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    The drop rate of this weapon is somewhere between 1-3%.

    As of writing (patch 5.1) this dagger is largely better than many level 90 weapons in the OH of a rogue. The proc has no ICD and an estimated 5% proc chance. Combined with a powerful MH weapon the proc does some serious damage, especially as assassination as poison ticks crit. With some combat dummy tests, I've discovered that being hit capped is required for a DPS gain, also the weapon scales better with gear than most daggers. Making this potentially a good choice come 5.2 once new raid gear is obtained but new daggers are not yet obtained.

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    As of 5.0.4 this achievement requires all reputations simultaneously, while achievable, blizzard has confirmed this as a bug and it may be worth holding off on the bloodsail/goblin rep's until this is fixed.

    Alternativly, you can get honored with bloodsail and grind tanaris pirates/barrens pirates for the rep.

    /run AddTrackedAchievement(2336) to track achievement progress.

    *Note, apparently the quest achievement progress resets on a server restart, so if you were to get both within the week + pray for no restarts you would get it. I cannot confirm this though.

    Good Luck!

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