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Name Zone
A Conspicuous Gravestone
A Field Guide to Seeds
A Soggy Scroll
A Wrecked Raft
Abandoned Wagon
Altar of Hakkar
Altar of Shadra
An Empty Jar
Bath'rah's Cauldron
Battered Dwarven Skeleton
Beached Sea Creature
Beached Sea Turtle
Beached Sea Turtle
Belnistrasz's Brazier
Beware of Pterrordax
Bleeding Hollow Attack Plans
Bloody Blade
Blooming Nightmare Flower
Bookie Herod's Strongbox
Brazier of the Dormant Flame
Broken Pillar
Broken Reliquary
Broken Trap
Bubbling Fissure
Buzzbox 411
Buzzbox 525
Buzzbox 827
Compendium of Ancient Weapons Volume I
Compendium of Ancient Weapons Volume III
Compendium of Ancient Weapons Volume V
Compendium of Ancient Weapons Volume VII
Cortello's Treasure
Crumpled Map
Crystalline Tear
Dalaran Crate
Dark Iron Dwarf Corpse
Dark Iron Dwarf Corpse
Dark Iron Dwarf Corpse
Dirt-stained Map
Disturbed Earth
Draconic for Dummies
Dragonmaw Catapult
Drakkisath's Brand
Dusty Rug
Dusty Shelf
Dwarven Bone Pile
Ebenezer Rustlocke's Corpse
Elder Mana'loa
Eliza's Grave Dirt
Ella's Note
Essence Font
Featherbeard's Journal
Flame of Westfall OLD
Flawed Power Stone
Flawed Power Stones
Flawed Power Stones
Fragrant Cauldron
Galen's Strongbox
Glyph Inscribed Obelisk
Goblin Drone Dispenser
Graznab's Machine
Hammer of the Flame Lord
Helcular's Grave
Hero's Call Board
Hidden Shrine
Highvale Scroll
Holly Preserver
Horde Field Banner
Horde Water Barrel
Human Remains
Ice Stone
Imarion's Shield
Inconspicuous Crate
Insect Species of Outland
Intact Pottery
Janice's Parcel
Jaron's Wagon
Journal of Jandice Barov
Kiryn's Pouch
Large Leather Backpacks
Large Stone Obelisk
Lauranna's Guide to Zangarmarsh Plants
Legends of the Earth
Legends of the Earth
Leyweavers' Dyeing Tub
Loosely Turned Soil
Lotharian Lotus
Magical Brazier
Makha's Shield
Marksman Regiment's Cooking Pot
Matrix Punchograph 3005-D
Matrix Punchograph 3005-E
Meditation Candle
Menethil's Gift
Missing: Kyle