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    posted a message on Celestial Offering

    Not worth the money or bagslot, in my opinion.


    Blessing of the Jade Serpent: Intellect increased by 10%.
    Blessing of the Red Crane: Regenerating 1000 health per second.
    Blessing of the Black Ox: Stamina increased by 10%.
    Blessing of the White Tiger: Strength and Agility increased by 10%


    However, last I checked, the buff is 'bugged' to be 10% of your BASE Str/Agi/Int/Stam, and doesn't include bonuses from gear.

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    posted a message on The Torch of Strength

    During the second "leg" of the run (after you reach the first windless pagoda) you can run along the edge of the path, outside of the chain railing to avoid all of the whirlwinds.

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    posted a message on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

    Take care to keep potentially dangerous abilities on cooldown during the Convert phases-- Smoke Bomb, AoE fears, etc.


    Hunters should be mindful of their pets during platform transitions, because they will often reach the boss's new location before the tank and will be oneshot.

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    posted a message on Grand Empress Shek'zeer

    The add phase hurts outside of LFR, and is easily the hardest phase of the fight, in my raid's opinion. Strive to only have one add phase if your dps can push her before the second Retreat. 


    During the add phase, focus down one add on each side to mitigate tank damage, and leave one small add alive until after both large adds are trapped in the Amber Trap.

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    posted a message on Amber-Shaper Un'sok

    Remember that, when you are transformed via Reshape Life, your 1 button does damage, stacks the damage-taken increase debuff, and interrupts. Use this to stop the Amber Monstrosity from casting its Amber Explosion. Your 2 button interrupts your own Amber Explosion.


    Watch the timer on the Amber Monstrosity's Explosion, and make sure your 1 ability will be off cooldown when you need it to interrupt. 


    The melee damage of the construct while you are transformed is fairly substantial, so make sure to autoattack your target.

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    posted a message on Reshape Life

    Quote from Tziva »

    This is the ability that turns players into a monstrosity to drive in the Amber Shape Un'sok encounter in Heart of Fear.

    Looks a little like

    I cracked up, it seriously does. I won't be able to unsee it, now.

    Posted in: Reshape Life
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    posted a message on Protector Kaolan

    Protector Kaolan is usually killed first during a normal Protectors kill, but is saved for last during an Elite-style kill.

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    posted a message on Elder Regail

    Elder Regail is usually killed second during a normal kill of Protectors, but is killed first during an Elite-style kill.

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    posted a message on Elder Asani

    Elder Asani is usually killed last on a normal difficulty kill of Protectors. For an Elite-style kill, he is killed second.

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    posted a message on Corrupted Waters

    All raiders should stand in the center of the room when this is cast, near the water globe. When it is killed, it provides the raid with a massive haste buff if they are within the inner circle of the room. The bosses will not be affected by this buff, so it is safe to tank them in the center near the globe (unless you are dong an Elite kill).

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    posted a message on Cleansing Waters

    Be sure to dispel this quickly on whichever of the Protectors you are focusing on killing. You can also try to move the protector out of the location where the water globe will land, but the casters don't tend to like moving, often necessitating the dispel.

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    posted a message on Sha of Fear

    The buff gained from killing an add on the side platforms makes the player immune to both the damage and the fear component of Breath of Fear while it is active, allowing them to immediately focus on the adds once they return to the main platform.


    In my experience, a hunter's Deterrence also prevents the damage from Breath of Fear, and prevents the application of the fear itself.

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    posted a message on Tsulong

    The medium-sized adds during Day Phase should be killed before they reach Tsulong, as they will inflict massive damage to him if they do. They can be slowed, snared, stunned, knocked back, and Death Gripped, but not hard CCed. We found it best to assign a DPS to each quadrant of the circle and have them focus on the adds there.

    They damage themselves when they cast, so, while interrupting them mitigates some incoming raid damage, they will die faster if they are not interrupted.

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    posted a message on Elegon

    It is possible, as a ranged, to find a "sweet spot" on the edge of the inner ring where you are affected by the Celestial buff but can clear your stacks by jumping, limiting the movement required.

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    posted a message on Crazed

    The physical damage increase gets higher with his Insanity meter, so interrupt Crazy Thought while his Insanity is low, then stop interrupting as his Insanity gets higher to minimize the amount of time he spends at higher levels of damage. The tank should save defensive CDs for high levels of Insanity.

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    posted a message on Cowardice

    The reflected damage increases with his Insanity meter, so interrupt Crazy Thought while his Insanity is low, then stop interrupting as his Insanity gets higher to minimize the amount of time he spends at higher levels of reflection. Slow down DPS as his insanity gets higher to help healers, or use defensive CDs.

    Posted in: Cowardice
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    posted a message on Maddening Shout

    Assign one or two people with AoE that will not apply DoTs or debuffs to break Maddening. Shadow Priests with Halo and Boomkins with Wild Mushrooms/Hurricane are good choices, for example. Survival Hunters with Serpent Spread/Multi-Shot are not.

