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    Item is only usable inside the Auchindoun (WoD) dungeon.  It is looted from the object of same name in the back of the first boss room.

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    It is only worth the 11 silver 23 copper to a vendor.  It is what is left over after using a  Drained Blood Crystal.  Wowpedia has an article about the Blood Moon event in Tanaan Jungle here.

    The flavor text is simply misleading. Although, I do wonder if the flavor text is a leftover of older design that was changed or scrapped.  In all likelihood, however, Blizzard is trolling players again.

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    The virus infecting our units has been identified: a clockwork assembly system hack.  Because it appears to be beneficial in many ways, the robot will accept it readily, until it begins to corrupt their AI by overloading generosity circuits.  There is no known way to nullify the effect without destroying the host.  Do not hesitate.

    Your Leader (0x0001)

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    Vyragosa shares a spawn timer with the infamous Time-Lost Proto-Drake, so factor that into whatever timer you are using for TLPD spawning.

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    Can also be contained in  Big Crate of Salvage.

    Unrelated but mildly interesting fact: This item's name can be typed with just one hand.

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    The achievement is awarded as soon as  Winter Veil Gift is looted.

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    A letter is mailed to you when you reach Revered with this faction:

    From: Exarch Akama
    Subject: The Exarchs have Faith in You

      You have proven yourself to be a great friend to the Council of Exarchs, an indispensable ally in our time of greatest need. Thank you for your continued efforts to defend Auchindoun and reclaim Shattrath. The Prophet once told me that we only see shadows before us when the light is at our back. With faith, we will prevail!
      I have spoken with Vindicator Nuurem, the Exarch quartermaster located at the Stormshield town hall in Ashran. Some supplies are available to you there.
      - Exarch Akama
      High Vindicator of the Exarch Council

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    It was pulled from the Toy Box in a later build of the WoD beta.  It looks like Blizzard is actually going to add it to the collection for Legion.  See Cursed Swabby Helmet.

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    It was pulled from the Toy Box in a later build of the WoD beta.  It looks like Blizzard is actually going to add it to the collection for Legion, but is drastically nerfing the item. :(

    • Only targets below level 100
    • Only targets "native to Pandaria"

    Kvaldir Battle Horn appears intended to replace its usefulness.  I don't understand why Blizz feels the need to make players grind out the same thing yet again.  For example, there are two toys that have the exact same use - a low chance to petrify your target upon death. Chances are strong that new players will just go for the newer of the battle horns, and returning players will farm it because completion.

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    Invisible tracking quest for What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway?

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