The Enemy's Legacy

Go into Nifflevar, north of Ghostblade Post and look for the Saga of the Winter Curse, the Saga of the Val'kyr and the Saga of the Twins.




As our armies march through Northrend, our enemies will not suffer mere defeat. Their houses will burn, their corpses will be devoured by our plagues, all trace of their existence will be lost.

This worries me as a seeker of knowledge. The eastern town of Nifflevar will soon be razed by our forces in Vengeance Landing. The vrykul bard, Helgus, lived there and wrote three sagas: the Saga of the Twins, the Saga of the Winter Curse and the Saga of the Val'kyr. Obtain them before Nifflevar is destroyed.


You will also receive:

Level 70