Crackin' Some Skulls

Sal'salabim at Shattrath City wants you to recover Raliq's Debt, Coosh'coosh's Debt and Floon's Debt.




<Sal'salabim laughs.>

This Sal'salabim design.

<Sal'salabim points to the architecture and formations on the blueprints.>

Look at towers. Demon hunter no can see, yes? Poor, poor Altruis. He cry if he had eyes, yes?

Yes, Sal'salabim help but first you help Sal'salabim.

<Sal'salabim gives you a ledger.>

These creatures owe Sal'salabim golds. Many golds. Go collect for Sal'salabim and come back. They no give you Sal'salabim gold easy. Have to fight, but you strong. You defeat Sal'salabim!


You will also receive:

  • 10,540 experience
  • 3 90