The Tower of Althalaxx

This quest is not available in game.

Free the trapped Highborne souls in Night Run and Satyrnaar, then return to Delgren the Purifier at Maestra's Post.


  • Free the Highborne soul in Night Run
  • Free the Highborne soul in Satyrnaar


The writing of the orcs is little better than the scribblings of a child. Many of my order scoffed when I chose to learn their tongue, but I have found it beneficial to gain further understanding of my enemies.

From Ilkrud's scribblings, it appears that Athrikus still possesses two soulgems, and they are being held in Night Run and Satyrnaar, satyr-held areas in northeast Ashenvale.

Be careful out there, <name>, the satyrs' blood-soaked temples can be unsettling even for a seasoned <class> such as yourself.


You will also receive:

Level 13