Reclusive Runemaster

Locate Dregmar Runebrand near his cave on the path to the cliffs overlooking the Mirror of the Dawn. Challenge him and uncover the name of the magnataur leader by any means necessary. Return to Aurastrasza at Wyrmrest Temple once the information is obtained.


  • Name of the Magnataur Warlord



Dregmar Runebrand is a magnataur runemaster... a rare breed. He's generally solitary, but has been known to associate with the more powerful and influential magnataur in Dragonblight for quite some time. He will know who this new leader is.

It is unlikely we will gain any aid with the increasing concerns with the Scourge and the blue flight, so I need you to procure the information from Dregmar by any means necessary.

I was told he can be found amongst the cliffs overlooking the Mirror of the Dawn.


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Level 72