Buzzbox 525

This quest is not available in game.

Collect 4 Grizzled Scalps from Grizzled Thistle Bears to the south of Auberdine and place them in Buzzbox 525.



Over the boiling noises and dripping sounds coming from the machine, you hear Wizbang's wavering voice call out.

"Nexsht onesh far south down the road. Shouldn't be hard to find... jusht off to the shide... near a fensh. I think I hid it in shum bushesh... Bushessh. Hehehe... Yesh, Buzzbox 525 takes grizzled scalps from thoshe grizzled thistle bears. Boy thash a mouthful. Grizzshled... Hehehe..."

You hear more gulping sounds as the machine cuts out. Then, suddenly, it bursts back to life.



You will receive:

Wizbang's Gunnysack
Wizbang's Special Brew

You will also receive:

Level 7