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Name Zone
Father Flame
Fathom Stone
Fel Horde Banner
Felbound Chest
Felsteel Chest
Fengus's Chest
Fibrous Vine
Fifth Mosh'aru Tablet
Fjord Hawk Egg
Flagongut's Fossil
Flame of Byltan
Flame of Imbel
Flame of Lahassa
Flame of Samha
Food Crate
Fordragon's Shield
Fresh Dirt
Frostmaul Shards
Frostwhisper's Embalming Fluid
Frostwolf Banner
Fruit Bowl
Fudgerick's Fireworks
Furlbrow's Wardrobe
Gallywix's Lockbox
Ghost Truffle
Giant Softshell Clam
Gift of the Nightborne
Gizmorium Shipping Crate
Golden High Elf Statuette
Goodsteel Ledger
Gordunni Scroll
Grimbooze's Secret Recipe
Grimoire of Damnation
Gryphon Egg
Gunther's Books
Hardpacked Snowdrift
Harvest Nectar
Hippogryph Egg
Hive'Ashi Pod
Horde Supplies
Horde Supply Chest
Inconspicuous Documents
Intact Thorignir Egg
Iron Coral
Iron Horde Chest
Ironband's Strongbox
Jade-Encrusted Lockbox
Jaina's Weathered Spellbook
Jaron's Supplies
Jaron's Supplies
Jordan's Hammer
Joseph Redpath's Monument
Keepsake of Remembrance
Kor'kron Lumber
Kor'kron Lumber Crate
Kor'kron Lumber Pile
Kor'kron Meat Crate
Kor'kron Meat Rack
Kor'kron Meat Rack
Kor'kron Oil Barrel
Kor'kron Oil Drum
Kor'kron Stone Crate
Kor'kron Stone Crate
Kor'kron Stone Pile
Kurzen Supplies
Kurzen Supplies
Large Kor'kron Oil Barrel
Large Termite Mound
Leather Shipment
Leyweavers' Amber Dye
Leyweavers' Runic Catgut
Leyweavers' Sharpened Spritethorns
Leyweavers' Silkweave
Liber Monasterium
Lifebloom Orchid
Lifebloom Orchid
Lifebloom Orchid
Little Red's Cape
Locked Chest
Loose Soil
Lost Mug
Lost Mug
Lost Picnic Supplies
Lost Picnic Supplies
Lost Picnic Supplies
Lunarwing Lily
MacGrann's Meat Locker
Maiden's Folly Charts
Maiden's Folly Log
Mangled Human Remains
Maplewood Treasure Chest
Marshal Haggard's Chest
Marvon's Chest
Missing Parts
Mistfall Water Bucket
Mistfall Water Bucket
Modgud's Doom
Mogu Artifact