indicate that the weapon grew in power after that point, so the the[sic] rylaks must be the final key!

    High in the Stonefury Cliffs, I have seen an altar where the ogres have left offerings to these ancient beasts. Perhaps I could use it to lure one of them down.

    Page 7
    It seems that the pieces have come together, and I just may be able to recover Gronnsbane to its rightful home among the Thunderlord clan. Today I leave for Magnarok, which is the last known location of the weapon.

    Once found, I will seek out the blessings and restore Gronnsbane to its legendary status.

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    Page 1
    This heavy book contains recipes and uses for various types of explosives, from conventional to exotic. You quickly flip through to the section entitled "Anti-Magical Ordinance"[sic]

    "If you've ever gotta take down some kind of magic barrier, then you might have to get a bit unconventional with your munitions. You could stack an ogre-sized heap of dynamite against one and you're only likely to end up with some scorched ground, and maybe a missing limb or two.

    "Fortunately, Megacharge has got you covered there, with the Arcane Bunker Buster (patent pending)!"

    Page 2
    "To make one, you'll first need to acquire some high grade, precision blasting powder. Here in Blackfuse Company, it's pretty easy to come by, since they use it for all of the cannons.

    "If you're elsewhere in the world, though, you'll need to find a top of the line producer, as only the finest blasting powder will work in this application."

    Page 3
    "For a detonator, you'll need one of those high-charge electric deals. The Arcane Bunker Buster requires a lot of juice to go off, so your average detonator just won't do."

    A note is attached to this page:

    "Reminder: Order more high-voltage detonators. The last shipment was lost off of the Shadowmoon coast near the demon-inhabited cliffs. Maybe we should send a diving team to salvage."

    Page 4
    "The final, and most important ingredient for the Arcane Bunker Buster, is a sizable quantity of demon blood. The unique properties of the magic-infused blood combine with the blasting powder into an incredibly potent mixture.

    "When ignited by a high-voltage electric charge, this combination will explode in a magically-charged explosion, sufficient enough to take down most arcane barriers.

    "Just make sure to take cover before the thing goes off."

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    It is indeed accessible (see Vul'gath's End).  The issue is that it shouldn't even have a zone ID because it is a sub-zone of Frostfire Ridge.  Quite odd.

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    Page 1
    The Skulltaker lives!

    I cannot mistake the twisted horns of his cursed mask, nor the demon-eyes that peer from within. He had thought himself escaped from the fury of the Laughing Skull, but none take the lives of our clan without retribution.

    Not even one of our own.

    Page 2
    Long has the Skulltaker hunted his fellow orcs without reprisal. I saw the day he donned the bloodthirsty skull that consumed his savage heart. None know where he found the cursed thing, only that it had claimed the warrior's soul. He now lives only to take the skulls of the living - a silent specter of death.

    Now the Skulltaker hunts in Everbloom, and I have caught his scent. No longer will he be the hunter.
    [sic]Soon it will be his skull that is taken.

    Page 3
    The foe remains elusive. When I think I have his path, his tracks vanish. It's as if he had sprouted wings and taken to the sky.

    He looks to be retreating among the ravagers and wasps of Everbloom. I must find where he is going.

    Page 4
    I've lost him! I had tracked his position and was ready to strike when a great ravager, twice the size of any I had ever seen, swooped down and carried him away! I had thought him taken for prey, [sic] beast showed no intent to harm him.

    This must be how the Skulltaker has remained hidden from the blades of the Laughing Skull. I will not let him escape my wrath. I will find a way to scour the skies!

    Page 5
    An elixir is the key. The Crowfeeder knows a recipe used by shaman to speak to the wilds. Using it, I will pry the answers from the ravagers that have aided my enemy.

    I must cut the reagents from the hands of the wreteched[sic] botani - a task that I will carry out gladly.

    I have set up camp in a nearby cave. At dawns[sic] light, I will strike into the heart of the botani and claim the key to the Skulltaker.

    Page 6
    First, the thistle of shade with leaves black as night. It rests in the shadows of the harsh Gorgrond sun. I saw some under standing stones near the black iron walls. There are many of the plant-men there, but I will cut through them like a scythe through grain.

    The sons of the genesaur will not keep me from my quarry.

    Page 7
    I have acquired the shadethistle, though not without incident. The thorns of the botani are sharp, and my flesh is ailing. This will not keep me from my prize.

    I must find a vine of bonethorn, which grows in the bones of the ancient dead. I remember seeing the bones of a long-dead beast in the dry beds of the northern wilds. Its sun-parched skull would make a pleasant home for such a plant.

    Page 8
    Steamcap mushrooms are all that are needed to complete the elixir. The Crowfeeder said that they grow among the steam vents in the higher parts of the Everbloom. I have seen one such place near the northern hydra pools.

    I must make haste. The wounds of the botani fester and the flesh twists against bone. I must find the Skulltaker before I am no longer my own orc.

    Page 9
    It is too late. Even now my body rebels against me as the infection of the botani takes hold. If my brothers come upon these writings, I would charge them to take their blades against the Skulltaker.

    But first, burn my body and take my skull.

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    <This map bears many markings within Tanaan Jungle, including drawings of fortifications and troop movements. Hellscream seems quite interested in that region.>

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  • posted a message on Miniature War Machine

    Upon interaction, you may read the following:

    <Scraps of paper surround the map of Blackrock Foundry. They look like manufacturing orders for war machines.>

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  • posted a message on Scale Model of Gorgorek

    The following text may be read upon interacting with the scale model:

    <Written on a nearby piece of paper:

    We have uncovered Gorgorek the Worldrender, an ancient magnaron frozen in the stone pools of Gorgrond.

    The Warsong elders believe this magnaron was a once-powerful alpha, with the ability to command lesser beings of its own kind.

    Ancient clan records suggest that the beast can be awakened.>

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