"Let the Fires Come!"

The Costumed Orphan Matron wants you to help put out all the village fires after the Headless Horseman lights them. When they are out, speak again to the Costumed Orphan Matron.


  • Put Out the Fires



You must help us! The Headless Horseman will attack the village at any moment! Fires will be everywhere! The children aren't safe!

Please, <name>, will you face the fires of the Headless Horseman? When he comes, you must join the fire brigade. Grab a bucket and toss it on the fires, or pass it to a friend who's closer to the blaze. If you put out all the fires then we may yet be saved!


You will receive:

Tricky Treat Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern

You will also receive:

Level 1