Crackin' Some Skulls

Sal'salabim at Shattrath City wants you to recover Raliq's Debt, Coosh'coosh's Debt and Floon's Debt.




<Sal'salabim laughs.>

This Sal'salabim design.

<Sal'salabim points to the architecture and formations on the blueprints.>

Look at towers. Demon hunter no can see, yes? Poor, poor Altruis. He cry if he had eyes, yes?

Yes, Sal'salabim help but first you help Sal'salabim.

<Sal'salabim gives you a ledger.>

These creatures owe Sal'salabim golds. Many golds. Go collect for Sal'salabim and come back. They no give you Sal'salabim gold easy. Have to fight, but you strong. You defeat Sal'salabim!