The Touch of Zanzil

This quest is not available in game.

Bring Doc Mixilpixil one bundle of Simple Wildflowers, one Leaded Vial, one Bronze Tube, and one Spool of Light Chartreuse Silk Thread. The 'itis' doesn't cure itself, young fella.




It's unanimous, <name>. You've got the 'itis.'

Luckily, I have a cure for the 'itis.'

Here's what I need: One bundle of simple wildflowers, one leaded vial, one bronze tube, and last but certainly not least, one spool of light chartreuse silk thread. Ol' Emma left a spool of it for me at 'The Finest Thread.' You can find the shop along the canals.

Hurry along now, <name>, and try not to touch anyone until you're cured. Oh, and Dr. Montgomery says you need a shower -- his words, not mine.


You will receive:

Eau de Mixilpixil

You will also receive:

Level 20