    Posted in: Maddening Shout
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    posted a message on Subetai the Swift

    Have ranged spread out, a good distance from melee to avoid having multiple targets hit by Pinning Arrow. The arrow should be broken with damage, but can also be removed with Every Man For Himself, pally bubbles, and Bestial Wrath.

    Posted in: Subetai the Swift
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    posted a message on Qiang the Merciless

    Stack on the tank and move together to avoid Flanking Orders. Run through the boss to avoid Annihilate.

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    posted a message on Mogu'shan Warden

    Tanks can allow themselves to be hit by Forceful Swing, and use the knockback to kite the Wardens until Touch of Nalak'sha falls off to prevent raid damage. Alternately, a ranged-heavy raid can stand 30 yards from the Wardens to avoid the AoE damage, provided the healers are comfortable with the tank healing.

    Posted in: Mogu'shan Warden
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    posted a message on Portent

    Quote from Tziva »

    Portent is a rare spawn Quilen with that spawns in one of four random colours - blue, red, green, or purple.

    He is tameable (but as an exotic - only by Beast Mastery hunters), but patrols in stealth.  The way to find him is to search for his tracks throughout the Vale, follow them and drop a flare when you see a new one appear.  Put a Hunter's Mark on him as soon as you see him appear, because he will disappear again as soon as he leaves your flare. 

    The tracks are really easy to see on the yellow ground and will have a "Dusty Tracks" tooltip on them when you mouse over.  Before 5.1, the tracks faced backwards and not actually the direction the mob was walking, but this has since been corrected.

    He will not attack you while you are taming him but he can walk out of range, so you might want to try to get in front of him before starting.

    He can, if memory serves, be trapped to buy more time to tame him before he paths out of range.

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    posted a message on Arcane Resonance

    Hunters should be sure to use Deterrence if they need to stand out of the raid stack during Arcane Velocity because of this debuff, as it will mitigate the AV damage.

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    posted a message on Feng the Accursed

    When fighting Feng, alternate Nullification Barrier and a Lightning Fists stun stolen with the other tank buff to fully avoid Epicenter's damage. Use the Nullification Barrier in phase 2 on alternating Draw Flames (cast it on the boss's feet) to minimize the boss's stacks. Try to time the 33% transition so that it comes after a Draw Flame mitigated with Null Barrier-- if your raid has the damage  Null the 1st and 3rd draw flame, otherwise, let the 1st go and Null the 2nd and 4th. In the last phase, you can cast Null Barrier in melee for the stack during Arcane Velocity, but make sure your raid spreads back out quickly afterwards, as he may immediately apply an Arcane Resonance.

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    posted a message on Flanking Orders

    Using Deterrence will allow a hunter to ignore the movement required to avoid this mechanic, as it fully mitigates the damage.

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    posted a message on Cobalt Guardian

    Hunters are fantastic for breaking the Cobalt Bombs this Guardian casts-- Deterrence fully mitigates the damage from them and prevents the application of the root, allowing the hunter to quickly clear multiple bombs even outside of Cobalt Petrification. They can also use Master's Call to quickly clear bombs during Cobalt Petrification, because, while it does not prevent damage, it removes and provides brief immunity to the root.

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    posted a message on Deterrence

    Uses in Mists raiding:


    Completely mitigates damage from Flanking Orders on Spirit Kings and Rain of Blades on Wind Lord Mel'jarak, allowing the hunter to either stand still for Flanking or reduce healer burden for Rain.

    Deterrence also prevents damage from Cobalt Bombs on Stone Guard, and prevents the application of the root, allowing the hunter to clear several bombs quickly even outside of Cobalt Petrification.

    Prevents damage and application of fear from the Sha of Fear's Breath of Fear.

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    posted a message on Rain of Blades

    Damage is fully mitigated by hunter's Deterrence, so use it to help your healers if the Enrage isn't an issue.

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    posted a message on Wind Lord Mel'jarak

    Make sure to CC one add of each type and an additional Mender on this fight. Tank the boss and the active adds away from the CC targets, and focus the Mender down while cleaving the other mobs. Dispel Quickening to lessen tank damage, and interrupt the Mender's heal. Do not use stuns or other CCs/incapacitates, as this will cause the adds CCed with the spears to break out. Be vocal about breaking raid members out of Amber Traps, since the same person can only break one every 120 seconds. Every Man For Himself and Bestial Wrath can be used to self-break the Amber Traps.


    Hunter's Deterrence mitigates all of the damage from Rain of Blades, making it a fantastic defensive CD during Phase 2. Time it for when your raid has no raid CDs up, or pair it with Spirit Link Totem to keep the rest of your group's health higher.


    Posted in: Wind Lord Mel'jarak
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