An End To All Things...

The Lich King has commanded you to eradicate the Scarlet Crusade.

Use the Horn of the Frostbrood to call forth a Frostbrood Vanquisher and with it slay 150 Scarlet Soldiers and destroy 10 Scarlet Ballistas. Avoid incoming projectiles by moving out of their line of fire!




You have slaughtered legions beyond number and still your dark heart craves more. Your hunger knows no end, <name>.

<The Lich King pauses.>

There must come an end to all things, death knight. The Scarlet armies make their final stand against us. For them, there is no escape... no choice. And for this reason they will fight with a ferocity that you have yet to witness.

Use this horn to call forth one of my wyrms. Climb upon its back and command it into battle. With it you will end the Scarlet Crusade.


You will receive:

Greathelm of the Scourge Champion

You will also receive:

Level 55