Horde Wildmane Cleansing

Use the Wildmane Cleansing Totem at the Wildmane Water Well.




Your cleansing of the Winterhoof and Thunderhorn wells is spoken among the spirits, young <name>. The Wildmane Totem is made, and your last task lies ahead.

The Wildmane Water Well lies north of Thunder Bluff. Perform the ritual! Heal the land of the Grimtotem's poisons! Let clean water flow once again!


You will be able to choose one of the following items:

Cliff Running Boots Duskwatcher's Leggings
Hawkeye Rifle Waterbearer's Robes

You will also receive:

  • 1,050 experience
  • 6 (if completed at level 100)
  • 350 reputation with Thunder Bluff