Alliance Ice and Fire

Kill Grik'nir the Cold, 6 Frostmane Blades, 3 Frostmane Novices, and the Wayward Fire Elemental.




Soren did well to send you out on recon. That's some good information you have right there.

Trouble is, this just adds more work for us to do. The trolls, confused as they are right now, still would like to kick the dwarves right out of Coldridge. And I'm certainly not going to let some fiery demon turn our snowy valley into a mountain lake.

The troll leader, his servants, and the fire creature should all be in the cave to the southeast. Take 'em all out.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Grik'nir's Chilly Belt Whitebeard's Bracer
Legs of the Wayward Elemental Grik'nir's Warming Bands

You will also receive:

Level 1