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Name Zone
Dark Iron Dwarf Corpse
Dark Iron Dwarf Corpse
Dark Iron Dwarf Corpse
Dark Iron Mole Machine Wreckage
Dirt-stained Map
Disturbed Earth
Draconic for Dummies
Dragonmaw Catapult
Drakkisath's Brand
Dusty Rug
Dusty Shelf
Dwarven Bone Pile
Ebenezer Rustlocke's Corpse
Edgar's Crate
Elder Mana'loa
Eliza's Grave Dirt
Ella's Note
Essence Font
Ethereal Transporter Control Panel
Featherbeard's Journal
Flame of Westfall OLD
Flawed Power Stone
Flawed Power Stones
Flawed Power Stones
Fragrant Cauldron
Galen's Strongbox
Glyph Inscribed Obelisk
Goblin Drone Dispenser
Graznab's Machine
Hammer of the Flame Lord
Haohan's Note
Helcular's Grave
Hero's Call Board
Highvale Scroll
Holly Preserver
Horde Field Banner
Horde Water Barrel
Human Remains
Ice Stone
Imarion's Shield
Inconspicuous Crate
Insect Species of Outland
Intact Pottery
Janice's Parcel
Journal of Jandice Barov
Kiryn's Pouch
Large Leather Backpacks
Large Stone Obelisk
Legends of the Earth
Legends of the Earth
Loosely Turned Soil
Lotharian Lotus
Magical Brazier
Makha's Shield
Matrix Punchograph 3005-B
Matrix Punchograph 3005-E
Meditation Candle
Menethil's Gift
Missing: Kyle
Monument of Franclorn Forgewright
Musty Scroll
Mysterious Eastvale Haystack
Mysterious Tree Stump
Nazgrim's Axe
Notes on the Veiled Hand
Old Footlocker
Old Lion Statue
Pirate's Treasure!
Portal to Wildheart Point
Proton Accelerator Controller
Proton Accelerator Controller
Rackmore's Chest
Recently Disturbed Dirt Mound
Rin'ji's Secret
Sacred Scroll
Schematic: Field Repair Bot 74A
Scorchbrow's Journal
Scourge Communicator
Scrying Bowl
Sealed Crate
Secrets of Stabilized Lightning
Singed Letter
Skeletal Remains of Kariel Winthalus
Solarsal Gazebo
Soothsaying for Dummies
Spectral Chalice
Stolen Crate
Stone Tablet
Strange Fountain
Suspicious Barrel
Sword of the Barbarian King
Syndicate Documents
Syndicate Documents
Talvash's Scrying Bowl