The Sapphire Queen

Bring the Stinger of the Sapphire Queen to High-Shaman Rakjak at Frenzyheart Hill.

If you lose Dajik's Worn Chalk, speak to Elder Harkek in Frenzyheart Hill.




Bristlepine can be dangerous, but most stay far away from wolvar. Wasps on other hand not fear the Frenzyheart... they even kill some of our hunters.

I know Rakjak want wasp queen dead, but no wolvar want to go into her hive. You go kill wasp queen in Sapphire Hive to southeast and get stinger for Rakjak. Me bet Rakjak like that.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Chitin-Reinforced Hood Stinger-Proof Chestguard
Insect-Filtering Faceguard Bug-Smashing Pauldrons

You will also receive:

Level 76