I'm Stuck in this Damned Cage... But Not For Long!

Collect an Engine-Core Crystal, a Magical Gyroscope, and a Piloting Scourgestone. Deliver them to Tinky Wickwhistle at Talramas.




The cultists magicked me into this cage and there's no door to it. Little did they know that I'm the chief transmatter engineer for the airstrip!

With your help, and a little elbow-grease, I won't be in here for long.

I'm going to need an engine-core crystal from one of the ghouls in here, a magical gyroscope from their doctor, and a piloting scourgestone from the lich-lord up top.

With all of that stuff, I should be able to make a port device to get back to Fizzcrank's and escape the gnome way!


You will also receive:

Level 68