Horde To Battlescar!

Use the Krom'gar Demolisher to destroy 5 Darnassian Glaive Throwers and any 20 Alliance soldiers in Battlescar Valley.




I will allow this old fool time to plead his case. He has assured me that he will bring back proof that the night elves do not harbor a weapon of mass destruction. We shall see.

While we await this proof, you will assist our army in the valley. We have prepared a large number of siege tanks for this purpose. Our demolishers are poised for attack.

Take the elevator down to the base of the outpost and take control of a Krom'gar demolisher. Use it to lay waste to our enemies in Battlescar Valley.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Grebo's Crossbow Wand of Destructive Talent
Shield of Battlescar Valley Rampaging Staff

You will also receive:

Level 20