The Corrupter

This quest is not available in game.

Slay Lord Azrethoc and Jugkar Grim'rod and return to Takata Steelblade in Desolace.




Although I have no knowledge of this Lord Azrethoc, I agree with Maurin, he must be stopped; especially if he is attempting to gain influence over the Burning Blade to further his goals.

You have already shown you wish to aid the Warchief, and I would trust you to gather a party to slay the demon lord and his warlock servant.

When you are ready, head directly south, and return to me when the threat has been ended.


You will be able to choose one of the following items:

Basalt Buckler Enforcer Pauldrons

You will also receive:

  • 350 reputation with Horde
Level 25