Prophecies Of Doom

This quest is not available in game.

Listen to a speech given by a Doomsayer in Old Town and obtain copies of the pamphlets "Elemental Fire for the Soul", "What Does 'The End of All Things' Mean for Me?", and "Finding Security and Comfort in a Doomed World".



Harbingers of doom are nothing new on the streets of Stormwind, but I'm worried about the most recent ones. They've set up shop all over Old Town and they seem well coordinated.

I've thought about rounding them up or otherwise disrupting their activities, but that will just drive them underground. We need to find out as much as we can about them. Would you go to Old Town, hear what idea these doomsayers are spreading, and see if you can collect any of their leaflets?


You will also receive:

Level 5