The Tome of Divinity

This quest is not available in game.

Take the Symbol of Life and resurrect Narm Faulk in Dun Morogh.


We was spyin' on some of the Dark Iron dwarves that've bunkered down south of Helm's Bed Lake. We knew they was up to no good, so Narm an' me thought we'd take a closer look--got ta see their leader given orders to some o' his men.

Narm an' me took the chance to kill a few of 'em, but they proved tougher than we thought, an' more of 'em got the jump on us. Narm tol' me to run an' get support, so 'ere I am.

Narm needs help, an' I'll not rest till he gets it.

C'n ya help, <name>?


You will also receive:

  • 10 97 (if completed at level 110)
Level 12