Get Kraken!

Crusader Silverdawn wants you to mount an Argent Hippogryph, throw 8 Flaming Spears at the North Sea Kraken and take out 6 Vrykul Deepcallers.

You can find the Argent Hippogryphs right outside the Argent Crusade tent at the Tournament Grounds.




The Sunreavers and Silver Covenant sent ships north to engage the Kvaldir at Hrothgar's Landing, but were intercepted and detained by a Kvaldir Raiding vessel. To make matters worse, the Kvaldir have found a way to call forth the dreaded Kraken that lives beneath the North Sea. If anyone on board is to get out alive, that Kraken must be driven away and the Kvaldir's summoning ritual ... disrupted.

Crusader, take these spears and an Argent Hippogryph will take you to the battle.


You will receive:

Champion's Seal

You will also receive:

Level 67