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    Stealth has it's own level system. The stealth level is dependent on the rogue's level. If you are level 1, a level 80 will see you no matter where you are in stealth. If you're a level 80, a level 1 will not see you in stealth almost at all. There are items and abilities that will increase your stealth level. For every 5 points of stealth strength, you get one level. For example, the rogue ability [Shadow Walk] will give you +20 stealth, which means you get the stealth strength of a rogue 4 levels higher.

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    Only one real use for it I've found, but it's very convenient in it's one use. This ability increases your stealth level by 4 levels. Hunters have an increased stealth detection by 6 levels. If you're looking to get close to a hunter and open on them, especially if you don't have shadowstep, pop this and you can can get closer. Not too close. No matter how high your stealth level is, you will still be seen much faster from the front and within 1 yard of an enemy. 

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