Junk in My Trunk

Brigg in Utgarde Pinnacle wants you to find 5 Untarnished Silver Bars, 3 Shiny Baubles, 2 Golden Goblets, and a Jade Statue.




Just look at it! Me trunk never been so empty.

Me mates jumped at the sight o' all that booty, and now look at 'em! Rattlin' bones, they be!

Say, thar be plenty o' loot farther in, an' not the cursed kind I'll wager.

Fetch it fer me an' I'll be rewardin' ya handsomely, matey.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Bauble-Woven Gown Exotic Leather Tunic
Silver-Plated Battlechest Gilded Ringmail Hauberk

You will also receive:

Level 77